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A vast and valuable resource. Well over 1,000 reports and articles have been written since the Society was formed in 1991, and nearly all of these can now be read online. The best way to find articles is to use the Search facility:

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The very latest articles will be found in the paper version of Soul Search which is published three times a year to members. Articles may not be reproduced without the permission of the Society. A list of articles follows but it is quicker to use the Search facility above.

For further information about articles, please Contact us indicating the articles that you are interested in, and providing brief details of your own research.

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SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2022-Apr
SOLE Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2022-Apr
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2022-Apr
What’s All The Fuss About The 1921 CensusCarol Saul2022-Apr
Researching Seamen of the UK’s Merchant NavyMaureen Storey2022-Apr
Mayflower RelativesGeorge Solly2022-Apr
Finding a New CousinElizabeth Mills2022-Apr
SOLE DNA ProjectLinda Butler2022-Apr
SAUL Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2021-Dec
SOLE Co-ordinator’s Report Maureen Storey2021-Dec
SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s Report George Solly2021-Dec
From the EditorRosemary Bailey2021-Dec
Have you had your DNA tested?Rosemary Bailey2021-Dec
Cottage Homes, Barton LatimerRosemary Bailey2021-Dec
Terence Soall, A Man of PartsMaureen Storey2021-Dec
A DNA Success Story!Linda Butler2021-Dec
Another Use for our DNA?Rosemary Bailey2021-Dec
Deserted and Re-enlisted TwiceRosemary Bailey2021-Dec
An Explorer, Mounted Policeman and PublicanNeville Jones2021-Dec
Sollys and the Coronation of George I, II and IIIPeregrine Solly2021-Dec
Lurgashall MillRosemary Bailey2021-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter2021-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Ian Sewell 2021-Aug
Sole Co-ordinator’s Report Maureen Storey 2021-Aug
Sole Society Virtual Meeting 17th October 2021Rosemary Bailey2021-Aug
DNA UpdateLinda Butler2021-Aug
Bigamy in PetworthTim Mander2021-Aug
Shipwrights and SawbonesTony Storey2021-Aug
Quaker Sauls and EducationRichard Saul2021-Aug
Ghastly DeathsRosemary Bailey2021-Aug
Edward Solly and the Battle of LeipzigPeregrine Solly2021-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportIan Sewell2021-Apr
Solley Co-ordinator’s ReportGeorge Solly2021-Apr
Sole Co-ordinator’s ReportMaureen Storey2021-Apr
Montreal Emergency Typhoid Hospital, SoleTerry Sole2021-Apr
Utilising DNA InformationLinda Butler2021-Apr
A Year in the Life of the Sauls -1881John Slaughter2021-Apr
Pulling Together the ThreadsRosemary Bailey2021-Apr
Joseph Saul, Clerk of Greenrow, Part 2Richard Saul2021-Apr
Wild West Heroes?Tony Storey2021-Apr