Journals 2010-2001

Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Dec
Chairman’s & Annual Gathering ReportIan Sewell2010-Dec
Remember the Alamo!Tony Storey2010-Dec
A Fickle Swain2010-Dec
Royal Academy ExhibitorsMaureen Storey2010-Dec
The Fatal Accident of Mr Daniel SewellAdrian Colder-Birch and Bev Hendy2010-Dec
The American Sole Part 1Linda Brand and Beverley Driver Eddy2010-Dec
Private Robert Sterling SaullGuy Barker2010-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Aug
Air Vice Marshal Richard SaulTony Storey2010-Aug
Sole Heraldic EvidenceAmando Framari2010-Aug
The Hindmarsh FatalityNeville Solly2010-Aug
Air Raid on Lydia StreetTony Storey2010-Aug
Mr Daniel Sewell Fatal AccidentDenise Howes2010-Aug
Dr Lucy Ellen SewallDiana Kennedy2010-Aug
We Happy Few, We Band of BrothersMaureen Storey2010-Aug
My Adventures in Family History Pt1Rob Hina2010-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2010-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2010-Apr
Letters and MessagesMembers2010-Apr
Sawle Reunion ReportJay Venables2010-Apr
Sir John Major – Sewell AncestorsDiana Kennedy2010-Apr
Solly – A Dovorian Family’s War RecordLynne Burlingham2010-Apr
Sewell in AustraliaPeter & Ingrid Sewell2010-Apr
Over & Under Maidenstone HillDiana Kennedy2010-Apr
Keeping it in The FamilyDavid Green2010-Apr
The Birthday PresentJennifer Ball2010-Apr
Barnabus SaulJohn Souttar2010-Apr
Sewell FootballersSarah Hay2010-Apr
Sewell v. StrangeDenise Howes2010-Apr
Octogenarian Angler – SewellPru Webster2010-Apr
John Sawle born abt 1790Ian Desoer2010-Apr
William Tompkins SawleGuy Barker2010-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Dec
Letters and MessagesMembers2009-Dec
Chairman’s Report – Annual GatheringIan Sewell2009-Dec
Announcements December 20092009-Dec
A Norfolk QuestJennie Saul2009-Dec
Daniel Sewell and Rubblestone FarmDiana Kennedy2009-Dec
Solly – A Dovorian Family’s War RecordColin Charles Solly2009-Dec
Silas Soule – Massacre at Sand CreekTony Storey2009-Dec
James Sewell of EssexSarah Hay2009-Dec
Leamington to Bebington Link ProvenMartin Saul2009-Dec
Thomas George SaulMartin Saul2009-Dec
Australian Newspaper ReportNeville Solly2009-Dec
Sixpence a DayPeter Saul2009-Dec
Solomon Saul – More InformationJohn Slaughter2009-Dec
“Old Bill” – A Saul Family Connection?Peter Saul2009-Dec
Solly ResearchGeorge Solly2009-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Aug
Letters and MessagesMembers2009-Aug
My SAUL Ancestors in New ZealandJackie Marsh2009-Aug
The Search for Albert and ErnestMartin Saul2009-Aug
Selina Spooner 1837 – 1918Lynne Burlingham2009-Aug
George Sole of Westwell & WoodchurchCaleb H Johnson2009-Aug
Henry SAUL – UpdatePeter Saul2009-Aug
3rd Cousin Canadian StyleBrenda Ord2009-Aug
Check the Witness!Roger Chalk2009-Aug
A Warm Welcome AwaitsMartin Saul2009-Aug
A Policeman’s LotMaureen Storey.2009-Aug
Solomon SewellDiana Kennedy2009-Aug
Quaker Meeting HouseTrevor Wright2009-Aug
Hardwick SewellGlennis Sewell2009-Aug
Joseph Sewell.Brian Sewell2009-Aug
Australian Solly Newspapers ReportsNeville Solly2009-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2009-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2009-Apr
Notice Board – April 2009Members2009-Apr
Finding Frank Solley – Not Plain Sailing!Ian Robinson2009-Apr
