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The very latest articles will be found in the paper version of Soul Search which is published three times a year to members. Articles may not be reproduced without the permission of the Society. A list of articles follows but it is quicker to use the Search facility above.

For further information about articles, please Contact us indicating the articles that you are interested in, and providing brief details of your own research.

Samuel Solly and the Smoking QuestionGeorge Solly2020-Apr
A Fatal First on the RoadsGabby Stevens2020-Apr
Racing at Breakneck SpeedMaureen Storey2020-Apr
Sad StatisticsJohn Slaughter2020-Apr
Did it Run in the Family After AllRosemary Bailey2020-Apr
Are we as Strong in a CrisisRosemary Bailey2020-Apr
One Year in the Life of the SaulsJohn Slaughter2020-Apr
Joseph Saul, MathematicianRichard Saul2020-Apr
A Few StatisticsJohn Slaughter2020-Apr
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2019-Dec
SOLE Co-ordinator’s Report Maureen Storey 2019-Dec
Our Ancestor’s LivesTony Storey 2019-Dec
Solley – Yale Graduates and Staff 1893Rosemary Bailey2019-Dec
The Tragedy of Emma SaulJohn Slaughter & Rosemary Bailey 2019-Dec
Pete Sole, My Favourite AncestorJack Sole 2019-Dec
A Visit to Saul Farm, GloucestershireRichard Saul 2019-Dec
Mayflower International Conference 2019-Dec
One Year in the Life of the SAULSJohn Slaughter 2019-Dec
Sole Gossip from the NewspapersMaureen Storey 2019-Dec
Harry Sewell – Olympic AthleteIan Sewell2019-Dec
Thomas Saul – POW in the USAJohn Saul2019-Aug
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2019-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2019-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2019-Aug
1874 Registration of BirthsDave Annal2019-Aug
One Year in the Life of the SaulsJohn Slaughter2019-Aug
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 4Richard Bryant2019-Aug
Henry Warren Soule Died at GettysburgMaureen Storey2019-Aug
Sewell Cushion WheelsRosemary Bailey2019-Aug
Thomas Saul 1826 – 1880 Mystery PortraitJohn Saul2019-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2019-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2019-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2019-Apr
From Jamaica to Oxford – A Family ReunitedElizabeth Mills2019-Apr
The Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 3Richard Bryant2019-Apr
Sewells and The Corporation of LondonIan Sewell2019-Apr
Benyon SollyGeorge Solly2019-Apr
Update on Robert H SollyGeorge Solly2019-Apr
The Sawhills of Pensylvania – UpdateJoanne Sawhill Griffin and Andrew McIlvaine 2019-Apr
The Mystery of the Sawhills of PennsylvaniaJoanne Sawhill Griffin and Andrew McIlvaine 2018-Dec
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Dec
SOLE Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Dec
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2018-Dec
SEWELL Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2018-Dec
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 2Richard Bryant 2018-Dec
The Lost Colony of RoanokeRosemary Bailey 2018-Dec
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 3Norman Smith 2018-Dec
Timepix – do you have ancestors in Greater Manchester?Rosemary Bailey2018-Aug
Sporting SolesHarry Watson2018-Aug
Reverend Francis Sewell – Part 1Richard Bryant2018-Aug
Yet more Saul convicts!John Slaughter2018-Aug
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 2Norman Smith2018-Aug
Obituary, Kathleen Saul, nee JohnsonRosemary Bailey2018-Aug
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2018-Aug
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Aug
SOLE Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Aug
The Art of Sewell HuntingBrenda Ord2018-Apr
Some People Never Learn!Maureen Storey 2018-Apr
Obituary – Don Sole2018-Apr
Obituary – Peter SaulJohn Saul2018-Apr
Seven Sewell Children, Their Orphanage Years, an updateRichard Jones2018-Apr
Seaside, Shells and Sollys – Part 1Norman Smith2018-Apr
Kenneth, George Solly, Prisoner of War, 1940-1945 George Solly2018-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2018-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2018-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2017-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2017-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Dec
The Sewells of Hitcham, Suffolk, part 3Gabrielle Stevens2017-Dec
Letters and MessagesNorman Smith2017-Dec
Lost PhotosLinda Brand2017-Dec
Your Genealogical LegacyIan Sewell2017-Dec
Sewalls and Shouls on HolidayRosemary Bailey2017-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2017-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell2017-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Aug
Detective Inspector Harry Saul StablesPeter Saul2017-Aug
A Travelling SollyGeorge Solly2017-Aug
Henry Sewell’s Pocket WatchHelen Cramp2017-Aug
Eyes on Arras – John SewellHelen Cramp2017-Aug
Harriet Sewell, and the Incorporated Home for LadiesRosemary Bailey2017-Aug
Correction – Fred’s Memory RamblesRosemary Bailey2017-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2017-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2017-Apr
Sales among the SaulsRosemary Bailey2017-Apr
For Distinguished Conduct in the FieldMaureen Storey2017-Apr
Daniel Sewell and Frederick Sole: a Fatal CollisionMaureen Storey2017-Apr
Sauls of Hitcham, Suffolk, Part 2Gabrielle Stevens2017-Apr
Fred’s Final Memory RamblesFred Sole2017-Apr
American Soules Seeking British CousinsSimon Neal2017-Apr
Chelsfield War MemorialPhilippa Rooke2017-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2016-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2016-Dec
