A DNA Success Story!

By Linda Butler

This article was published in the December 2021 edition of Soul Search, the Journal of The Sole Society

When I wrote an article for Soul Search back in March of this year suggesting we investigate using DNA to help further our research, I gave two examples of brick walls in my own research where I thought it could be useful. One of those brick walls has now been well and truly smashed!
To recap the brick wall in relation to the Sole line of my husband (Mel Butler):
Mel’s 3 x great-grandfather was George Sole, born in Cambridge about 1838. We were trying to confirm that George was the brother of Fred Sole’s* 2 x great grandfather William Sole, born in Cambridge in 1832.
I recently got in touch with Fred’s widow, June, and asked whether any of her children would be willing to do a DNA test. Within a couple of weeks one of her sons, David, had agreed to do the test and sent off for an Ancestry DNA kit. Several weeks later, on doing a routine check for new matches in Ancestry, David’s name popped up as a match for Mel. And it was a strong enough match – 32 cMs – for us to be confident that the link between the two families that Fred had always suspected was confirmed. How I wish Fred was still with us to hear the results!
The descent of Mel and David from their most recent common ancestors, George SOLE and Sarah Mulenox, is shown opposite
Mel and David share one set of 3x great-grandparents, making them 4th cousins. Unfortunately they do not, at this time, have any matches on Ancestry that they share.
*Fred Sole was a founder member of the society and instrumental in its setting up. His wife June is still a member and was known for her fruit pies which were a welcome treat at our Annual Gatherings!

Fred & Mel's Tree
Fred & Mel’s Tree