Thomas & Lucy Soal in New Zealand Part 2Bev Trotter2009-Apr
George Saul – Found on eBay!Martin Saul2009-Apr
F B SolesMaureen Storey2009-Apr
The Haddenham MurderDenise Howes2009-Apr
The Sauls Settle in the USAJohn Westerdale2009-Apr
Archibald Sewell – Durham Light InfantryStephen Sewell2009-Apr
Sewell Family PhotosJonathan Sewell2009-Apr
Sewell in IndiaJudy Wright2009-Apr
Memories of a Moonlit NightJennifer Ball2009-Apr
SnippetsGuy Barker2009-Apr
Eureka!Martin Saul2009-Apr
Travelling GenealogistIan Sewell2009-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2008-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Dec
Annual Gathering 2008Tony Storey2008-Dec
Letters & MessagesMembers2008-Dec
The Power of LondonTony Storey2008-Dec
The Ordinary of NewgateAngela Moorefield.2008-Dec
Private W.A. SaulMartin Saul2008-Dec
Charles Edward SewellJonathan Sewell2008-Dec
Thomas and Lucy Soal in New ZealandBev Trotter2008-Dec
How Mrs Solly Returned to ParadiseNorman Smith2008-Dec
Saul Research Part 3, MidlandsJohn Slaughter2008-Dec
Annie Eliza Soal & A.D.H. FosseyBeverly Carr2008-Dec
Sole ButchersJennifer Ball2008-Dec
More Snippets from the Ipswich JournalDiana Kennedy2008-Dec
Saul PhotosLeslie Saul2008-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter2008-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Aug
Letters & MessagesMembers2008-Aug
Saul Research Pt 2 – Suffolk/Camb/LincsJohn Slaughter2008-Aug
The Power of London, Guilds & Misteries Tony Storey2008-Aug
Soly of Ash – WillsRoger Sutton2008-Aug
Above All a CornishmanMaureen Storey2008-Aug
Anna Sewell’s HouseBrian Sewell2008-Aug
Saul from Ireland to USAWilliam E Saul2008-Aug
WWI Officer Records – SewellIan Sewell2008-Aug
The Ipswich  JournalDiana Kennedy2008-Aug
Richard SollyRay Harlow2008-Aug
Saul PhotosLes Saul2008-Aug
The Sauls of AshleworthAngela Moorefield2008-Aug
William Soal, MarinerBob Sheldon2008-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2008-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2008-Apr
John E.W. (Bill) Soles 1914 – 2007Fred Sole2008-Apr
Don Steel2008-Apr
Trick or TreatTony Storey2008-Apr
The Mystery Lapel BadgePeter H Saul2008-Apr
Meeting the Family in New ZealandGeoff Sole2008-Apr
Max SollyNeville Solly2008-Apr
Father Brocard Sewell (1912 – 2000)Diana Kennedy2008-Apr
Building BlocksJennifer Ball2008-Apr
The Search for Albert & Ernest SaulMartin Saul2008-Apr
Once You Were my Comfort – Ann’s StoryMaureen Storey2008-Apr
Saul Research – Part 1 NorfolkJohn Slaughter2008-Apr
Roger Sutton’s SOLLY Family TreeRoger Sutton2008-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Dec
CHAIRMAN’S Report – Annual GatheringIan Sewell2007-Dec
Letters & MessagesMembers2007-Dec
Still More Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Dec
Martin Saul from Leamington SpaMartin Saul2007-Dec
Can You Identify This PostcardAnne Gould2007-Dec
Eclipsing the EclipseSheila MacInnes2007-Dec
Over My Dead Body ?Lynne Burlingham2007-Dec
Edwardian Days & The Kaiser’s WarMartin Saul2007-Dec
Starting a New Life & A Sad EndingBetty Siede2007-Dec
Vincent Sewell & Jack Valentine SewellMike Sewell2007-Dec
From the Wandle to the WicketEdna Pritchard2007-Dec
Sewell SnippetsDiana Kennedy2007-Dec
My Solly AncestorsLaurie Bridger2007-Dec
Maritime ResearchLen Barnett2007-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Aug