From Essex to the East EndGeorge Solly2016-Dec
Sauls of Hitcham, Suffolk Part 1Gabrielle Stevens2016-Dec
More Saul Criminals & Some VictimsJohn Slaughter2016-Dec
More Sewell DataIan Sewell2016-Dec
Tracing Living RelativesRichard Jones2016-Dec
Read All About ItMaureen Storey2016-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2016-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s Report Maureen Storey2016-Aug
Two Isaac SollysGeorge Solly2016-Aug
John Sole a Thoroughly Bad LotMaureen Storey2016-Aug
Sent to DartmoorMaureen Storey2016-Aug
Sewells in the 1881 CensusIan Sewell2016-Aug
Seven Sewell ChildrenRichard Jones2016-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 7Fred Sole2016-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2016-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2016-Apr
Railways and CoalminesRosemary Bailey2016-Apr
An Indenture & A CoincidencePeter Saul2016-Apr
A Blast from the PastMaureen Storey2016-Apr
Praise for William SewellRosemaryBailey2016-Apr
More Saul CriminalsJohn Slaughter2016-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2015-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2015-Dec
Murder & Mayhem on the MidlandJudy & Chris Rouse2015-Dec
Isaac Solly Railway EntrepreneurBob Solly2015-Dec
Mystery SolvedRosemary Bailey2015-Dec
Family Historian SoftwareIan Sewell2015-Dec
Family Research in 1965Roger Sutton2015-Dec
My favourite Ancestor Percy May SewellGlennis Sewell2015-Dec
The Fate of the Victory LuggerRosemary Bailey2015-Dec
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 6Fred Sole2015-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey 2015-Aug
An Egyptian Graffiti Artist2015-Aug
The Great War at Sea Part 2John Slaughter2015-Aug
Terrible Explosion at FavershamMaureen Storey2015-Aug
Soldiers of WaterlooIan Sewell2015-Aug
Will Sole 1879-1956Jennifer Ball2015-Aug
Time on your hands?Ian Sewell2015-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble – Part 5Fred Sole2015-Aug
WW1 PostcardsJennifer Ball2015-Aug
The Battle of TsingaoIan Sewell2015-Aug
Was there a time before Computers?Rosemary Bailey2015-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2015-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2015-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2015-Apr
A Mining DisasterRosemary Bailey2015-Apr
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 4Fred Sole2015-Apr
My Favourite AncestorBrenda Ord2015-Apr
The Madonna SollyGeorge Solly2015-Apr
From Sudbury to CasablancaMaureen Storey2015-Apr
The Great War at Sea Part 1John Slaughter2015-Apr
A Blast from the PastJennifer Ball2015-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Dec
Obituary – Fred Sole2014-Dec
Obituary – Diana Kennedy2014-Dec
An Omission CorrectedMaureen Storey2014-Dec
Canadian ReunionPatricia Saull2014-Dec
Naval Dockyards & RecordsDavid Davies2014-Dec
Want to be a Lord or Lady?Rosemary Bailey2014-Dec
A Sea-Faring FamilyBernard Jones2014-Dec
Naval RecordsIan Sewell2014-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Aug
Facing the Future (Soole)Maureen Storey2014-Aug
Henry Sewell – Enlisted TwiceIan Sewell2014-Aug
A Direct Hit! (Solly)George Solly2014-Aug
Susanna Saul 1830-1918Rosemary Bailey2014-Aug
Lance Corporal John Sewell2014-Aug
Some Treasured PossessionsCarol Saul2014-Aug
Casualties at Frezenberg RidgeJohn Slaughter2014-Aug
Home WatersMaureen Storey2014-Aug
A Broken Hearted MotherMaureen Storey2014-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2014-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy2014-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2014-Apr
Gravestone Photographic Resource2014-Apr
The Future of the Census2014-Apr
An Apple For LizzieDerrick Dean2014-Apr
Memories of the 1950sJennifer Ball2014-Apr
My Ancestors had some Funny NamesDiana Kennedy2014-Apr
Saul Criminals pt 2John Slaughter2014-Apr
Fred’s Memory Ramble pt 3Fred Sole2014-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2013-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Dec
Research your WW1 Military AncestorsIan Sewell2013-Dec
Education and its RecordsColin Chapman2013-Dec
Saving Photos for Future GenerationsTim Soles2013-Dec
Saul CriminalsJohn Slaughter2013-Dec
Solly DNAGeorge Solly2013-Dec
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 2Fred Sole2013-Dec
A Dark SuitSheila MacInnes2013-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2013-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Aug
Joseph Soul – A Man of ConscienceMaureen Storey2013-Aug
Edward Sewell, ‘Dandified Solicitor’     Glennis Sewell2013-Aug
QWERTYRosemary Bailey2013-Aug
A Fraud, a Dupe or an Honest Man? Maureen Storey2013-Aug
Fred’s Memory Ramble Part 1Fred Sole2013-Aug
William Dykes Saul 2013-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2013-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2013-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2013-Apr
Falklands ConnectionDick Sawle2013-Apr
Soldiering Saul meets Sergeant Saul Peter Saul2013-Apr
The General Makeup of the English PeopleRoger Sutton2013-Apr
Was your Ancestor a Court Officer?Diana Kennedy2013-Apr
The Ipswich SaulsJohn Saul2013-Apr
Four Generation of SaulsCarol Saul2013-Apr
Sole Star BeerRosemary Bailey2013-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Dec
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2012-Dec
Ida Margaret SoleLinda Butler2012-Dec
Viking Sollys George Solly2012-Dec
Sergeant Joseph Saul Peter Saul2012-Dec
Augustus May Soule2012-Dec
Social History Books for GenealogistsMichael Gandy2012-Dec
Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society2012-Dec
Letters from the Indian Mutiny Part 2Diana Kennedy2012-Dec
