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Are any of your ancestors included in the Oxford Alumni listed below?


Extracts from A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to AD 1500 by A B Ebdon, published by Oxford University Press 1959


John Sowle, Carmelite Friar

probably entered the Order at Norwich Convent, at London Convent in 1505, frequent preacher at St Paul's Cross, died at London Convent 1508 and buried there.


Lewis Sowell or Sawelle

St Frideswide Hall in St Ebbe's parish

scholar, placed in gaol for breach of the peace, released on giving undertaking before the Chancellor of the University for his good behaviour 14 July 1452.

St Edward Hall scholar in May 1453, after imprisonment for breach of the peace took oath before the Chancellor's Commissary to observe the peace in future, 2 June 1452.


Extracts from Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886


Edward William Saul

MA Trinity College Dublin 1854, BA 1844, adm  'ad eundem' 15 March 1855.


John Sawle

son of Joseph, of St Austell, Cornwall, arm.

Balliol College, matric 19 May 1743 aged 18, died 2 March 1783.


(Sir) Joseph Sawle Graves Sawle (Bart)

son of John (Thomas Graves in Mat. Reg.) of St Thomas's, Exeter, arm.

Exeter College, matric 19 October 1812 aged 18, created MA 22 June 1814, assumed the additional surname of Sawle 1815, created a baronet 22 March 1836, died 13 January 1865.

(Ed.  Had a quick look at this one.  According to the IGI, Joseph Sawle Graves was bapt 7 Jan 1794 at Saint Thomas The Apostle, Exeter, Devon, son of John Graves and Elizabeth. John Graves  married Elizabeth Sawle on 2nd April 1766 at Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon. )


Arthur Edward Seawell

first son of Arthur Samuel of Bentley, Hampshire, arm.

Exeter College, matric 20 October 1881 aged 18, BA 1884. MA 1888.


Frederick Yorke Seawell

second son of Samuel Arthur of Seale, Surrey, gent.

Keble College, matric 12 October 1883 aged 18, BA 1887.


Charles Seawell

son of Henry, of Little Stretton, Leicestershire, gent.

Lincoln College, matric 10 October 1818 aged 18.


Henry Walter Seawell

second son of Charles, of Gipple, Lincolnshire, arm.

Lincoln College, matric 25 March 1824 aged 19, BA 1827, rector of Little Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 1834.


Robert Seawell

son of Thomas of Christ Church, London, gent.

Christ Church, matric 14 July 1716 aged 16, BA 8 March 1720/21.


Samuel Seawell

son of Samuel of All Hallows, Barking, London, arm.

University College, matric 16 January 1781 aged 17.


Thomas Samuel Seawell

son of Thomas of St Giles, London, arm.

University College, matric 16 December 1806 aged 18.


Arthur Sewell

first son of Robert Burleigh, of Milbrooke, Isle of Wight, gent.

New College, matric 29 January 1862 aged 20, choral scholar 1862-66, BA 1866, MA 1869, chaplain of the Order of St John of Jerusalem 1871.


Charles Sewell

second son of Francis Theodore Dudley of Carlton, Cumberland, arm.

St John's College, matric 30 June 1851 aged 21, an officer 15th Hussars and paymaster carbineers, 6th dragoon guards.


Rev. Capel John Sewell

first son of Thomas, of Harleston, Norfolk, cler.

Brasenose College, matric 11 June 1852 aged 18, BA 1856, MA 1859, an inspector of schools.


Charles William Sewell

only son of William, of Battle, Sussex, gent.

Non-Coll., matric 2 June 1884 aged 25, died 8 July 1887.


George Sewell

youngest son of Thomas, of Putney, Surrey, equitis.

Lincoln College, matric 22 October 1773 aged 19, BA 1777, MA 1780, died rector of Byfleet, Surrey 30 January 1801


Henry Sewell

second son of Henry, of Arreton, Isle of Wight, arm.

University College, matric 3 June 1858 aged 18, scholar 1858-62, BA 1862, MA 1879, of the Indian Civil Service 1861.


Henry Sewell

fifth son of John, of Winton, Westmoreland, gent.

Queen's College, matric 22 October 1884 aged 19, exhibitioner 1884, BA 1888.