Chairman’s Report – Meeting April 2007Ian Sewell2007-Aug
Soul Search AwardTim Soles2007-Aug
Snippets from Vashti WaterhouseMembers2007-Aug
Can You Identify this Postcard?Anne Gould2007-Aug
More Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Aug
FFHS EzineFFHS2007-Aug
SAUL in Leamington & AustraliaMartin Saul2007-Aug
Charge of the Light BrigadeEdward Sewell2007-Aug
Ada Ellen SOLE – A Captain’s LadyColin Aris2007-Aug
‘Broadmoor’ Abraham, Durham SEWELLSJean Cooper2007-Aug
Once Upon a Time in AmericaTony Storey2007-Aug
Mrs SOLLY’s Large FamilySue Solly2007-Aug
Picnic at Brookwood for the ColonelDiana Kennedy2007-Aug
Arthur SOLE of Stodmarsh, KentBob Sheldon2007-Aug
Isaac Edward SEWELL, MurderEdward Sewell.2007-Aug
Visitors to Richborough CastleLynne Burlingham2007-Aug
Book Review, Tom SEWELLDiana Kennedy2007-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2007-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2007-Apr
Letters & MessagesMembers2007-Apr
Bits and PiecesTony Storey2007-Apr
Hard Working LucyBrenda Ord.2007-Apr
My Maternal GrandparentsJennifer Ball2007-Apr
My Solly FamilyRoger Sutton2007-Apr
Patience Reunites the Sewell FamilyDonna Clark2007-Apr
A Printing DynastyMaureen Storey2007-Apr
Sir Sidney Valentine SewellDiana Kennedy2007-Apr
Hearing VoicesTony Storey2007-Apr
Names in South Africa.Guy Barker2007-Apr
The South African War Casualty RollGuy Barker2007-Apr
Medal Rolls – Anglo-Boer War ReferencesGuy Barker2007-Apr
Charles Giles SolleyRobert Solly2007-Apr
The Killer Cloud of 1783Ruth Pringle2007-Apr
William Sewell of WoolwichDiana Kennedy2007-Apr
The Computer Swallowed GrandmaFred Sole2007-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-Dec
Annual Gathering 2006Jennifer Ball2006-Dec
A Spring Day in London TownJennifer Ball2006-Dec
Joan Sole—Kentish MartyrBob Sheldon2006-Dec
The PhotographJean Cooper2006-Dec
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?Lynne Burlingham2006-Dec
The Sauls of Foxholes, Loversall, NortonPeter Charles Saul2006-Dec
Where’s George?Louise Throop2006-Dec
Harriet Sharp nee SewellRay Sewell2006-Dec
Saul from MiddlesbroughKeith Rayner2006-Dec
George Sole & RachelLinda Brand2006-Dec
Charlotte SoleLinda Brand2006-Dec
Henry Sole (1848 –1901)2006-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-Aug
The Mysterious Lives of Arthur SaulTony Storey2006-Aug
Well Hit Sir!  –  Part 2John Saul2006-Aug
The Search for George Soule, Part 3Caleb Johnson2006-Aug
Nelson’s Third-Rate Ships of the LineTony Storey2006-Aug
So Where did it all Start? And Why?Di Sewell2006-Aug
Is This Mary Ann Sole?Maureen Storey2006-Aug
Distribution of the Saul SurnamePeter H. Saul2006-Aug
Guleilmus SeveliusDiana Kennedy2006-Aug
A Cautionary TaleIan Sewell2006-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2006-May
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2006-May
WWI Army and RFC Campaign Medals Ian Sewell2006-May
Cumberland Saul’s 1820 Lily Wood MBE2006-May
George F Sewell, School in the 1840’sJoan Gaskin2006-May
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 4)Lionel Sole2006-May
Sauls of the Solway PlainJohn Slaughter2006-May
Rt Hon Sir Thomas SewellDiana Kennedy2006-May
Charles Edward Solly 1864 – 1898Lynne Burlingham2006-May
The Search for George Soule, Part 2Caleb Johnson2006-May
