Journals 2020-2011

Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2020-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2020-Dec
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2020-Dec
What’s in a Name? SaulRichard Saul2020-Dec
Brothers in Arms, SowleMaureen Storey2020-Dec
John Amos ObituaryJohn Slaughter2020-Dec
DNA of a Cumbrian SaulRichards Saul2020-Dec
The Sollys and the Great Ship SwallowerPeregrine Solly2020-Dec
Really Useful Family History Show ReviewRosemary Bailey2020-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2020-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2020-Aug
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2020-Aug
Married to the MonsterMaureen Storey2020-Aug
Joseph Saul, Clerk of GreenrowRichard Saul2020-Aug
And Yet Another Joseph SaulRichard Saul2020-Aug
The Solly Family History, an Anglo-Saxon Saxon!George Solly2020-Aug
Oxfordshire Surname Survey ResultsJessica Feinstein2020-Aug
William Soule, A Shadow CatcherMaureen Storey2020-Aug
What Did They Die Of?Rosemary Bailey2020-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2020-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2020-Apr
Samuel Solly and the Smoking QuestionGeorge Solly2020-Apr
A Fatal First on the RoadsGabby Stevens2020-Apr
Racing at Breakneck SpeedMaureen Storey2020-Apr
Did it Run in the Family After AllRosemary Bailey2020-Apr
Are we as Strong in a CrisisRosemary Bailey2020-Apr
One Year in the Life of the Sauls, ContinuedJohn Slaughter2020-Apr
A Mathematical Family, Joseph SaulRichard Saul2020-Apr
A Few Saul StatisticsJohn Slaughter2020-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2019-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s Report Maureen Storey2019-Dec
Our Ancestor’s LivesTony Storey2019-Dec
Solley – Yale Graduates and Staff 1893Rosemary Bailey2019-Dec
The Tragedy of Emma SaulJohn Slaughter & Rosemary Bailey2019-Dec
Pete Sole, My Favourite AncestorJack Sole2019-Dec
A Visit to Saul Farm, GloucestershireRichard Saul2019-Dec
Mayflower International Conference2019-Dec
One Year in the Life of the SAULSJohn Slaughter2019-Dec
Sole Gossip from the NewspapersMaureen Storey2019-Dec
Harry Sewell – Olympic AthleteIan Sewell2019-Dec
Thomas Saul – POW in the USAJohn Saul2019-Aug
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2019-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2019-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2019-Aug
1874 Registration of BirthsDave Annal2019-Aug
One Year in the Life of the SaulsJohn Slaughter2019-Aug
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 4Richard Bryant2019-Aug
Henry Warren Soule Died at GettysburgMaureen Storey2019-Aug
Sewell Cushion WheelsRosemary Bailey2019-Aug
Thomas Saul 1826 – 1880 Mystery PortraitJohn Saul2019-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2019-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2019-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2019-Apr
From Jamaica to Oxford – A Family ReunitedElizabeth Mills2019-Apr
The Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 3Richard Bryant2019-Apr
Sewells and The Corporation of LondonIan Sewell2019-Apr
Benyon SollyGeorge Solly2019-Apr
Update on Robert H SollyGeorge Solly2019-Apr
The Sawhills of Pensylvania – UpdateJoanne Sawhill Griffin and Andrew McIlvaine 2019-Apr
The Mystery of the Sawhills of PennsylvaniaJoanne Sawhill Griffin and Andrew McIlvaine 2018-Dec
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Dec
SOLE Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Dec
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2018-Dec
SEWELL Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2018-Dec
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 2Richard Bryant 2018-Dec
The Lost Colony of RoanokeRosemary Bailey 2018-Dec
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 3Norman Smith 2018-Dec
Timepix – do you have ancestors in Greater Manchester?Rosemary Bailey2018-Aug
Sporting SolesHarry Watson2018-Aug
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 1Richard Bryant2018-Aug
Yet more Saul convicts!John Slaughter2018-Aug
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 2Norman Smith2018-Aug
Obituary, Kathleen Saul, nee JohnsonRosemary Bailey2018-Aug
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2018-Aug
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Aug
SOLE Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Aug
The Art of Sewell HuntingBrenda Ord2018-Apr
Some People Never Learn!Maureen Storey 2018-Apr
Obituary – Don Sole2018-Apr
Obituary – Peter SaulJohn Saul2018-Apr
Seven Sewell Children, Their Orphanage Years, an updateRichard Jones2018-Apr
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 1Norman Smith2018-Apr