An Album of Old PhotosRosemary Bailey2012-Dec
Sewells Behaving Badly!2012-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2012-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s Report Kent, Surrey & HampshireBob Sheldon2012-Aug
Soldiering SaulsJohn Slaughter2012-Aug
Robert Henry Solly2012-Aug
Mr and Mrs Charles May Solly2012-Aug
Letters from the Indian MutinyDiana Kennedy2012-Aug
Cambridge Alumni2012-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2012-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2012-Mar
Brian SewellDiana Sewell2012-Mar
Saul from IrelandWilliam Saul2012-Mar
Battle of the River Plate2012-Mar
Australian Sewell ReunionIngrid Sewell2012-Mar
Death of Mr John SollyGeorge Solly2012-Mar
Cambridge Alumni2012-Mar
From Pebmarsh to the SwanGlennis Sole2012-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2011-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2011-Dec
20th Anniversary GatheringRosemary Bailey2011-Dec
Aldred Charles Sole, Apprentice Blacksmith2011-Dec
Sewell, A Mining TownDiana Kennedy2011-Dec
Genetic GenealogyRosemary Bailey2011-Dec
Journey Through Genetic GenealogySusan Hedeen2011-Dec
A Tour of the Somme BattlefieldsJohn Saul2011-Dec
Oxford Alumni continued2011-Dec
An Australian Sewell ReunionStan Gordon2011-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2011-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy2011-Aug
From the PresidentFred Sole2011-Aug
How it all BeganFred Sole2011-Aug
In Search of the Innes CollectionDon Steel2011-Aug
Don SteelRosemary Bailey2011-Aug
Arthur Sawle, Rector of PorlockTony Storey2011-Aug
Joseph Sowell of PenrynJim Lewis2011-Aug
Edward Sole a Much Travelled ColonistLinda Butler2011-Aug
George Cross for Sewell Munitions Worker2011-Aug
Oxford Alumni continued2011-Aug
In memory of Major William Tait SewellDiana Kennedy2011-Aug
Tokens in the 17th CenturyIan Sewell2011-Apr
Anna Sewell in LancingRoger Sutton2011-Apr
Phillip Sewell’s GiftTony Storey2011-Apr
Reaching for the SkyDiana Kennedy2011-Apr
Jack Sewell, Obituary2011-Apr
Oxford AlumniMaureen Storey2011-Apr
The American SoleLinda Brand2011-Apr
Lithuanian SaulsRosemary Bailey2011-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Dec
Chairman’s & Annual Gathering ReportIan Sewell2010-Dec
Remember the Alamo!Tony Storey2010-Dec
A Fickle Swain2010-Dec
Royal Academy ExhibitorsMaureen Storey2010-Dec
The Fatal Accident of Mr Daniel SewellAdrian Colder-Birch and Bev Hendy2010-Dec
The American Sole Part 1Linda Brand and Beverley Driver Eddy2010-Dec
Private Robert Sterling SaullGuy Barker2010-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Aug
Air Vice Marshal Richard SaulTony Storey2010-Aug
Sole Heraldic EvidenceAmando Framari2010-Aug
The Hindmarsh FatalityNeville Solly2010-Aug
Air Raid on Lydia StreetTony Storey2010-Aug
Mr Daniel Sewell Fatal AccidentDenise Howes2010-Aug
Dr Lucy Ellen SewallDiana Kennedy2010-Aug
We Happy Few, We Band of BrothersMaureen Storey2010-Aug
My Adventures in Family History Pt1Rob Hina2010-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Apr
Letters and MessagesMembers2010-Apr
Sawle Reunion ReportJay Venables2010-Apr
Sir John Major – Sewell AncestorsDiana Kennedy2010-Apr
Solly – A Dovorian Family’s War RecordLynne Burlingham2010-Apr
Sewell in AustraliaPeter & Ingrid Sewell2010-Apr
Over & Under Maidenstone HillDiana Kennedy2010-Apr
Keeping it in The FamilyDavid Green2010-Apr
The Birthday PresentJennifer Ball2010-Apr
Barnabus SaulJohn Souttar2010-Apr
Sewell FootballersSarah Hay2010-Apr
Sewell v. StrangeDenise Howes2010-Apr
Octogenarian Angler – SewellPru Webster2010-Apr
John Sawle born abt 1790Ian Desoer2010-Apr
William Tompkins SawleGuy Barker2010-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Dec
Letters and MessagesMembers2009-Dec
Chairman’s Report – Annual GatheringIan Sewell2009-Dec
Announcements December 20092009-Dec
A Norfolk QuestJennie Saul2009-Dec
Daniel Sewell and Rubblestone FarmDiana Kennedy2009-Dec
Solly – A Dovorian Family’s War RecordColin Charles Solly2009-Dec
Silas Soule – Massacre at Sand CreekTony Storey2009-Dec
James Sewell of EssexSarah Hay2009-Dec
Leamington to Bebington Link ProvenMartin Saul2009-Dec
Thomas George SaulMartin Saul2009-Dec
Australian Newspaper ReportNeville Solly2009-Dec
Sixpence a DayPeter Saul2009-Dec
Solomon Saul – More InformationJohn Slaughter2009-Dec
“Old Bill” – A Saul Family Connection?Peter Saul2009-Dec
Solly ResearchGeorge Solly2009-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Aug
Letters and MessagesMembers2009-Aug
My SAUL Ancestors in New ZealandJackie Marsh2009-Aug
The Search for Albert and ErnestMartin Saul2009-Aug
Selina Spooner 1837 – 1918Lynne Burlingham2009-Aug
George Sole of Westwell & WoodchurchCaleb H Johnson2009-Aug
Henry SAUL – UpdatePeter Saul2009-Aug
3rd Cousin Canadian StyleBrenda Ord2009-Aug
Check the Witness!Roger Chalk2009-Aug
A Warm Welcome AwaitsMartin Saul2009-Aug
A Policeman’s LotMaureen Storey.2009-Aug
Solomon SewellDiana Kennedy2009-Aug
Quaker Meeting HouseTrevor Wright2009-Aug
Hardwick SewellGlennis Sewell2009-Aug
Joseph Sewell.Brian Sewell2009-Aug
Australian Solly Newspapers ReportsNeville Solly2009-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Apr
Notice Board – April 2009Members2009-Apr
Finding Frank Solley – Not Plain Sailing!Ian Robinson2009-Apr
Thomas & Lucy Soal in New Zealand Part 2Bev Trotter2009-Apr
George Saul – Found on eBay!Martin Saul2009-Apr
F B SolesMaureen Storey2009-Apr
The Haddenham MurderDenise Howes2009-Apr
The Sauls Settle in the USAJohn Westerdale2009-Apr
Archibald Sewell – Durham Light InfantryStephen Sewell2009-Apr
Sewell Family PhotosJonathan Sewell2009-Apr
Sewell in IndiaJudy Wright2009-Apr
Memories of a Moonlit NightJennifer Ball2009-Apr