Great Dunmow Feet of FinesIan Sewell2006-May
Solly Memorial, Worcester CathedralLynne Burlingham2006-May
John Solly – Sudden DeathSue Solley.2006-May
Keeping it in the Family?Lynne Burlingham2006-May
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Dec
Chairman’s Report – Annual GatheringBob Solly2005-Dec
Letters & Messages December 2005Members2005-Dec
The Sole Society Discussion ForumTim Soles2005-Dec
Well Hit! SirJohn Saul2005-Dec
A Life ApartTony Storey2005-Dec
Another Canterbury TaleBrenda & Dennis Ord2005-Dec
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 3)Lionel Sole2005-Dec
Bigamy Follow-UpRuth Pringle2005-Dec
Victory  – But not TrafalgarLynne Burlingham2005-Dec
Where’s George?Louise W Throop2005-Dec
The Short Army Career of John SewellDiana Kennedy2005-Dec
Sewell SnippetPhilip Lloyd2005-Dec
A Trip to KelshallArthur Halls2005-Dec
Changing NamesAmy Arbuckle2005-Dec
The Search for George Soule Part 1Caleb Johnson2005-Dec
Solley WW1 RecordsIan Sewell2005-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Aug
Letters & Messages August 2005Members2005-Aug
Shooting StarsTony Storey2005-Aug
George Solley Probate Related PapersLynne Burlingham2005-Aug
Memories of an Octogenarian (Part 2)Lionel Sole2005-Aug
Looking for Lost SaulsNorman Saul2005-Aug
A Bigamist in the FamilyRuth Pringle2005-Aug
Do You Know Mary Ann Sewell?Diana Kennedy2005-Aug
A Misunderstood Women (Sole)Bob Sheldon2005-Aug
Saul World War 1 RecordsIan Sewell2005-Aug
The Sewells of AshwellthorpeBrenda Ord2005-Aug
How Many William Devonshire Sauls?John Slaughter2005-Aug
Solley Family of Deal, KentSue Solley2005-Aug
Soles from Kent to IrelandPhil Lynch2005-Aug
By the Back Door (Sewell)Brian Sewell2005-Aug
Who Were Betsy and Emmer? (Sewell)Diana Kennedy2005-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2005-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2005-Apr
Letters & Messages April 2005Members2005-Apr
A Pioneer Ancestor (Saul)Christine Muschamp2005-Apr
Solly’s GherkinTony Storey2005-Apr
Memories of an Octogenarian (Sole) – Part 1Lionel Sole2005-Apr
Runaway Horse in Rye Lane (Sewell)Sam Allen2005-Apr
Saul Family from Hockley, BirminghamSteven Edwards2005-Apr
I Name This Child…Maureen Storey2005-Apr
Ickleton as our Ancestors Knew It (Soole)Janet Hurst2005-Apr
My Saul Family from CawstonLorraine Stacker2005-Apr
Richard Solly the Elder 1673-1731Keith M Parry2005-Apr
John Harold Saul 1899-1954Peter Saul2005-Apr
The Solley Farm PapersTony Storey2005-Apr
Ronald H SaullJenny Daniell2005-Apr
My Sewell NeighboursAlan Tuttlebury2005-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Dec
Letters & Messages December 2004Members2004-Dec
My Saul AncestorsJack Earl2004-Dec
F. Sewell Victim of a Railway TragedyDiana Kennedy2004-Dec
Christopher Soale of WarminghurstBob Sheldon2004-Dec
A Walk in the CityTony Storey2004-Dec
Sewell Plays Cricket on a HandkerchiefBev Hendy2004-Dec
My Beautiful Bookcase (Sole)Iris Lloyd2004-Dec
Emigrants! Take care of your PocketsJames Sawle2004-Dec
Emma Soole’s TableclothMaureen Wiesner2004-Dec
Who was Thomas Saul?John Amos2004-Dec
Names in NorthamptonRuth Pringle2004-Dec
Mrs Charlene Lehman, nee SoleFred Sole2004-Dec
David Sole 1834 – 1911Audrey W Goodier2004-Dec
Saul Vagrant Sentenced to be WhippedNorman Saul2004-Dec
