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We continue our list of  Cambridge alumni extracted from Alumni Cantabrigiensis to 1751

This article was originally published in the August 2012 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


Edward Sewell

of Caldbeck, Cumberland.

matric sizar from Trinity Easter 1574, BA 1577/78, MA 1581, ord deacon (Carlisle) 8 April 1582.


Forrester Sewel

son of John, shipmaster of Coleraine, born there, school Sedbergh.

adm sizar at St John's 29 April 1693 aged 18, matric 1693, BA 1696/97, ord deacon (Lincoln) 19 June 1698.


George Sewell

of Essex.

matric pens from Corpus Christi Michaelmas 1602, BA 1604/05, buried at St Benet's Cambridge 26 January 1605/06.


George Sewell

son of John, of Windsor, Berkshire, school Eton.

adm sizar at Peterhouse 25 June 1706 aged 19, matric 1706, BA 1709/10, studied medicine at Leyden, MD (Edinburgh), practised in London for a time, afterwards a political pamphleteer, author miscellaneous, died 8 February 1725/26 at Hampstead in great poverty.


Hardwick Sewell

son of Thomas (by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Hardwick of Spalding, Lincolnshire), born at Great Henny, Essex, school Lavenham (Mr Smithies), brother of Thomas (1719/20).

adm pens at Christ's 3 July 1733 aged 19, matric 1733, BA 1736/37, MA 1741.


Hugh Sewell

BA 1531/32, fellow of Christ's 1532-37, MA 1534, preb of Carlisle 1549-85, r. of Caldbeck, Cumberland 1560, probably BD and DD (Oxford) 1561, died 1585.


John Sewell

BA 1497/98, MA 1501.


John Sewell

matric pens from King's Michaelmas 1570, lay clerk at King's College Chapel, one of these names MA ord priest (Carlisle) 25 March 1576, perhaps r. of Horham, Suffolk 1575-91.


John Sewell

son of John, born in London, school Westminster.

adm pens at Christ's 1 July 1671 aged 15, matric 1671, adm at the Inner Temple 27 August 1672.


Richard Sewell

of Rutland.

adm sizar at Queens' 30 June 1637, BA 1640/41.


Richard Sewell

son of Richard, born at Buntingford, school Buntingford (Mr England).

adm sizar at Christ's 1 July 1686 aged 16, matric 1687, scholar 1689, BA 1689/90, ord deacon (Norwich) May 1692, priest (London) 11 June 1693.


Robert Sewall

M Gram 1495/96


Thomas Sewell

of Carlisle diocese.

fellow of Pembroke 1498, BA 1498/99, ord deacon (Lincoln) 19 December 1500, priest 6 March 1500/01, MA 1502, r of Leybourne, Kent 1510-27, perhaps preb of St Paul's1512-27, will (PCC) 1527.


Thomas Sewell

son and heir of Thomas, of Great Henny, Essex, born at Lavenham, Suffolk, brother of Hardwick (1733).

adm pens at Magdalene 24 March 1719/20 aged 17, died November 1721 aged 19, M.I. At Great Henny.


Thomas Sewell

son of Thomas of Earls Colne, Essex, school Earls Colne (Mr Stringer).

adm pens at Trinity 22 April 1740 aged 17, matric 1740/41, scholar 1740,

dm at the Inner Temple 4 June 1741


William Sewel

son of William, weaver of Norwich, born at Langley, Norfolk, school Norwich.

adm sizar at Caius 10 February 1747/48 aged 17, matric 1748/49, scholar 1748 - 52, BA 1752, obtained the College testimonial for deacon's orders

7 July 1752, died 22 August 1752, M.I. At St Martin in Palace churchyard, Norwich.