SnippetsGuy Barker2009-Apr
Eureka!Martin Saul2009-Apr
Travelling GenealogistIan Sewell2009-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2008-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Dec
Annual Gathering 2008Tony Storey2008-Dec
Letters & MessagesMembers2008-Dec
The Power of LondonTony Storey2008-Dec
The Ordinary of NewgateAngela Moorefield.2008-Dec
Private W.A. SaulMartin Saul2008-Dec
Charles Edward SewellJonathan Sewell2008-Dec
Thomas and Lucy Soal in New ZealandBev Trotter2008-Dec
How Mrs Solly Returned to ParadiseNorman Smith2008-Dec
Saul Research Part 3, MidlandsJohn Slaughter2008-Dec
Annie Eliza Soal & A.D.H. FosseyBeverly Carr2008-Dec
Sole ButchersJennifer Ball2008-Dec
More Snippets from the Ipswich JournalDiana Kennedy2008-Dec
Saul PhotosLeslie Saul2008-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2008-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Aug
Letters & MessagesMembers2008-Aug
Saul Research Pt 2 – Suffolk/Camb/LincsJohn Slaughter2008-Aug
The Power of London, Guilds & Misteries Tony Storey2008-Aug
Soly of Ash – WillsRoger Sutton2008-Aug
Above All a CornishmanMaureen Storey2008-Aug
Anna Sewell’s HouseBrian Sewell2008-Aug
Saul from Ireland to USAWilliam E Saul2008-Aug
WWI Officer Records – SewellIan Sewell2008-Aug
The Ipswich  JournalDiana Kennedy2008-Aug
Richard SollyRay Harlow2008-Aug
Saul PhotosLes Saul2008-Aug
The Sauls of AshleworthAngela Moorefield2008-Aug
William Soal, MarinerBob Sheldon2008-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2008-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Apr
John E.W. (Bill) Soles 1914 – 2007Fred Sole2008-Apr
Don Steel2008-Apr
Trick or TreatTony Storey2008-Apr
The Mystery Lapel BadgePeter H Saul2008-Apr
Meeting the Family in New ZealandGeoff Sole2008-Apr
Max SollyNeville Solly2008-Apr
Father Brocard Sewell (1912 – 2000)Diana Kennedy2008-Apr
Building BlocksJennifer Ball2008-Apr
The Search for Albert & Ernest SaulMartin Saul2008-Apr
Once You Were my Comfort – Ann’s StoryMaureen Storey2008-Apr
Saul Research – Part 1 NorfolkJohn Slaughter2008-Apr
Roger Sutton’s SOLLY Family TreeRoger Sutton2008-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Dec
CHAIRMAN’S Report – Annual GatheringIan Sewell2007-Dec
Letters & MessagesMembers2007-Dec
Still More Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Dec
Martin Saul from Leamington SpaMartin Saul2007-Dec
Can You Identify This PostcardAnne Gould2007-Dec
Eclipsing the EclipseSheila MacInnes2007-Dec
Over My Dead Body ?Lynne Burlingham2007-Dec
Edwardian Days & The Kaiser’s WarMartin Saul2007-Dec
Starting a New Life & A Sad EndingBetty Siede2007-Dec
Vincent Sewell & Jack Valentine SewellMike Sewell2007-Dec
From the Wandle to the WicketEdna Pritchard2007-Dec
Sewell SnippetsDiana Kennedy2007-Dec
My Solly AncestorsLaurie Bridger2007-Dec
Maritime ResearchLen Barnett2007-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Aug
Chairman’s Report – Meeting April 2007Ian Sewell2007-Aug
Soul Search AwardTim Soles2007-Aug
Snippets from Vashti WaterhouseMembers2007-Aug
Can You Identify this Postcard?Anne Gould2007-Aug
More Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Aug
FFHS EzineFFHS2007-Aug
SAUL in Leamington & AustraliaMartin Saul2007-Aug
Charge of the Light BrigadeEdward Sewell2007-Aug
Ada Ellen SOLE – A Captain’s LadyColin Aris2007-Aug
‘Broadmoor’ Abraham, Durham SEWELLSJean Cooper2007-Aug
Once Upon a Time in AmericaTony Storey2007-Aug
Mrs SOLLY’s Large FamilySue Solly2007-Aug
Picnic at Brookwood for the ColonelDiana Kennedy2007-Aug
Arthur SOLE of Stodmarsh, KentBob Sheldon2007-Aug
Isaac Edward SEWELL, MurderEdward Sewell.2007-Aug
Visitors to Richborough CastleLynne Burlingham2007-Aug
Book Review, Tom SEWELLDiana Kennedy2007-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Apr
Letters & MessagesMembers2007-Apr
Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Apr
Hard Working LucyBrenda Ord.2007-Apr
My Maternal GrandparentsJennifer Ball2007-Apr
My Solly FamilyRoger Sutton2007-Apr
Patience Reunites the Sewell FamilyDonna Clark2007-Apr
A Printing DynastyMaureen Storey2007-Apr
Sir Sidney Valentine SewellDiana Kennedy2007-Apr
Hearing VoicesTony Storey2007-Apr
Names in South Africa.Guy Barker2007-Apr
The South African War Casualty RollGuy Barker2007-Apr
Medal Rolls – Anglo-Boer War ReferencesGuy Barker2007-Apr
Charles Giles SolleyRobert Solly2007-Apr
The Killer Cloud of 1783Ruth Pringle2007-Apr
William Sewell of WoolwichDiana Kennedy2007-Apr
The Computer Swallowed GrandmaFred Sole2007-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-Dec
Annual Gathering 2006Jennifer Ball2006-Dec
A Spring Day in London TownJennifer Ball2006-Dec
Joan Sole—Kentish MartyrBob Sheldon2006-Dec
The PhotographJean Cooper2006-Dec
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?Lynne Burlingham2006-Dec
The Sauls of Foxholes, Loversall, NortonPeter Charles Saul2006-Dec
Where’s George?Louise Throop2006-Dec
Harriet Sharp nee SewellRay Sewell2006-Dec
Saul from MiddlesbroughKeith Rayner2006-Dec
George Sole & RachelLinda Brand2006-Dec
Charlotte SoleLinda Brand2006-Dec
Henry Sole (1848 –1901)2006-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-Aug
The Mysterious Lives of Arthur SaulTony Storey2006-Aug
Well Hit Sir!  –  Part 2John Saul2006-Aug
The Search for George Soule, Part 3Caleb Johnson2006-Aug
Nelson’s Third-Rate Ships of the LineTony Storey2006-Aug
So Where did it all Start? And Why?Di Sewell2006-Aug
Is This Mary Ann Sole?Maureen Storey2006-Aug
Distribution of the Saul SurnamePeter H. Saul2006-Aug
Guleilmus SeveliusDiana Kennedy2006-Aug
A Cautionary TaleIan Sewell2006-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-May