A Glimpse of Christmas Past (Solly)Lynne Burlingham2004-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Aug
Letters and Messages August 2004Members2004-Aug
Harry C Sauls Barrage KiteTrevor Saul2004-Aug
Book Review – A Dark Horse, A Life of Anna SewellDiana Kennedy2004-Aug
James Lester Sole – ObituaryBob Sheldon2004-Aug
Much Ado About Nothing (Part 4)  (Sole)James L Sole2004-Aug
Family Photos (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2004-Aug
Anna Sewell MemorialJoan Rowboltam2004-Aug
Matrimonial CapersAlma Merritt2004-Aug
Census Errors (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2004-Aug
Little Dunmow War MemorialsIan Sewell2004-Aug
What’s in a Name? (Soule)Tony Storey2004-Aug
Four Generations of Ipswich SaulsJohn Saul2004-Aug
Soldiers of the Raj (Sewell)Judy Wright2004-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2004-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2004-Apr
Research Co-Coordinator’s ReportTony Storey2004-Apr
Letters and MessagesMembers2004-Apr
Brought together by The Sole Society (Sole)2004-Apr
Emma SooleMaureen Wiesner 2004-Apr
Early Records – KentEric L Sewell2004-Apr
Famous Sewells – Henry Sewell2004-Apr
The Call to Arms (Sewell)Judy Wright2004-Apr
James William SoleJames L Sole2004-Apr
The Hanging of Richard SollyLynne Burlingham2004-Apr
The Sewell Cushion Wheel CompanyDiana Kennedy2004-Apr
Much Ado about Nothing – Part 3 (Sole)James Sole MBE2004-Apr
Charles Saul – HMS HoodNorman Saul2004-Apr
What a Coincidence (Sole)Bob Sheldon2004-Apr
The Arnside Tree and Bobs the Builders (Saul)Trevor Saul2004-Apr
Tales from the Old Bailey (Sole)Maureen Storey2004-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Dec
Letters and MessagesMembers2003-Dec
Much Ado about Nothing – Part 2 (Sole)James Sole MBE2003-Dec
Richard Solly RevisitedLynne Burlingham2003-Dec
Saul Research – Visiting my RootsPeter Saul2003-Dec
The Diamond Wedding of Jesse & Sarah SewellDiana Kennedy2003-Dec
Indictment of Elizabeth Seawell & Mary Seawell2003-Dec
Appledore’s Oldest Inhabitant (Sole)Diana Jones2003-Dec
The People of Wheelbarrow LaneWilliam Sewell2003-Dec
Concorde Farewell (Solley)Lynne Burlingham2003-Dec
Early Records – BerkshireEric L Sewell2003-Dec
The Northampton Mercury Index 1838-1846 (Sewell)Sarah Spink2003-Dec
World War One Sewell RecordsIan Sewell2003-Dec
Waterloo Cottages (Sewell)Sarah Hay2003-Dec
Christmas PastJennifer Ball2003-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Aug
Guild of One-Name Studies Web AwardsTim Soles2003-Aug
County RecordsTony Storey2003-Aug
Computer BitsTim Soles2003-Aug
Letters & MessagesMembers2003-Aug
Deaths at Mining CollieriesDiana Kennedy2003-Aug
How Do I Find Great Grandfather Sewell?Ruth Pringle2003-Aug
Tracing my Family through the CD-Rom (SAUL)Peter Saul2003-Aug
POW’s in the American War of IndependenceLois Rekowski2003-Aug
The Sewells of Swindale, WestmorlandEric L Sewell2003-Aug
Much Ado About Nothing (SOLE)James L Sole2003-Aug
Is this your Emily? (SOLE)Linda Butler2003-Aug
No Room in the ChurchyardTony Storey2003-Aug
A Cornish Seaman (SAWLE)Maureen Storey2003-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2003-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2003-Apr
Research Co-ordinator’s ReportTony Storey2003-Apr
Letters & Messages Members2003-Apr
A Letter to Anna SEWELLTony Storey2003-Apr
