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 This article was originally published in the August 2011 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

In the April 2011 edition of Soul Search the list of Oxford alumni omitted entries for the period from 1500 to 1715. These are now shown below.

Arthur Sale
BD from Magdalen College, supd 8 July 1572

Edward Sale
BA 14 July 1528
perhaps rector of Hunworth, Norfolk 1553

John Sale
of Yorkshire, Lincoln College, matric entry 1577 aged 18, BA 27 May 1579

John Sale
son of James, of Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, gentleman
Trinity College, matric 9 April 1685 aged 18, BCL 1693
rector of Barkham, Berkshire 1694

Robert Sale
BA 4 February 1540-41
perhaps vicar of Sudbury All Saints, Suffolk 1547 and rector of Stoke Trister, Somerset 1554

William Sale
BA February 1541-42, MA 17 July 1556 (as Sayll)
schoolmaster at Stafford, rector of Quatt, Staffordshire 1546, prebendary of Wolverhampton 1546 and of Lichfield 1563, rector of Aston, Derbyshire 1568, of Stoke-upon-Terne, Shropshire 1571, perhaps canon of Chichester 1582

Andrew Sall
born in Cashel or Tipperary, Ireland, entered Wadham College 1675, created DD 22 June 1676, seceded from Rome 1674
lately a Jesuit S.J., professor of divinity in the colleges of Pampelona, Polencia and Tudela in Spain, chaplain to Arthur, Earl of Essex, when Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, vicar of Kilfithmona, Templemore, Barnanely, Killoskehan, Templeree, and Killeenoge or Clonmore, in the diocese of Cashel, rector of Ardmulchan, and vicar of Morgaghir, in Meath, rector of Dungorney, in Cloyne, prebendary of Swords in St Patrick's, Dublin 1675, chancellor of Cashel 1678 until his death 6 April 1682, buried in St Patrick's

Sir Charles Gabriel de la Salle
created D.C.L. 27 June 1674, groom of the chamber to the King of Sweden

Nicholas Sall
Minorite, BD 8 March 1531-32

Miles Salley or Sawley
a Benedictine monk in Abingdon Abbey, Abbot of Eynsham, Oxfordshire 1498, Bishop of Llandaff until his death in September 1516

Anthony Saule or Sawle
of Hinckaster, Westmorland, pleb.
Queen's College, matric 10 July 1682 aged 17, BA 15 February 1686-87, fellow, MA 1690, admon at Oxford 28 May 1696

Arnold Saule or Sawle
of Gloucestershire, gentleman
Corpus Christi College, matric entry 8 February 1582-83 aged 13

Arthur Sawle or Sale
from Gloucestershire
demy Magdalen College 1544-46, BA supd July 1546, fellow 1546-53, MA 1548-49, an exile in Germany in Queen Mary's reign, canon residentiary of Sarum 1559, canon of Bristol 1559, and of Gloucester 1565, rector of Porlock 1562, and of Ubly, Somerset 1565, rector of Doynton 1566 and of Berkeley, Gloucestershire 1575

Edward Saul or Sawle
of Bitchfield, Lincolnshire, his father vicar of Bitchfield 1663
Magdalen College, matric entry 16 July 1691 aged 14, BA 1695, MA 20 January 1697-98, fellow 1698-1704
rector of Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire 1703-05, vicar of Bassingthorpe 1705 and rector of Harlaxton, Lincolnshire 1706-54, canon of Lincoln 1740-53

Gilbert Sawle
B Gram sup. June 1533

John Sawle
son of Joseph Sawle of St Austell, Cornwall, arm.
Christ Church, matric 18 March 1683-84 aged 17, died 2 January 1715, buried in St Austell

William Sawell
of London, pleb.
Broadgates Hall, matric 11 November 1586 aged 15

William Sawell
son of William, of Gerrans, Cornwall
St Alban Hall, matric 4 July 1673 aged 18, perhaps BA from Pembroke College, Cambridge 1677-78, and MA per Literas Regias 1705
rector of Walton, Buckinghamshire 1695, vicar of Cholsey, Berkshire 1705

John Saywell
son of Gabriel, of Pentridge, Dorset, minister, rector of Pentridge, and brother of William (1659)
Wadham College, matric 21 February 1661-62 aged 16, BA 1665, MA 1668, incorporated at Cambridge 1668 and BD from Jesus College, Cambridge 1686, vicar of East Grinstead, Sussex 1671, canon of Chichester 1672, rector of Downham, Cambridgeshire 1677, and of Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire 1689

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