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SAUL Co-ordinator's Report December 2005

by John Slaughter  



In this report we offer a warm welcome to new members, Ed Bassford, Christine James and Guy Barker.


Ed had been aware of the existence of the Society for some time, having found our website whilst researching his partnerís ancestry at Olney. Edís partner is the 3 x great granddaughter of Mary Soul born on 27 September 1804. When he later discovered that he has Sauls on his family tree he felt it only right to join the Society. Edís Saul interest stems from a Susanna Saul (nee Bassford) who married Thomas Saul of Oldbury in 1851. This family links to that of Rosemary Bailey and they have been in correspondence.


Christineís grandmother was Elizabeth Alice Sawle who was born in the East End of London around 1870 to William Bennett Sawle and Ann (nee Howe). Though William Bennett Sawle had himself been born in London his parents, George Sawle and Mary (nee Bennett), hailed from Cornwall. Christine has been in contact with others researching this family and has provided some useful new information.


Guy is the nephew of Michael Barker who was a Society member some years ago. Guyís mother was Alice Maude Saull and who emigrated to South Africa on the S S Castle Line in 1902. She was the daughter of Tom Saull and Mary (nee Gittings) and who appear on one of our large family trees that is linked back to Long Buckby and Byfield, Northants. Guy has been very helpful in passing on information he has collected on his Saull ancestors both from his own research and from contact with others, several of whom are also members of the Society. Guy has a couple of photographs of his Saull ancestors that we will add to the Photo Gallery on our website.


In my report in the December 2004 I mentioned an enquiry I had received from the great granddaughter of Walter James Saull. This was picked up Katherine Wills who is interested in Walter James Saull as part of her research into music and entertainment in WW1. She had discovered his name whilst conducting research at the Royal College of Music and wondered whether this was the same person. Unfortunately my e-mail to the original enquirer has not produced a response.


I have had further correspondence with Pam Thomas who followed up on information we exchanged in December 2001. Pamís grandmother was Lavinia Saul who married John Mooney in 1925 in Liverpool. She had been born on 8 August 1905 and was the daughter of James and Mary Ann Naylor who had married in Liverpool in 1900. James himself was the son of John and Lavinia Saul who were located on the 1881 census as living at 28 Brighton Street, Toxteth Park. John was an engine driver, aged 22 and born Liverpool. James was present, aged 1 year. At that time I was able to give Pam some GRO references to aid her research.


Pam was now able to tell me that her great grandfather James Saul, born in 1880, was the son of John Saul and Lavinia Singleton who had married on 25 December 1878. On the marriage certificate John gave his fatherís name as James Saul, a mariner. This seems to correspond to a family on the 1861 census at 32 Scotland Road East, Liverpool where we find a John Saul, aged 2 years whose father appears to be James Saul a seaman, aged 26 years and born Liverpool. However the relationships of all the occupants of the property appears confusing as no one is described as the head of the household and other Sauls present were John Saul, aged 74 years, a pensioner, described as a brother in law, and Mary Saul, aged 48 years who appears to be Johnís wife. All the Sauls are shown as born in Liverpool.


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