The SAUL Family on the Macleay—Part IIJohn Slaughter2003-Apr
SOAL (Re)SearchGeoffrey Knot2003-Apr
More on Neame (SOLLY)Lynne Burlingham2003-Apr
SOLE PhotosJennifer Ball2003-Apr
Military Records – WO97, Attestation Documents Ian Sewell2003-Apr
The Society’s Records – WILLSTony Storey2003-Apr
SEWELL’s FarmEric L Sewell2003-Apr
The Westmorland Census of 1787 (SEWELL)Joan Ledger2003-Apr
Access to Archives (A2A)Lynne Burlingham2003-Apr
Preserving MemoriesTim Soles2003-Apr
Edward SOLEMargery Smith2003-Apr
The Differing Fortunes of two Old EtoniansDiana Kennedy2003-Apr
A Letter to Mr H SEWELLRay Sewell2003-Apr
Richard Horsman SOLLYGeorge Solly2003-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Dec
Research Co-ordinator’s ReportTony Storey2002-Dec
A Letter from Home – David T SOLLEYLois Rekowski2002-Dec
Lieutenant Cecil Harold SEWELL VCDiana Kennedy2002-Dec
Surely That’s Worth a Pint!  (SOLE)Bob Sheldon2002-Dec
A Couple of SEWELL ConvictsIan Sewell2002-Dec
Thomas SEWELL 1893 – 1953Sarah L Hay2002-Dec
The SAUL Family on the MacleayJohn Slaughter2002-Dec
Picture PostcardsMaureen Storey2002-Dec
The Royal Victoria HospitalTony Storey2002-Dec
The War to End All Wars – SAULs of PrestonTrevor Saul2002-Dec
Sewells in Business Ike SEWELLBrian Sewell2002-Dec
Death of the Blind Giant, Joseph Neal SEWELEdie Robinson2002-Dec
SOULE Cherokee ConnectionMaureen Storey2002-Dec
Thomas Saulsbury WrightDorothy Hughes2002-Dec
The Society’s Records – DirectoriesTony Storey2002-Dec
Even More Flesh on the Bones – A Letter from the FrontBrian Sewell2002-Dec
Bradley SAUL, A Musical Maestro in the Making?Dorothy Hughes2002-Dec
A SOLLY Trading TokenLynne Burlingham2002-Dec
Strangers in a BoxTim Soles2002-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Aug
Annie Eliza SOAL 1873 – 1919   Beverly Carr2002-Aug
A New Life in Australia – SEWELL   Diana Kennedy2002-Aug
More on the Septvans & SOLLEYs   Lynne Burlingham2002-Aug
Famous Living Sauls – John Ralston SAUL  Tim Soles2002-Aug
“At the Going Down of the Sun”  Brian Sewell2002-Aug
Ned Kelly Connection (SOLE)  Linda Butler2002-Aug
A SOLLY Puzzle   John H Solly2002-Aug
A Christmas Project   Jennifer Ball2002-Aug
The Vicar of Yaxley   Diana Kennedy2002-Aug
SOULE Kindred of America   Tim Soles2002-Aug
British Grenadiers   Frank Flint Soule2002-Aug
Last  Tim Soles2002-Aug
Poor Old SOALs   Geoff Knott2002-Aug
SEWELL Snippets  Brian Sewell2002-Aug
Arthur Norbury SOLLY  Bob Solly2002-Aug
Obituary – Edward James SOAL  Geoff Knott2002-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2002-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2002-Apr
Research Co-ordinator’s Report   Tony Storey2002-Apr
An invitation to Buckingham Palace (SEWELL)Eric L Sewell2002-Apr
Lost SOULsMichael Walsh2002-Apr
The Septvans & SOLLEYsBill Solley2002-Apr
The SAWLE Family of Penrice, Cornwall   Tony Storey2002-Apr
SEWELLELEric L Sewell2002-Apr
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (SOLLEY)Lynne Burlingham2002-Apr
SEWELL SnippetsDiana Kennedy2002-Apr
The Marriage of Cecil SOLEBob Sheldon2002-Apr
Henry SEWELL – The SoldierIan Sewell2002-Apr
William Ernest SOLEBob Sheldon2002-Apr
Kenneth George SOLLY – Part 2George Solly2002-Apr
Hugh SEWELL, 16th Century Prebendary of CarlisleEric L Sewell2002-Apr
More ‘Learch with Care’Brian Sewell2002-Apr
