Journals 2000-1992

Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Dec
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Diana Kennedy 2000-Dec
Research Co-ordinator’s Report – GRO recordsTony Storey 2000-Dec
Kelly’s DirectoriesTim Soles2000-Dec
The 2000 Annual ConferenceTim Soles2000-Dec
The Family Historian’s Bookshelf, The Gibson Guides Don Steel2000-Dec
The Curious Case of Santa’s Boots (SOAL)Lizzie Love2000-Dec
My Mother’s Cousin became my Mother-In-Law (SAULL)Anne Miller 2000-Dec
What Happened to Uncle Norman? (SOLES) – continuedBill Soles2000-Dec
SOLL(E)Y SnippetsLynne Burlingham2000-Dec
Pretty Wedding – Gertrude Annie SAULLPam Garner2000-Dec
Sollya Heterophylla – SOLLYGeorge Solly 2000-Dec
The Green diary of Abraham Cole 1811-1885 (SEWELL)Brian Sewell2000-Dec
Famous Living SEWELLs – Rufus SewellTim Soles2000-Dec
A Visit to Plymouth, New EnglandBrian Sewell2000-Dec
The Ben Voirlich, (SOUL)John Amos2000-Dec
SAULs in GermanyDon Steel2000-Dec
The Pilgrim Fathers (SOULE)Maureen Storey2000-Dec
Famous Living SOLLEYs – Peter SolleyTim Soles2000-Dec
The King’s Beefsteak & Onions at Holdenby (SAULL)Pam Garner2000-Dec
Sergeant Donald Enright SOLESBill Soles2000-Dec
The SAULs of Stubbs WaldenJohn Amos2000-Dec
Success through the Web Site (SOLES/SOULES) Elizabeth Gay2000-Dec
Who Said: “Go West Young Man”? (SOULE)Tim Soles2000-Dec
Surprise! Surprise! Or: First Steps in Family History (SAULL)Jenny Daniels2000-Dec
The Oxfordshire Protestation Returns 1641-2 (SAUL & SEWELL)Don Steel2000-Dec
Annie SOLE, My Lost GrandmotherFrances Davies2000-Dec
Enforced Emigration RecordsKen Griffen2000-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey2000-Jul
Samuel SOLLY an Eminent SurgeonBob Solly2000-Jul
SEWELL Heraldry Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
SEWELL Indictment dated 25 September 1658 Richard Smith2000-Jul
From Kelshall to The SOLE Bros CircusLinda Butler & Margery Smith2000-Jul
Putting Flesh on the Bones – SEWELL researchBrian Sewell2000-Jul
Europe’s Seven Female Founders – BBC NewsTim Soles2000-Jul
SEWELL, A Bedfordshire HamletEric L Sewell2000-Jul
A SOAL in One – Playing a round with ArthurLizzie Love2000-Jul
Are there Sewells amongst the SHEWELLs? Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
The Time Machine (All names)Tony Storey2000-Jul
The SEWELLs of the Isle of Wight Eric L Sewell2000-Jul
The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich (SEWELL)Diana Kennedy2000-Jul
The 1828 Census for New South Wales (all names)Don Steel2000-Jul
How Certain do we Have to Be? (SAUL)Rosemary Bailey2000-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter 2000-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey 2000-Mar
Messages and Letters Received March 20002000-Mar
Looking for Mary Polly SOLE Mike Reeve  2000-Mar
The George Washington Solley Family Lois Rekowski  2000-Mar
SAUL Searching in Lancashire Norman Saul  2000-Mar
Researching SOLLY in New Zealand   Mike Hobbs2000-Mar
Looking for Thomas Solley, a Waggoner Mike Palmer  2000-Mar
SOUL – A Stitch in TimeMaureen Storey  2000-Mar
SOLLEY – Mistaken Identity? Lynne Burlingham  2000-Mar
The ‘Stonehouse’ SOULS Family at War Ronald A Souls  2000-Mar
The Obituary of JW SOLLEY Edward Solley  2000-Mar
SAULs in Germany Dorothy Hughes  2000-Mar
SOLES – What Happened to Uncle Norman? Bill Soles  2000-Mar
SOLLEY – Spanning the Generations Lynne Burlingham  2000-Mar
SOLE – Posthumous MBE for ‘Mr Snow’ Tim Soles  2000-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Tony Storey 1999-Nov
Obituary: Geraldine A SOLES (1911-1998) Bill Soles1999-Nov
The Reverend Henry SOLLY & Working Men’s clubsBob Solly1999-Nov
A Woman of Her Time, SOLE of East End LondonJennifer Ball1999-Nov
SOLLY-FLOOD family notesBob Solly1999-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Jul
The Lincolnshire Gigantic SEWELL YouthMike Sewell1999-Jul
SOAL of Sussex – “Nursing Queen Victoria”Lizzie Love1999-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1999-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell1999-Mar
Sewell Co-Ordinator’s ReportTony Storey1999-Mar
A SEWELL “Who Was Who”Eric Sewell 1999-Mar
SOLE of Cambridgeshire – “Bill Sole the Baker” Fred Sole1999-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1998-Nov
The Domesday Book and the Early SEWELLs
Updated in January 2002
Eric Sewell1998-Nov
A SEWELL Topography 
Updated in January 2002
Eric Sewell1998-Nov
A SOLE Pot Pourri Lizzie Love1998-Nov
The SAULs of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Dorset Maureen Storey 1998-Nov
SOALs of Sussex and Hampshire – “Will Power” Lizzie Love1998-Nov
Origins of the SAUL surname – The Road Back Les Saul1998-Nov
Flood Biography – Some SOLLYs are just unluckyBob Solly1998-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1998-Jul
The Development of Farming by SAULs in Victoria, Australia Dorothy Hughes1998-Jul
