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SAUL Co-ordinator's Report December 2002

by John Slaughter  

In my Co-ordinators report in the August 2002 journal I mentioned that we were in the process of setting up a network of Saul Co-ordinators.

I am pleased to say that this is now up and running. We have identified five geographical areas where the Saul name and its variants predominate with the intention of having a co-ordinator for each area. I mentioned in the August journal that the one area where we were likely to lack a co-ordinator was for Cornwall/Devon. However at our Annual Gathering on 20th October I was pleased to meet Jenny Daniel who has kindly offered to assist.

The areas and co-ordinators are

Cumbria/Lancashire:                Norman Saul

Doncaster area/Yorkshire:       John Amos

Oxon/Northants/Warwks:           Rosemary Bailey

East Anglia:                                John Slaughter

Cornwall/Devon:                         Jenny Daniel

I will remain as overall co-ordinator and deal with all other areas.

Mentioning the Annual Gathering I was also pleased to meet member Pat Saul for the first time. Pat knew that she was descended from the Oldbury Sauls but has only recently been able to firmly establish the actual line of descent. Patís grandfather was a Samuel Saul who married Catherine Pilsbury at Oldbury on 25 December 1911. It has now been established that Samuel was born Samuel James Saul at Oldbury on 17 September 1878 the son of William Saul and Fanny (nee Willetts). This now ties in with the Oldbury chart that goes back to a Peter Saul whose origins were in the Banbury/Horley area.

I have been pleased to welcome two new members. Jim Crowe is looking for information on his grandmother Eliza(beth) Saul who had married Edward Crowe in Dublin in 1883. Edward was at that time a sergeant in the 20th Hussars. Jimís father James was however born in Canning Town, London in 1900. It seemed likely that Eliza(beth) was of Irish descent and had met her husband whilst he was serving in the army and stationed in Dublin. This was confirmed when the couple were found on the 1901 census at Quadrant Street, Canning Town. Edward Crowe was shown as 47 years of age, a clerk in iron works, born Westminster and his wife Elizabeth, aged 40 years, born Ireland. There was a daughter Lilla, aged 17 years, born Ireland in the household but curiously no James.

ďFirst rung on the genealogy ladderĒ was how Neale Saul addressed his initial enquiry to me. Within living memory his Saul ancestors had been Co Durham based, but as mining was the dominant occupation felt that there could be connections with other mining areas such as Cumberland. From the information that Neale was able to provide it seemed likely there would be a link to two Saul families on the 1881 census living in East Denton, Northumberland. Subsequent research has confirmed this and that the heads of the two families were father and son. Both were shown as born in Cumberland with the fatherís birthplace given as Maryport, where we have other Saul families that they may link to.

Several interesting enquiries have been received in recent months. One such was from Glenn Collyer in Australia who was trying to find out more about a William Saull who had emigrated to Australia. He had married Emma Honeychurch in 1873 in Australia and, as far as Glenn was concerned had two boys William A in 1877 and Sydney Herbert Saull (Glennís great grandfather) in 1879.

After some searching I discovered that this was going to link with the family of Ken Morgan, who had briefly been a member in 1992. Ken was a descendant of William Alfred. It is thought William the emigrant was born in England but I have been unable to make any clear identification. However given the double L spelling and his occupation as a cooper suggests a possible link to the Northamptonshire area. Glenn and Ken have now been in touch and exchanged information. Glenn has also supplied a photograph of Sydney Herbert Saull which is shown here and displayed on our website.

Steve Edwards advised that he was descended from William Saul who had been baptised in Horley, Oxon in 1772, the son of Thomas. He had information on his descent from William and enquired if we had any earlier information. We certainly do as William appears on a large family chart that currently contains 268 individuals. Rosemary has replied and we hope to hear more.

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