Kenneth, George Solly, Prisoner of War, 1940-1945 George Solly2018-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2017-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2017-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Dec
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2017-Dec
The Sewells of Hitcham, Suffolk, Part 3Gabrielle Stevens2017-Dec
Richard Solly – CommentNorman Smith2017-Dec
Lost PhotosLinda Brand2017-Dec
Your Genealogical LegacyIan Sewell2017-Dec
Sewalls and Shouls on HolidayRosemary Bailey2017-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2017-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell2017-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Aug
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2017-Aug
Detective Inspector Harry Saul StablesPeter Saul2017-Aug
A Travelling SollyGeorge Solly2017-Aug
Henry Sewell’s Pocket WatchHelen Cramp2017-Aug
Eyes on Arras – John SewellHelen Cramp2017-Aug
Harriet Sewell, and the Incorporated Home for LadiesRosemary Bailey2017-Aug
Correction – Fred’s Memory RamblesRosemary Bailey2017-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2017-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2017-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Apr
Sales among the SaulsRosemary Bailey2017-Apr
For Distinguished Conduct in the FieldMaureen Storey2017-Apr
Daniel Sewell and Frederick Sole: a Fatal CollisionMaureen Storey2017-Apr
The Sewells of Hitcham, Suffolk – Part 2Gabrielle Stevens2017-Apr
Fred’s Final Memory RamblesFred Sole2017-Apr
Chelsfield War MemorialPhilippa Rooke2017-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2016-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2016-Dec
From Essex to the East EndGeorge Solly2016-Dec
The Sewells of Hitcham, Suffolk Part 1Gabrielle Stevens2016-Dec
More Saul Criminals & Some VictimsJohn Slaughter2016-Dec
More Sewell DataIan Sewell2016-Dec
Tracing Living RelativesRichard Jones2016-Dec
Read All About ItMaureen Storey2016-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2016-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2016-Aug
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportBob Solly2016-Aug
Two Isaac SollysGeorge Solly2016-Aug
John Sole a Thoroughly Bad LotMaureen Storey2016-Aug
Sent to DartmoorMaureen Storey2016-Aug
Sewells in the 1881 CensusIan Sewell2016-Aug
Seven Sewell ChildrenRichard Jones2016-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 7Fred Sole2016-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2016-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2016-Apr
Railways and CoalminesRosemary Bailey2016-Apr
An Indenture & A CoincidencePeter Saul2016-Apr
A Blast from the PastMaureen Storey2016-Apr
Praise for William SewellRosemaryBailey2016-Apr
More Saul CriminalsJohn Slaughter2016-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2015-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2015-Dec
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportBob Solly2015-Dec
Murder & Mayhem on the MidlandJudy & Chris Rouse2015-Dec
Isaac Solly Railway EntrepreneurBob Solly2015-Dec
Mystery SolvedRosemary Bailey2015-Dec
Family Historian SoftwareIan Sewell2015-Dec
Family Research in 1965Roger Sutton2015-Dec
My Favourite Ancestor Percy May SewellGlennis Sewell2015-Dec
The Fate of the Victory LuggerRosemary Bailey2015-Dec
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 6Fred Sole2015-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey 2015-Aug
An Egyptian Graffiti ArtistRosemary Bailey2015-Aug
The Great War at Sea Part 2John Slaughter2015-Aug
Terrible Explosion at FavershamMaureen Storey2015-Aug
Soldiers of WaterlooIan Sewell2015-Aug
Will Sole 1879-1956Jennifer Ball2015-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 5Fred Sole2015-Aug
WW1 PostcardsJennifer Ball2015-Aug
The Battle of TsingaoIan Sewell2015-Aug
Was there a time before Computers?Rosemary Bailey2015-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2015-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2015-Apr
A Mining DisasterRosemary Bailey2015-Apr
Fred’s Memory Rambles Part 4Fred Sole2015-Apr
My Favourite Sewell AncestorBrenda Ord2015-Apr
The Madonna SollyGeorge Solly2015-Apr
From Sudbury to CasablancaMaureen Storey2015-Apr
The Great War at Sea Part 1John Slaughter2015-Apr
A Blast from the PastJennifer Ball2015-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Dec
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportBob Solly2014-Dec
Obituary – Fred SoleTony and Maureen Storey2014-Dec
Obituary – Diana KennedyRosemary Bailey2014-Dec
An Omission CorrectedMaureen Storey2014-Dec
Canadian ReunionPatricia Saull2014-Dec
Naval Dockyards & RecordsDavid Davies2014-Dec
Want to be a Lord or Lady?Rosemary Bailey2014-Dec
A Sea-Faring FamilyBernard Jones2014-Dec
Naval RecordsIan Sewell2014-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Aug
