Canadian Reunion

By Patricia Saull

This article was published in the December 2014 edition of Soul Search, the Journal of The Sole Society

Ed: you will see from John Slaughter’s Research Co-ordinator’s report that he recently heard from Patricia Saull about a family reunion she organised near Montreal. When I asked her for some photos she wrote:

I am sending some photos of our August reunion which took place in the Laurentian mountains, north of Montreal.
There were 4 generations at the reunion including 14 of the 16 first cousins (grandchildren of Zachariah), some of whom travelled from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to attend. Perhaps 60 family members in all.
The old French-Canadian farm house in the picture is roughly 200 years old. It was purchased, along with 100 acres, several barns and some livestock, by my grandparents as a summer property back in 1939. Originally, the logs were covered with whitewashed plaster. The porch has always been referred to as the ‘gallery’ (after the French). The property is in the mountains about 1/2 hour outside the village of St-Sauveur des Monts, Quebec.

The holiday home bought by Zachariah Saull in 1939
The holiday home bought by Zachariah Saull in 1939

Patricia went on:
Zachariah was born 1891 in Fulham, London, and my grandmother Kathleen (the spelling she preferred) was born in Tralee, Ireland.  Their 4 sons (John Leonard b 1918, Dermot Joseph, b 1919, Gerald Arthur, b 1924, Vincent Alexander b 1927) were all born in Montreal, Quebec, as was most of the next generation.  I guess I should mention that my grandfather called himself John Saull, John Z., Zach, and Jack… never Zachariah.
Zachariah was the 5th of 6 children born to Arthur Saull (b.1859, Winslow, Bucks.) and Emily Algar (b. 1860 Luton, Beds.) 
My mother Margaret (nee Macdougall) and my aunt Alma (Gottlieb) were also born in Montreal.  However my aunt Eileen (Benstead) was a war bride, born in Lincoln, England, and Vincent’s wife Eveline (Behrendt) was born in Blumenau, Brazil to German immigrant parents.
My great uncle Leonard James Saull, my grandfather’s oldest sibling, also immigrated to Canada at some point and, years ago, I met his son James Edward (b 1913 London, UK, d 2002 Victoria, B.C.) and grandson Arthur Saull who lives on Vancouver Island. I know nothing of his other grandchildren.

Zachariah and Kathleen Saull at their summer cottage in the 1940s
Zachariah and Kathleen Saull at their summer cottage in the 1940s