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-May
WWI Army and RFC Campaign Medals Ian Sewell2006-May
Cumberland Saul’s 1820 Lily Wood MBE2006-May
George F Sewell, School in the 1840’sJoan Gaskin2006-May
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 4)Lionel Sole2006-May
Sauls of the Solway PlainJohn Slaughter2006-May
Rt Hon Sir Thomas SewellDiana Kennedy2006-May
Charles Edward Solly 1864 – 1898Lynne Burlingham2006-May
The Search for George Soule, Part 2Caleb Johnson2006-May
Great Dunmow Feet of FinesIan Sewell2006-May
Solly Memorial, Worcester CathedralLynne Burlingham2006-May
John Solly – Sudden DeathSue Solley.2006-May
Keeping it in the Family?Lynne Burlingham2006-May
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Dec
Chairman’s Report – Annual GatheringBob Solly2005-Dec
Letters & Messages December 2005Members2005-Dec
The Sole Society Discussion ForumTim Soles2005-Dec
Well Hit! SirJohn Saul2005-Dec
A Life ApartTony Storey2005-Dec
Another Canterbury TaleBrenda & Dennis Ord2005-Dec
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 3)Lionel Sole2005-Dec
Bigamy Follow-UpRuth Pringle2005-Dec
Victory  – But not TrafalgarLynne Burlingham2005-Dec
Where’s George?Louise W Throop2005-Dec
The Short Army Career of John SewellDiana Kennedy2005-Dec
Sewell SnippetPhilip Lloyd2005-Dec
A Trip to KelshallArthur Halls2005-Dec
Changing NamesAmy Arbuckle2005-Dec
The Search for George Soule Part 1Caleb Johnson2005-Dec
Solley WW1 RecordsIan Sewell2005-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Aug
Letters & Messages August 2005Members2005-Aug
Shooting StarsTony Storey2005-Aug
George Solley Probate Related PapersLynne Burlingham2005-Aug
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 2)Lionel Sole2005-Aug
Looking for Lost SaulsNorman Saul2005-Aug
A Bigamist in the FamilyRuth Pringle2005-Aug
Do You Know Mary Ann Sewell?Diana Kennedy2005-Aug
A Misunderstood Women (Sole)Bob Sheldon2005-Aug
Saul World War 1 RecordsIan Sewell2005-Aug
The Sewells of AshwellthorpeBrenda Ord2005-Aug
How Many William Devonshire Sauls?John Slaughter2005-Aug
Solley Family of Deal, KentSue Solley2005-Aug
Soles from Kent to IrelandPhil Lynch2005-Aug
By the Back Door (Sewell)Brian Sewell2005-Aug
Who Were Betsy and Emmer? (Sewell)Diana Kennedy2005-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Apr
Letters & Messages April 2005Members2005-Apr
A Pioneer Ancestor (Saul)Christine Muschamp2005-Apr
Solly’s GherkinTony Storey2005-Apr
Memories of an Octogenarian (Sole) – Part 1Lionel Sole2005-Apr
Runaway Horse in Rye Lane (Sewell)Sam Allen2005-Apr
Saul Family from Hockley, BirminghamSteven Edwards2005-Apr
I Name This Child…Maureen Storey2005-Apr
Ickleton as our Ancestors Knew It (Soole)Janet Hurst2005-Apr
My Saul Family from CawstonLorraine Stacker2005-Apr
Richard Solly the Elder 1673-1731Keith M Parry2005-Apr
John Harold Saul 1899-1954Peter Saul2005-Apr
The Solley Farm PapersTony Storey2005-Apr
Ronald H SaullJenny Daniell2005-Apr
My Sewell NeighboursAlan Tuttlebury2005-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Dec
Letters & Messages December 2004Members2004-Dec
My Saul AncestorsJack Earl2004-Dec
F. Sewell Victim of a Railway TragedyDiana Kennedy2004-Dec
Christopher Soale of WarminghurstBob Sheldon2004-Dec
A Walk in the CityTony Storey2004-Dec
Sewell Plays Cricket on a HandkerchiefBev Hendy2004-Dec
My Beautiful Bookcase (Sole)Iris Lloyd2004-Dec
Emigrants! Take care of your PocketsJames Sawle2004-Dec
Emma Soole’s TableclothMaureen Wiesner2004-Dec
Who was Thomas Saul?John Amos2004-Dec
Names in NorthamptonRuth Pringle2004-Dec
Mrs Charlene Lehman, nee SoleFred Sole2004-Dec
David Sole 1834 – 1911Audrey W Goodier2004-Dec
Saul Vagrant Sentenced to be WhippedNorman Saul2004-Dec
A Glimpse of Christmas Past (Solly)Lynne Burlingham2004-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Aug
Letters and Messages August 2004Members2004-Aug
Harry C Sauls Barrage KiteTrevor Saul2004-Aug
Book Review – A Dark Horse, A Life of Anna SewellDiana Kennedy2004-Aug
James Lester Sole – ObituaryBob Sheldon2004-Aug
Much Ado About Nothing (Part 4)  (Sole)James L Sole2004-Aug
Family Photos (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2004-Aug
Anna Sewell MemorialJoan Rowboltam2004-Aug
Matrimonial CapersAlma Merritt2004-Aug
Census Errors (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2004-Aug
Little Dunmow War MemorialsIan Sewell2004-Aug
What’s in a Name? (Soule)Tony Storey2004-Aug
Four Generations of Ipswich SaulsJohn Saul2004-Aug
Soldiers of the Raj (Sewell)Judy Wright2004-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Apr
Research Co-Coordinator’s ReportTony Storey2004-Apr
Letters and MessagesMembers2004-Apr
Brought together by The Sole Society (Sole)2004-Apr
Emma SooleMaureen Wiesner 2004-Apr
Early Records – KentEric L Sewell2004-Apr
Famous Sewells – Henry Sewell2004-Apr
The Call to Arms (Sewell)Judy Wright2004-Apr
James William SoleJames L Sole2004-Apr
The Hanging of Richard SollyLynne Burlingham2004-Apr
The Sewell Cushion Wheel CompanyDiana Kennedy2004-Apr
Much Ado about Nothing – Part 3 (Sole)James Sole MBE2004-Apr
Charles Saul – HMS HoodNorman Saul2004-Apr
What a Coincidence (Sole)Bob Sheldon2004-Apr
The Arnside Tree and Bobs the Builders (Saul)Trevor Saul2004-Apr
Tales from the Old Bailey (Sole)Maureen Storey2004-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Dec
Letters and MessagesMembers2003-Dec
Much Ado about Nothing – Part 2 (Sole)James Sole MBE2003-Dec
Richard Solly RevisitedLynne Burlingham2003-Dec
Saul Research – Visiting my RootsPeter Saul2003-Dec
The Diamond Wedding of Jesse & Sarah SewellDiana Kennedy2003-Dec
Indictment of Elizabeth Seawell & Mary Seawell2003-Dec
Appledore’s Oldest Inhabitant (Sole)Diana Jones2003-Dec