Facing the Future (Soole)Maureen Storey2014-Aug
Henry Sewell – Enlisted TwiceIan Sewell2014-Aug
A Direct Hit! (Solly)George Solly2014-Aug
Susanna Saul 1830-1918Rosemary Bailey2014-Aug
Lance Corporal John SewellRosemary Bailey2014-Aug
Some Treasured PossessionsCarol Saul2014-Aug
Appalling Casualties at Frezenberg RidgeJohn Slaughter2014-Aug
Home Waters: My Grandfather’s WarMaureen Storey2014-Aug
A Broken Hearted MotherMaureen Storey2014-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy2014-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Apr
Tying Up Loose Ends: The Lancs Online Parish ClerksJohn Slaughter2014-Apr
Gravestone Photographic ResourceRosemary Bailey2014-Apr
The Future of the CensusRosemary bailey2014-Apr
An Apple For LizzieDerrick Dean2014-Apr
Memories of the 1950sJennifer Ball2014-Apr
My Ancestors had some Funny NamesDiana Kennedy2014-Apr
Saul Criminals Part 2John Slaughter2014-Apr
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 3Fred Sole2014-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportDiana Kennedy 2013-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Dec
Research your WW1 Military AncestorsIan Sewell2013-Dec
Education and its RecordsColin Chapman2013-Dec
Saving Photos for Future GenerationsTim Soles2013-Dec
Saul CriminalsJohn Slaughter2013-Dec
Solly DNAGeorge Solly2013-Dec
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 2Fred Sole2013-Dec
A Dark SuitSheila MacInnes2013-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2013-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Aug
Joseph Soul – A Man of ConscienceMaureen Storey2013-Aug
Edward Sewell, ‘Dandified Solicitor’     Glennis Sewell2013-Aug
QWERTYRosemary Bailey2013-Aug
A Fraud, a Dupe or an Honest Man? Maureen Storey2013-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 1Fred Sole2013-Aug
William Dykes Saul 2013-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2013-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Apr
Falklands ConnectionDick Sawle2013-Apr
Soldiering Saul meets Sergeant Saul Peter Saul2013-Apr
The General Makeup of the English PeopleRoger Sutton2013-Apr
Was your Ancestor a Court Officer?Diana Kennedy2013-Apr
The Ipswich SaulsJohn Saul2013-Apr
Four Generation of SaulsCarol Saul2013-Apr
Sole Star BeerRosemary Bailey2013-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2012-Dec
Ida Margaret SoleLinda Butler2012-Dec
Viking Sollys George Solly2012-Dec
Sergeant Joseph Saul Peter Saul2012-Dec
Augustus May Soule2012-Dec
Social History Books for GenealogistsMichael Gandy2012-Dec
Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society2012-Dec
Letters from the Indian Mutiny Part 2Diana Kennedy2012-Dec
An Album of Old PhotosRosemary Bailey2012-Dec
Sewells Behaving Badly!2012-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2012-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s Report Kent, Surrey & HampshireBob Sheldon2012-Aug
Soldiering SaulsJohn Slaughter2012-Aug
Robert Henry Solly2012-Aug
Mr and Mrs Charles May Solly2012-Aug
Letters from the Indian MutinyDiana Kennedy2012-Aug
Cambridge Alumni2012-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Mar
Brian SewellDiana Sewell2012-Mar
Saul from IrelandWilliam Saul2012-Mar
Battle of the River Plate2012-Mar
Australian Sewell ReunionIngrid Sewell2012-Mar
Death of Mr John SollyGeorge Solly2012-Mar
Cambridge Alumni2012-Mar
From Pebmarsh to the SwanGlennis Sole2012-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2011-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2011-Dec
20th Anniversary GatheringRosemary Bailey2011-Dec
Aldred Charles Sole, Apprentice Blacksmith2011-Dec
Sewell, A Mining TownDiana Kennedy2011-Dec
Genetic GenealogyRosemary Bailey2011-Dec
Journey Through Genetic GenealogySusan Hedeen2011-Dec
A Tour of the Somme BattlefieldsJohn Saul2011-Dec
Oxford Alumni continued2011-Dec
An Australian Sewell ReunionStan Gordon2011-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2011-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy2011-Aug
From the PresidentFred Sole2011-Aug
How it all BeganFred Sole2011-Aug
In Search of the Innes CollectionDon Steel2011-Aug
Don SteelRosemary Bailey2011-Aug
Arthur Sawle, Rector of PorlockTony Storey2011-Aug
Joseph Sowell of PenrynJim Lewis2011-Aug
Edward Sole a Much Travelled ColonistLinda Butler2011-Aug
George Cross for Sewell Munitions Worker2011-Aug
Oxford Alumni continued2011-Aug
In memory of Major William Tait SewellDiana Kennedy2011-Aug
Tokens in the 17th CenturyIan Sewell2011-Apr
Anna Sewell in LancingRoger Sutton2011-Apr
Phillip Sewell’s GiftTony Storey2011-Apr
Reaching for the SkyDiana Kennedy2011-Apr
Jack Sewell, Obituary2011-Apr
Oxford AlumniMaureen Storey2011-Apr
The American SoleLinda Brand2011-Apr
Lithuanian SaulsRosemary Bailey2011-Apr