William SOLLEY (or Files) Keith Parry1998-Jul
The Kelshall SOLE LineLinda Butler1998-Jul
The Life of Arthur Baron SOLE in Winchester Tony Storey1998-Jul
The Establishment of the SOULs in Canada Helene Weaver1998-Apr
SEWELL Origins: Northumberland and Durham Eric Sewell 1998-Apr
SEWELL Origins: Cumbria Eric Sewell 1998-Apr
Distressing SEWELL suicide at Blyth Mary Doubell1998-Apr
SOLE Reunion in New Zealand 1997 Bob Sheldon1998-Apr
SOLLEY near Baltimore USA Bob Solly1998-Apr
My Favourite SAUL Ancestor Rosemary Bailey1998-Apr
The Sinking of Princes Alice & the Death of Elizabeth SEWELL J.A. Hilton1998-Apr
Looking for SOALL from London Carol Campbell1998-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1997-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1997-Nov
The All Souls Collage Part 3: SOLLEY-SAWLEY Don Steel1997-Nov
Medieval Sources of Names Eric Sewell1997-Nov
How SOALs came to Lewisham Lizzie Love1997-Nov
SEWELL of Dumfries Pauline Kennelly1997-Nov
SEWELL of Lancashire – The Shooting of Sergeant Sewell June Thompson1997-Nov
SOLE of Sheerness, A Thames Estuary Boating Accident .1997-Nov
Andrew SOLE, Middlesex Session RecordsTony Storey1997-Nov
I’m Searching for SEWELLs in WorksopMargaret Doubell1997-Nov
Epitaph of Richard SEWELL Pat & Mike Sewell1997-Nov
The Death of Mr William SOLE of Ascot, age 93 John Sole1997-Jul
Messages Received July 1997.1997-Jul
SOLE Australia – “Hertfordshire Emmigrants” Linda Butler1997-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1997-Mar
SAUL of Canada – My Ancestors were in the Timber Business Leslie D. Saul1997-Mar
A visit to Byfield in Northamptonshire (SAUL) Tony Storey1997-Mar
The SOUL Family of Olney in BuckinghamshireBob Solly1997-Mar
The Village of Saul in GloucestershireRosemary Bailey1997-Mar
Some Pitfalls of the IGI and other Sources Michael Sewell1997-Mar
Letters to the Editor, March 19971997-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1996-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s ReportGeoff Sewell1996-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1996-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1996-Jul
“The Extraordinary Life of Captain William SOULE” Bill Soles1996-Nov
Sussex SOLEs – “The Origins of the Sussex Soles” Don Steel1996-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1996-Mar
The Origins of the SEWELL surname Michael Sewell1996-Mar
SOLE Pedigree – “A Norman Lineage” Susan M. Sole1996-Mar
Robert SOULE – A Veteran of the Peninsular War Maureen Storey1996-Mar
SOLE in ThanetBob Sheldon1996-Mar
SOLE – Fact and Fiction in Family HistoryDon Steel1996-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s Report John Slaughter1995-Nov
The SAUL Reunion at LismoreGlenda Manwaring1995-Nov
Richard Heaton Solly of St Margarets-at-CliffeHamish Robertson1995-Nov
SOLE of Hackney – Maybe it’s Because I am a LondonerTony Storey1995-Nov
Obituary – “Gerard SOULES murdered at Las Vegas” Helene Weaver1995-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1995-Apr
“The SOLE Family of New Plymouth, New Zealand” Don Steel1995-Apr
The All Souls Collage: SEWELL-SOWELL Don Steel1995-Apr
George SOLE, Convict Don Steel1995-Apr
SULLY Review Don Steel1995-Apr
SELL ReportDon Steel & Daphne Wright1995-Apr
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportJohn Slaughter1993-Nov
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Nov
Richard Heaton SOLLYHamish Robertson1993-Nov
The All SOULs Collage – SOLE-SAUL-SALE-SELLDon Steel1993-Nov
SAWLEs in CornwallHelen Allen1993-Nov
Found – A Lost SOLE (Part 2) Sid Robinson1993-Nov
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1993-Jul
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Jul
SOLE Coal Merchants of Ascot John Sole1993-Jul
My Search for the Roots of my SOLE Family Bill Soles 1993-Jul
A Question of Identity (SAUL) John Slaughter1993-Jul
In Search of the Innes Collection Don Steel1993-Jul
Found – A Lost SOLE (Part 1) Sid Robinson1993-Jul
The SHOLL VariantPhilip Lloyd1993-Jul
An Apple for Lizzie (SOLE) Derrick Dean1993-Jul
SOLE Survivors Fred Sole1993-Jul
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1993-Mar
Sewell Co-ordinator’s Report Geoff Sewell 1993-Mar
Rivers and Family History Don Steel1993-Mar
SAUL Reunion in Brisbane, Australia Glenda Manwaring1993-Mar
Investigating the SOOLEs of Ickleton Janet Hurst1993-Mar
SALE Report Don Steel1993-Mar
More News of Holywell Fred Sole1993-Mar
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1992-Dec
Language and Family History Don Steel1992-Dec
From Kelshall to the SOLE Brothers Circus Linda Butler 1992-Dec
Midnight Trysts with Juliet- (Thomas Zoul) Fred Sole1992-Dec
Saul Co-ordinator’s ReportRosemary Bailey1992-Jun
Kindred SOULS?Don Steel1992-Jun
SOLE Family Reunion in New Zealand Dianne Thorstensen1992-Jun
How It All BeganFred Sole1992-Jun
From The PresidentPauline Saul1992-Jun