The People of Wheelbarrow LaneWilliam Sewell2003-Dec
Concorde Farewell (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2003-Dec
Early Records – BerkshireEric L Sewell2003-Dec
The Northampton Mercury Index 1838-1846 (Sewell)Sarah Spink2003-Dec
World War One Sewell RecordsIan Sewell2003-Dec
Waterloo Cottages (Sewell)Sarah Hay2003-Dec
Christmas PastJennifer Ball2003-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Aug
Guild of One-Name Studies Web AwardsTim Soles2003-Aug
County RecordsTony Storey2003-Aug
Computer BitsTim Soles2003-Aug
Letters & MessagesMembers2003-Aug
Deaths at Mining CollieriesDiana Kennedy2003-Aug
How Do I Find Great Grandfather Sewell?Ruth Pringle2003-Aug
Tracing my Family through the CD-Rom (SAUL)Peter Saul2003-Aug
POW’s in the American War of IndependenceLois Rekowski2003-Aug
The Sewells of Swindale, WestmorlandEric L Sewell2003-Aug
Much Ado About Nothing (SOLE)James L Sole2003-Aug
Is this your Emily? (SOLE)Linda Butler2003-Aug
No Room in the ChurchyardTony Storey2003-Aug
A Cornish Seaman (SAWLE)Maureen Storey2003-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Apr
Research Co-ordinator’s ReportTony Storey2003-Apr
Letters & Messages Members2003-Apr
A Letter to Anna SEWELLTony Storey2003-Apr
The SAUL Family on the Macleay—Part IIJohn Slaughter2003-Apr
SOAL (Re)SearchGeoffrey Knot2003-Apr
More on Neame (SOLLY)Lynne Burlingham2003-Apr
SOLE PhotosJennifer Ball2003-Apr
Military Records – WO97, Attestation Documents Ian Sewell2003-Apr
The Society’s Records – WILLSTony Storey2003-Apr
SEWELL’s FarmEric L Sewell2003-Apr
The Westmorland Census of 1787 (SEWELL)Joan Ledger2003-Apr
Access to Archives (A2A)Lynne Burlingham2003-Apr
Preserving MemoriesTim Soles2003-Apr
Edward SOLEMargery Smith2003-Apr
The Differing Fortunes of two Old EtoniansDiana Kennedy2003-Apr
A Letter to Mr H SEWELLRay Sewell2003-Apr
Richard Horsman SOLLYGeorge Solly2003-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Dec
Research Co-ordinator’s ReportTony Storey2002-Dec
A Letter from Home – David T SOLLEYLois Rekowski2002-Dec
Lieutenant Cecil Harold SEWELL VCDiana Kennedy2002-Dec
Surely That’s Worth a Pint!  (SOLE)Bob Sheldon2002-Dec
A Couple of SEWELL ConvictsIan Sewell2002-Dec
Thomas SEWELL 1893 – 1953Sarah L Hay2002-Dec
The SAUL Family on the MacleayJohn Slaughter2002-Dec
Picture PostcardsMaureen Storey2002-Dec
The Royal Victoria HospitalTony Storey2002-Dec
The War to End All Wars – SAULs of PrestonTrevor Saul2002-Dec
Sewells in Business Ike SEWELLBrian Sewell2002-Dec
Death of the Blind Giant, Joseph Neal SEWELEdie Robinson2002-Dec
SOULE Cherokee ConnectionMaureen Storey2002-Dec
Thomas Saulsbury WrightDorothy Hughes2002-Dec
The Society’s Records – DirectoriesTony Storey2002-Dec
Even More Flesh on the Bones – A Letter from the FrontBrian Sewell2002-Dec
Bradley SAUL, A Musical Maestro in the Making?Dorothy Hughes2002-Dec
A SOLLY Trading TokenLynne Burlingham2002-Dec
Strangers in a BoxTim Soles2002-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Aug
Annie Eliza SOAL 1873 – 1919   Beverly Carr2002-Aug
A New Life in Australia – SEWELL   Diana Kennedy2002-Aug
More on the Septvans & SOLLEYs   Lynne Burlingham2002-Aug
Famous Living Sauls – John Ralston SAUL  Tim Soles2002-Aug
“At the Going Down of the Sun”  Brian Sewell2002-Aug
Ned Kelly Connection (SOLE)  Linda Butler2002-Aug
A SOLLY Puzzle   John H Solly2002-Aug
A Christmas Project   Jennifer Ball2002-Aug
The Vicar of Yaxley   Diana Kennedy2002-Aug
SOULE Kindred of America   Tim Soles2002-Aug
British Grenadiers   Frank Flint Soule2002-Aug
Last  Tim Soles2002-Aug
Poor Old SOALs   Geoff Knott2002-Aug
SEWELL Snippets  Brian Sewell2002-Aug
Arthur Norbury SOLLY  Bob Solly2002-Aug
Obituary – Edward James SOAL  Geoff Knott2002-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Apr
Research Co-ordinator’s Report   Tony Storey2002-Apr
An invitation to Buckingham Palace (SEWELL)Eric L Sewell2002-Apr
Lost SOULsMichael Walsh2002-Apr
The Septvans & SOLLEYsBill Solley2002-Apr
The SAWLE Family of Penrice, Cornwall   Tony Storey2002-Apr
SEWELLELEric L Sewell2002-Apr
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (SOLLEY)Lynne Burlingham2002-Apr
SEWELL SnippetsDiana Kennedy2002-Apr
The Marriage of Cecil SOLEBob Sheldon2002-Apr
Henry SEWELL – The SoldierIan Sewell2002-Apr
William Ernest SOLEBob Sheldon2002-Apr
Kenneth George SOLLY – Part 2George Solly2002-Apr
Hugh SEWELL, 16th Century Prebendary of CarlisleEric L Sewell2002-Apr
More ‘Learch with Care’Brian Sewell2002-Apr
Pronunciation and the SEWYsEric L Sewell2002-Apr
John SAULL – Wanted for MurderJohn Slaughter2002-Apr
Attempted Murder by Stabbing (SEAWELL)Diana Kennedy2002-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Dec
Language & Family HistoryDon Steel2001-Dec
Chairman’s Tenth Annual Report – The Last 10 YearsBob Solly2001-Dec
Research Report – Future PlansTony Storey2001-Dec
SOLE Cousins MeetJennifer Ball2001-Dec
Cecil Harold SEWELL VCMike Sewell2001-Dec
The SAULs of FyldeTrevor Saul2001-Dec
Seventy Years of Searching (SOLE)Don F Sole2001-Dec
George Christopher SOLLEYKeith Parry2001-Dec
More Essex SEWELLs AbroadBrian Sewell2001-Dec
German SAULsDorothy Hughes2001-Dec
Phillip SOALEs of Rustington, SussexBob Sheldon2001-Dec
Henry Arthur SEWELLDianna Kennedy2001-Dec
Learch with CarePeter Foreman2001-Dec
SOLLEY Searching in Kent & the USASheila Jackson & Caroline Ghys2001-Dec
SOLLEY SnippetsDenis Taylor2001-Dec
The Oldest Living SOALL?Carol Campbell2001-Dec
A Family TraditionLes Saul2001-Dec
Simon SEWALL MP (and His Cat?)Tony Storey2001-Dec
Kenneth George SOLLYGeorge Solly2001-Dec
Wanted – SOLLEY  Lynne Burlingham2001-Dec
A SOAL perplexedLizzie Love2001-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Aug
