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SAUL Co-ordinator's Report March 2012

by John Slaughter



In this report I am pleased to welcome both a new member Janet Geddes and also Lyn Court (who has rejoined).


Janet Geddesís father was the eldest of six children born to Mirehouse Saul and his wife Lilian Tinnion who lived in the Cockermouth area of Cumberland. They had married in 1919 and with a name of Mirehouse it was easy to locate him on the 1911 census. He was resident as a 16 year old in the household of his parents David Irving Saul and Sarah, address given as Bridgefoot, Workington. There were four resident children Margaret, Milehouse, Hodgson and Jonathan. Research showed that Sarahís maiden was Mirehouse explains where the unusual forename came from.


David Irving and Sarah had married in 1893 but on the 1891 census David was lodging in the household of Jonathan Mirehouse at Dean, Cumberland and which included the householders daughter Sarah, his future wife. David Irving was the son of a Hodgson Saul a name that was again repeated in later generations. The family tree can be traced back a couple of further generations to an Edward Saul and Jane Robinson who had married at Bridekirk, Cumberland in 1786. Edward may have been baptised at Cockermouth in 1761, the son of Daniel, but this is speculation.


Lyn Court was previously a member in 2010 and brief details of her Saul connection appeared in my reports in the August 2010 and December 2010 journals. Though a connection was made at that time to a Saul family who lived at Norton, Yorkshire, this needed to be confirmed by the obtaining of certificates. Lyn has now obtained copies and which have provided the necessary evidence. The certificates confirmed that Agnes Saul had married Edwin Russell at the parish church of Ilkley, Yorkshire on 12th July 1884, her father being a James Saul, a tailor by trade. Agnes is stated as being 21 years of age and at the time of her marriage was working as a cook and resident at Oaklands. Agnesís birth certificate shows that she was born on 10th February 1863 at 50, Spring Gardens, Doncaster to James Saul (tailor) and Eliza (formerly Holland).


The marriage certificate of the parents was also obtained and disclosed that they had married on 16th June 1858 at the Church of St George, Doncaster. James Saul was a bachelor, a tailor and residing at Cartwright House. His father is recorded as Michael Saul, a stonemason. This all linked nicely to one of our charts. I was able to advise Lyn that Michael Saul was the eldest of six known sons of a James Saul and Ann Cawood. However the youngest child that we know of was named John Septimus, which suggests that we have one missing, possibly a child that died as an infant. The origin of this James Saul is not proven. He appears to have been buried at Campsall, Yorkshire (the parish includes the hamlet of Norton) on 22nd April 1814 at the age of 51 years. This makes it possible that he was the James Saul who is recorded in the Burghwallis Catholic Registers as having been born on 29th August 1762. Unfortunately, as is commonly the case in these registers, the names of the parents are not recorded, just the names of the godparents.


Following my report in the December 2011 journal, and in particular details of the ancestry of new member Jackie Roberts, her relative and Society member William Saul was prompted to get in touch. William has been able to expand on the family information that was published in our August 2008 journal. To do justice I have made his notes into a separate article that appears elsewhere in this journal.


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