Pronunciation and the SEWYsEric L Sewell2002-Apr
John SAULL – Wanted for MurderJohn Slaughter2002-Apr
Attempted Murder by Stabbing (SEAWELL)Diana Kennedy2002-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Dec
Language & Family HistoryDon Steel2001-Dec
Chairman’s Tenth Annual Report – The Last 10 YearsBob Solly2001-Dec
Research Report – Future PlansTony Storey2001-Dec
SOLE Cousins MeetJennifer Ball2001-Dec
Cecil Harold SEWELL VCMike Sewell2001-Dec
The SAULs of FyldeTrevor Saul2001-Dec
Seventy Years of Searching (SOLE)Don F Sole2001-Dec
George Christopher SOLLEYKeith Parry2001-Dec
More Essex SEWELLs AbroadBrian Sewell2001-Dec
German SAULsDorothy Hughes2001-Dec
Phillip SOALEs of Rustington, SussexBob Sheldon2001-Dec
Henry Arthur SEWELLDianna Kennedy2001-Dec
Learch with CarePeter Foreman2001-Dec
SOLLEY Searching in Kent & the USASheila Jackson & Caroline Ghys2001-Dec
SOLLEY SnippetsDenis Taylor2001-Dec
The Oldest Living SOALL?Carol Campbell2001-Dec
A Family TraditionLes Saul2001-Dec
Simon SEWALL MP (and His Cat?)Tony Storey2001-Dec
Kenneth George SOLLYGeorge Solly2001-Dec
Wanted – SOLLEY  Lynne Burlingham2001-Dec
A SOAL perplexedLizzie Love2001-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Aug
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Aug
Research Co-ordinator’s Report – GRO progressTony Storey 2001-Aug
Date Changes through HistoryBob Solly2001-Aug
SAUL Shopkeepers John Slaughter2001-Aug
Missing Connections (SOLE)Linda Butler2001-Aug
George Samuel SEWELL, A Unique HeroMike Sewell2001-Aug
More on Lance Corporal Walter SOLLEY Lynne Burlingham2001-Aug
Wills Pre 1858Sheila Smith2001-Aug
SOLE Brothers CircusTim Soles2001-Aug
By Disobeying an Order he Saved his Tank Crew (SOLE)Bob Allmark2001-Aug
SEWELLS with Royal ConnectionsRobert Sheldon2001-Aug
The Essex SEWELLS, a Post ScriptBrian Sewell2001-Aug
Joseph SEWELL, Ontario CanadaDonnel Lester2001-Aug
The SOLLEY CrestGeorge Solly2001-Aug
Famous Living SOLES, Paul SolesHelene Weaver2001-Aug
SOLLY, Mundon ChurchGeorge Solly2001-Aug
Mary and Anna SEWELLDiana Kennedy2001-Aug
Enforced EmigrationKen Griffen2001-Aug
Famous Living SEWELL, Rufus Sewell an updateTim Soles2001-Aug
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2001-Apr
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2001-Apr
World War 1 Soldiers (SOLE)Bob Sheldon2001-Apr
The Yangtse Incident (SAUL)Roderick Saul2001-Apr
Lance Cpl. W SOLLEY, East Kent Regiment Keith M Parry2001-Apr
Backwoods Back-Story, An Historical Prologue (SOAL)Lizzie Love2001-Apr
We are SurvivorsBill Soles2001-Apr
Name Changes and OverlapsTim Soles2001-Apr
The Essex SEWELLsBrian Sewell2001-Apr
Chairman’s Report – An update on our progressBob Solly  2001-Apr
SEWELL StoryRichard Smith2001-Apr
The SEWELL Family of Halstead Adrian Corder-Birch2001-Apr
John SEWELL, Pioneer of Western AustraliaGlennis Sewell2001-Apr
George Edwin SAULLAnnette Miller2001-Apr
SOLLY – Carved Oak PanelGeorge Solly2001-Apr
Descendants of Thomas SEWELL of Cumrew Eric Sewell2001-Apr
The National Burial Index by FFHSTim Soles2001-Apr
SAULs in Bury, LancashirePeter H Saul2001-Apr
SOLLEY in Pennsylvania Lois Rekowski2001-Apr
The SEWELL Family from NewcastleDonna Clark2001-Apr
Gloucestershire SEWELLs Eric Sewell2001-Apr
Lad Drowned while Bathing (SEWELL)Diana Kennedy2001-Apr