Solley Co-ordinator’s Report April 2020

George Solly By George Solly

Member Sandy Fitzgibbon from Quebec contacted us having just read my co-ordinators report in the December 2017 edition of Soul Search, about a travel diary Dr. E. Weiser of Ohio had obtained at a Parish Book Giveaway. The diary was written by either Lavinia Solly (1802-1871), or her sister Sarah (1804-1879), while travelling on the continent between 1828 and 1833. The writer was accompanied by her father, brother Edward and young sister Annette. The writer’s father was Edward Solly (1776-1844) who was the 5th son of Isaac Solly, Baltic Merchant. Dr Weiser’s offer to scan and share didn’t materialise but we were able to provide Sandy with some background data. [Ed: I have just managed to make contact with Dr Weiser, unfortunately the diary is in her office and she is in lockdown until at least June so will not be able to send us scans till at least then.]
Sandy originally wrote:
Working back from my mother (male line, lots of Georges and  Richards!!):
Margaret Solly  1919-2009
Robert Solly 1889-1968
George Solly 1841-1931
George Solly 1812-1874
George Solly 1776-1842
Joseph Solly 1751-1803
William Henry Solly 1714-1770
Richard Solly 1673-1731 (John Solly’s brother 1660-1747)
Richard Solly 1633-1683
++++plus more back to Peter (1418-1494).
My reply:
In your email you mentioned that you are related to Isaac Solly through a common ancestor, John Solly, gent of Sandwich, Kent 1660-1747, who was his grandfather and my 6x grandfather.  My relationship is one step farther back from that.  My 8x grandfather is Richard Solly 1633-1683 who is the father of John Solly 1660-1747.
So we share some common Solly DNA!