Henry Doyle Sewell

fourth son of Jonathan, of Quebec, America, arm.

Trinity College, matric 29 October 1824 aged 18, BA 1828, MA 1831, chaplain to Her Britannic Majesty's embassy, Constantinople 1848-50, vicar of Headcorn, Kent 1850 until his death 19 March 1886.


James Edwards Sewell

youngest son of Thomas, of Newport, Isle of Wight, gent.

New College, matric 4 December 1827 aged 16, fellow 1827-60, BA 1832, MA 1835, DD 1860, tutor 1835-60, dean of arts 1835, bursar 1836, dean of divinity 1837, sub-warden 1839, librarian 1842, warden 1860, vice-chancellor 1874-78.


James Watson Sewell

fourth son of John, of Winton, Westmoreland, gent.

Queens College, matric 23 October 1882 aged 19, exhibitioner 1882-86, BA 1888.


(Sir) John Sewell

son of Joseph, of Limehouse, Middlesex, gent.

Pembroke College, matric 3 November 1784 aged 18, BA 1788, MA 1791, DCL 1795, judge Vice-Admiralty Court, Malta, F.R.S., etc., knighted 25 May 1815, died 15 January 1833.


John Sewell

first son of James, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, gent.

Magdalen Hall, matric 29 June 1848 aged 29, B Mus 30 June 1848, D Mus 28 February 1856.


Rev. John Rowland Sewell

first son of John Christmas, of Patricroft, near Manchester, gent.

St Alban Hall, matric 20 April 1882 aged 21, BA from Merton College 1885.


Richard Clarke Sewell

first son of Thomas, of Newport, Isle of Wight, gent.

Magdalen College, matric 26 July 1821 aged 18, demy 1821-37, BA 1826, MA 1829, fellow 1837-56, DCL 1840, senior dean of arts 1838, vice-president and praelector of natural philosophy 1842, barrister at law Middle Temple 1830, died at Melbourne 9 November 1864.


Robert Sewell

son of Henry, of Sebergham, Cumberland, pleb.

Queen's College, matric 18 February 1752 aged 17, BA 1755.


Rev. Thomas Jackson Sewell

third son of John, of Winton, Westmoreland, gent.

Queen's College, matric 6 February 1876 aged 18, exhibitioner 1875-80, BA 1879, MA 1882.


William Sewell

son of Thomas, of Coomb Rew, Cumberland, pleb.

Queen's College, matric 31 January 1737/38 aged 16, BA 1742, MA 27 February 1745/46, fellow 1753, rector of Headley, Hampshire 1765 until his death 17 September 1800.


William Sewell

second son of Thomas, of Newport, Isle of Wight, gent.

Merton College, matric 4 November 1822 aged 18, postmaster 1822-27, BA 1827, fellow Exeter College 1827-74, MA 1829, BD 1841, DD 1857, tutor 1831-53, librarian 1833, sub-rector 1835, divinity reader 1835, dean 1839, Whyte's professor of moral philosophy 1836-41, Whitehall preacher 1850, warden of St Peter College, Radley 1852-60, perp. Curate St Nicholas in the Castle, Carisbrooke 1831 until his death 14 November 1874.


William Sewell

first son of Henry, of Newport, Isle of Wight, gent.

New College, matric 20 May 1856 aged 19, fellow 1856-78, BA 1860, MA 1863, rector of Little Sampford, Essex 1878.


William Charles Sole

second son of William, of Devonport, Devon, arm.

Wadham College, matric 13 May 1829 aged 17, BA 1833, MA 1842.


John Soley

son of John of Holborn, Middlesex, gent.

Christ Church, matric 14 December 1773 aged 16, barrister at law Lincolns Inn 1782.


Thomas Lewes Soley

scholar King's College, Cambridge 1850 (fellow 1853-68, BA 1854, MA 1858), adm. 'ad eundem' 14 January 1859, incumbent of Piers Portion, Tiverton, Devon.


Thomas Lockey Soley

son of John of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, arm.

Wadham College, matric 17 February 1720/21 aged 17, BCL 1728.


George Edward Solly

first son of Edward Harrison, of West Heath, near Congleton, Cheshire, arm.

Magdalen College, matric 24 January 1874 aged 18, BA 1877, MA 1880.  n