SOLLEY Co-ordinator’s Report April 2019

George Solly By George Solly

Anne Gorman has posted on the Society’s forum a request for information regarding Herbert Edward Solly 1875-1950, also known as Albert, who appears on the 1881 census aged six:
Stephen Solley 54
Kathe Solley 52 (appears her proper name may have been Catherine – maiden name was Spain)
Frank Solley 17
Maria Solley 14
Ellen L. Solley 11
Julia E. Solley 9
Herbert Solley 6
Parents were married: Jun 1848
Solley Stephen – Thanet 5/585
She writes:
‘Since posting I have discovered this relation has a few different names.  He was married twice using the name ‘Albert Solly’  but died and was buried under the name ‘Herbert Edward Solly’ on 5/1/1950.  Of note, the name in the paper announcing his second marriage has him as ‘Ebert’
I am hitting constant brick walls to find out who this man actually was (he was married to my great grandma Emma Jane Cornwall (Stone, Williams)).  Any help anyone can give me in solving the mystery of what name this man was actually born under would be much appreciated.
Thanks and regards, Anne’
Member Bob Solly solved the problem by posting a pedigree showing a common ancestor from Faversham, Kent. Peter Skinn added to the story with this timeline:
26/05/1916 married Emma Jane Cornwall
03/03/1935 newspaper article stating Herbert / Albert escaped unhurt from a vehicle accident
06/01/1950 death notice for Albert stating that he lived at 131 Carrington Street, Adelaide (belonging to Mrs J Fisher) and was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave.