SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s Report December 2021

George Solly By George Solly

We had this enquiry from Ray Jarvis:
My great grandfather x10 was JOHN SOLLY [-1584]. His daughter ISABELL married JOHN RIGDEN in 1591 at St. Nicholas Ash, Kent. Their son HENRY RIGDEN married… ultimately leading to the JARVIS family in Sandwich [John – Mayor in 1676- & his son John – Mayor in 1702-04.] This second John Married MARY SHELVY and her Great grandmother x1 was ELIZABETH SOLLIE who married JOHN BAKER in 1576 at St. James, Staple.
To sum up I have 3 SOLLY people in my tree-JOHN & ISABELL and then ELIZABETH. There is no reason to think they were related although it remains a possibility. The family seems well established in Ash, Staple & Wingham. There is plenty of information on Stephen Solly [-1558] & his son Stephen [-1590]. I would like to forge a link with the other families in the area and in particular discover John’s father & Elizabeth’s father.
Do you have any information on these 2 Solly Lines please?

I responded:
Hi Ray
I have spent some time trying to obtain some useful information for you from both virtually and the physical records we hold.  However, I have found nothing to answer your query directly, There are some fragments of information I share with you (below) which you may already know or are red herrings.
Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help.
George Solly, 3/11/21

St Nicholas Ash, where Isabel(le) married John Rigden. Image with permission of church
St Nicholas Ash, where Isabel(le) married John Rigden. Image with permission of church

Solly / Rigden

John Solly bur. 05.02.1584, m. Margery Stocke 16.05.1566; children: Valentine, James, Sarah, John and:
Isabelle (1570-1651) married:
1. John Rigden (1565-70 ) in Ash, 1.11.1591 (he the son of Willian Rigden and Mary Lincoln?)
(Isabelle married 2. John Paramore 1575-1659).  
1. Henry Rigden 1598-1675 m. Mary Joy 1600-1637. Their children:
1. Jane 1623-17xx
2. James 1623-1683, m. Marjorie Sprackeling 1615-1673, their child:
1. James  1657-1730 m. Mary Read 1655 – 1735, their child:
1. Thomas Rigden 1686-1756, m. Martha Moverley 1684-1717
3. Anne Rigden 1631-1691
4. Judith 1637-

Solly / Jarvis

Stephen Sollye 1550- , m. Mildred Cocke 19.06.1578; their son
1. Stephen Solly 1580-1612 m. Sarah Snode, their son
1. John Solly 1607-1679 m. Catherine Inkputt, (? – 1681) their son
1. Michael Solly 1654-1699 m. Mary Jarvis (1660-?) 19.10.1682, Elmstone.