Mayflower International Conference

29th August 2020 in Plymouth

The Devon Family History Society is hosting a Mayflower International Genealogical Conference in Plymouth on 29 August 2020.
As you will know if you have been a member of the society a while, George Soule was one of the passengers aboard the Mayflower which, in September 1620, left England from Plymouth, Devon, to sail to the New World. where most of them intended to settle. There were a total of 102 passengers, 74 men, 28 women, and 31 children with a baby being born during the voyage. 37 of the passengers were members of the Separatist Leiden congregation from Holland, who would go on to be known as the Pilgrim Fathers. 18 were listed as servants, 13 of whom were attached to Separatist families. George Soule was listed as being servant to Edward Winslow, one of the members of the Leiden Congregation. The crew was led by Captain Christopher Jones, who was born in Harwich. A full list of passengers is at
The Devon FHS is hoping to undertake a project to produce a pamphlet on the families who were left behind in the Old World which will be available at the conference.
However George’s origins are unclear, although several theories have been put forward, so our members are unlikely to be of any help.
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