Research Co-ordinator’s Report – GRO progressTony Storey 2001-Aug
Date Changes through HistoryBob Solly2001-Aug
SAUL Shopkeepers John Slaughter2001-Aug
Missing Connections (SOLE)Linda Butler2001-Aug
George Samuel SEWELL, A Unique HeroMike Sewell2001-Aug
More on Lance Corporal Walter SOLLEY Lynne Burlingham2001-Aug
Wills Pre 1858Sheila Smith2001-Aug
SOLE Brothers CircusTim Soles2001-Aug
By Disobeying an Order he Saved his Tank Crew (SOLE)Bob Allmark2001-Aug
SEWELLS with Royal ConnectionsRobert Sheldon2001-Aug
The Essex SEWELLS, a Post ScriptBrian Sewell2001-Aug
Joseph SEWELL, Ontario CanadaDonnel Lester2001-Aug
The SOLLEY CrestGeorge Solly2001-Aug
Famous Living SOLES, Paul SolesHelene Weaver2001-Aug
SOLLY, Mundon ChurchGeorge Solly2001-Aug
Mary and Anna SEWELLDiana Kennedy2001-Aug
Enforced EmigrationKen Griffen2001-Aug
Famous Living SEWELL, Rufus Sewell an updateTim Soles2001-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Apr
World War 1 Soldiers (SOLE)Bob Sheldon2001-Apr
The Yangtse Incident (SAUL)Roderick Saul2001-Apr
Lance Cpl. W SOLLEY, East Kent Regiment Keith M Parry2001-Apr
Backwoods Back-Story, An Historical Prologue (SOAL)Lizzie Love2001-Apr
We are SurvivorsBill Soles2001-Apr
Name Changes and OverlapsTim Soles2001-Apr
The Essex SEWELLsBrian Sewell2001-Apr
Chairman’s Report – An update on our progressBob Solly  2001-Apr
SEWELL StoryRichard Smith2001-Apr
The SEWELL Family of Halstead Adrian Corder-Birch2001-Apr
John SEWELL, Pioneer of Western AustraliaGlennis Sewell2001-Apr
George Edwin SAULLAnnette Miller2001-Apr
SOLLY – Carved Oak PanelGeorge Solly2001-Apr
Descendants of Thomas SEWELL of Cumrew Eric Sewell2001-Apr
The National Burial Index by FFHSTim Soles2001-Apr
SAULs in Bury, LancashirePeter H Saul2001-Apr
SOLLEY in Pennsylvania Lois Rekowski2001-Apr
The SEWELL Family from NewcastleDonna Clark2001-Apr
Gloucestershire SEWELLs Eric Sewell2001-Apr
Lad Drowned while Bathing (SEWELL)Diana Kennedy2001-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2000-Dec
Research Co-ordinator’s Report – GRO recordsTony Storey 2000-Dec
Kelly’s DirectoriesTim Soles2000-Dec
The 2000 Annual ConferenceTim Soles2000-Dec
The Family Historian’s Bookshelf, The Gibson Guides Don Steel2000-Dec
The Curious Case of Santa’s Boots (SOAL)Lizzie Love2000-Dec
My Mother’s Cousin became my Mother-In-Law (SAULL)Anne Miller 2000-Dec
What Happened to Uncle Norman? (SOLES) – continuedBill Soles2000-Dec
SOLL(E)Y SnippetsLynne Burlingham2000-Dec
Pretty Wedding – Gertrude Annie SAULLPam Garner2000-Dec
Sollya Heterophylla – SOLLYGeorge Solly 2000-Dec
The Green diary of Abraham Cole 1811-1885 (SEWELL)Brian Sewell2000-Dec
Famous Living SEWELLs – Rufus SewellTim Soles2000-Dec
A Visit to Plymouth, New EnglandBrian Sewell2000-Dec
The Ben Voirlich, (SOUL)John Amos2000-Dec
SAULs in GermanyDon Steel2000-Dec
The Pilgrim Fathers (SOULE)Maureen Storey2000-Dec
Famous Living SOLLEYs – Peter SolleyTim Soles2000-Dec
The King’s Beefsteak & Onions at Holdenby (SAULL)Pam Garner2000-Dec
Sergeant Donald Enright SOLESBill Soles2000-Dec
The SAULs of Stubbs WaldenJohn Amos2000-Dec
Success through the Web Site (SOLES/SOULES) Elizabeth Gay2000-Dec
Who Said: “Go West Young Man”? (SOULE)Tim Soles2000-Dec
Surprise! Surprise! Or: First Steps in Family History (SAULL)Jenny Daniels2000-Dec
The Oxfordshire Protestation Returns 1641-2 (SAUL & SEWELL)Don Steel2000-Dec
Annie SOLE, My Lost GrandmotherFrances Davies2000-Dec
Enforced Emigration RecordsKen Griffen2000-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey2000-Jul
Samuel SOLLY an Eminent SurgeonBob Solly2000-Jul
SEWELL Heraldry Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
SEWELL Indictment dated 25 September 1658 Richard Smith2000-Jul
From Kelshall to The SOLE Bros CircusLinda Butler & Margery Smith2000-Jul
Putting Flesh on the Bones – SEWELL researchBrian Sewell2000-Jul
Europe’s Seven Female Founders – BBC NewsTim Soles2000-Jul
SEWELL, A Bedfordshire HamletEric L Sewell2000-Jul
A SOAL in One – Playing a round with ArthurLizzie Love2000-Jul
Are there Sewells amongst the SHEWELLs? Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
The Time Machine (All names)Tony Storey2000-Jul
The SEWELLs of the Isle of Wight Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich (SEWELL)Diana Kennedy2000-Jul
The 1828 Census for New South Wales (all names)Don Steel2000-Jul
How Certain do we Have to Be? (SAUL)Rosemary Bailey2000-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey 2000-Mar
Messages and Letters Received March 20002000-Mar
Looking for Mary Polly SOLE Mike Reeve  2000-Mar
The George Washington Solley Family Lois Rekowski  2000-Mar
SAUL Searching in Lancashire Norman Saul  2000-Mar
Researching SOLLY in New Zealand   Mike Hobbs2000-Mar
Looking for Thomas Solley, a Waggoner Mike Palmer  2000-Mar
SOUL – A Stitch in TimeMaureen Storey  2000-Mar
SOLLEY – Mistaken Identity? Lynne Burlingham  2000-Mar
The ‘Stonehouse’ SOULS Family at War Ronald A Souls  2000-Mar
The Obituary of JW SOLLEY Edward Solley  2000-Mar
SAULs in Germany Dorothy Hughes  2000-Mar
SOLES – What Happened to Uncle Norman? Bill Soles  2000-Mar
SOLLEY – Spanning the Generations Lynne Burlingham  2000-Mar
SOLE – Posthumous MBE for ‘Mr Snow’ Tim Soles  2000-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey 1999-Nov
Obituary: Geraldine A SOLES (1911-1998) Bill Soles1999-Nov
The Reverend Henry SOLLY & Working Men’s clubsBob Solly1999-Nov
A Woman of Her Time, SOLE of East End LondonJennifer Ball1999-Nov
SOLLY-FLOOD family notesBob Solly1999-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Jul
The Lincolnshire Gigantic SEWELL YouthMike Sewell1999-Jul
SOAL of Sussex – “Nursing Queen Victoria”Lizzie Love1999-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell1999-Mar
Sewell Co-Ordinator’s ReportTony Storey1999-Mar
A SEWELL “Who Was Who”Eric Sewell 1999-Mar
SOLE of Cambridgeshire – “Bill Sole the Baker” Fred Sole1999-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1998-Nov
The Domesday Book and the Early SEWELLs
Updated in January 2002
Eric Sewell1998-Nov
A SEWELL Topography 
Updated in January 2002
Eric Sewell1998-Nov
A SOLE Pot Pourri Lizzie Love1998-Nov
The SAULs of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Dorset Maureen Storey 1998-Nov
SOALs of Sussex and Hampshire – “Will Power” Lizzie Love1998-Nov
Origins of the SAUL surname – The Road Back Les Saul1998-Nov
Flood Biography – Some SOLLYs are just unluckyBob Solly1998-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1998-Jul
The Development of Farming by SAULs in Victoria, Australia Dorothy Hughes1998-Jul
William SOLLEY (or Files) Keith Parry1998-Jul
The Kelshall SOLE LineLinda Butler1998-Jul
The Life of Arthur Baron SOLE in Winchester Tony Storey1998-Jul
The Establishment of the SOULs in Canada Helene Weaver1998-Apr
SEWELL Origins: Northumberland and Durham Eric Sewell 1998-Apr
SEWELL Origins: Cumbria Eric Sewell 1998-Apr
Distressing SEWELL suicide at Blyth Mary Doubell1998-Apr
SOLE Reunion in New Zealand 1997 Bob Sheldon1998-Apr
SOLLEY near Baltimore USA Bob Solly1998-Apr
My Favourite SAUL Ancestor Rosemary Bailey1998-Apr
The Sinking of Princes Alice & the Death of Elizabeth SEWELL J.A. Hilton1998-Apr
Looking for SOALL from London Carol Campbell1998-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1997-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1997-Nov
The All Souls Collage Part 3: SOLLEY-SAWLEY Don Steel1997-Nov
Medieval Sources of Names Eric Sewell1997-Nov
How SOALs came to Lewisham Lizzie Love1997-Nov
SEWELL of Dumfries Pauline Kennelly1997-Nov
SEWELL of Lancashire – The Shooting of Sergeant Sewell June Thompson1997-Nov
SOLE of Sheerness, A Thames Estuary Boating Accident .1997-Nov
Andrew SOLE, Middlesex Session RecordsTony Storey1997-Nov
I’m Searching for SEWELLs in WorksopMargaret Doubell1997-Nov
Epitaph of Richard SEWELL Pat & Mike Sewell1997-Nov
The Death of Mr William SOLE of Ascot, age 93 John Sole1997-Jul
Messages Received July 1997.1997-Jul
SOLE Australia – “Hertfordshire Emmigrants” Linda Butler1997-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1997-Mar
SAUL of Canada – My Ancestors were in the Timber Business Leslie D. Saul1997-Mar
A visit to Byfield in Northamptonshire (SAUL) Tony Storey1997-Mar
The SOUL Family of Olney in BuckinghamshireBob Solly1997-Mar
The Village of Saul in GloucestershireRosemary Bailey1997-Mar
Some Pitfalls of the IGI and other Sources Michael Sewell1997-Mar
Letters to the Editor, March 19971997-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1996-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportGeoff Sewell1996-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1996-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1996-Jul
“The Extraordinary Life of Captain William SOULE” Bill Soles1996-Nov
Sussex SOLEs – “The Origins of the Sussex Soles” Don Steel1996-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1996-Mar
The Origins of the SEWELL surname Michael Sewell1996-Mar
SOLE Pedigree – “A Norman Lineage” Susan M. Sole1996-Mar
Robert SOULE – A Veteran of the Peninsular War Maureen Storey1996-Mar
SOLE in ThanetBob Sheldon1996-Mar
SOLE – Fact and Fiction in Family HistoryDon Steel1996-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1995-Nov
The SAUL Reunion at LismoreGlenda Manwaring1995-Nov
Richard Heaton Solly of St Margarets-at-CliffeHamish Robertson1995-Nov
SOLE of Hackney – Maybe it’s Because I am a LondonerTony Storey1995-Nov
Obituary – “Gerard SOULES murdered at Las Vegas” Helene Weaver1995-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1995-Apr
“The SOLE Family of New Plymouth, New Zealand” Don Steel1995-Apr
The All Souls Collage: SEWELL-SOWELL Don Steel1995-Apr
George SOLE, Convict Don Steel1995-Apr
SULLY Review Don Steel1995-Apr
SELL ReportDon Steel & Daphne Wright1995-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1993-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Nov
Richard Heaton SOLLYHamish Robertson1993-Nov
The All SOULs Collage – SOLE-SAUL-SALE-SELLDon Steel1993-Nov
SAWLEs in CornwallHelen Allen1993-Nov
Found – A Lost SOLE (Part 2) Sid Robinson1993-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1993-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Jul
SOLE Coal Merchants of Ascot John Sole1993-Jul
My Search for the Roots of my SOLE Family Bill Soles 1993-Jul
A Question of Identity (SAUL) John Slaughter1993-Jul
In Search of the Innes Collection Don Steel1993-Jul
Found – A Lost SOLE (Part 1) Sid Robinson1993-Jul
The SHOLL VariantPhilip Lloyd1993-Jul
An Apple for Lizzie (SOLE) Derrick Dean1993-Jul
SOLE Survivors Fred Sole1993-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1993-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Mar
Rivers and Family History Don Steel1993-Mar
SAUL Reunion in Brisbane, Australia Glenda Manwaring1993-Mar
Investigating the SOOLEs of Ickleton Janet Hurst1993-Mar
SALE Report Don Steel1993-Mar
More News of Holywell Fred Sole1993-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1992-Dec
Language and Family History Don Steel1992-Dec
From Kelshall to the SOLE Brothers Circus Linda Butler 1992-Dec
Midnight Trysts with Juliet- (Thomas Zoul) Fred Sole1992-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1992-Jun
Kindred SOULS?Don Steel1992-Jun
SOLE Family Reunion in New Zealand Dianne Thorstensen1992-Jun
How It All BeganFred Sole1992-Jun
From The PresidentPauline Saul1992-Jun