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Thomas (Tom) Saul born. 1897 Preston UK, died 1965 Edmonton Canada. Charles Saul, born 1869 (Liverpool, Lancashire) - died 1945 (Edmonton, Canada).new2.gif (111 bytes) Aug 10
Thomas Edward Saul and his wife Hilda Gertrude at their wedding in Norwich 1913 kindly provided by Leslie Saul Mar 08
Thomas Saull and Family in 1876 kindly provided by Guy Barker Jun 06
Joseph & Sophia SAUL in 1875.  Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and London Nov 04
SAUL family pictures from Preston, England. Harold, and Frank & Thomas in 1916 Sep 04

Henry SAUL, 1919-1986, and John Saul and Beatrice Saul (nee Schofield), about 1918

Mar 04
Thomas William SAUL, from the Yarmouth/Stalham area of England Mar 04
John Saull born 1818, from Northampton, England, and descendants Mar 04
Two Martin SAULs born in Rottenburg in 1830 & 1866 who migrated to Australia Mar 04
Elizabeth SAUL (nee Miller) and 7 of her 8 daughters Jul 03
Joseph SAUL & his brother from Southport, originally Ambleside, Cumberland Jul 03
Robert SAUL of Preston Jul 03
Sydney Herbert Saull born in Sydney, Australia in 1879 Jul 03


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William Thomas SEWELL b 1863, in Byfield Nov 04
Robert SEWELL b 1833 and Maria Smith Mar 04
William SEWELL 1847-1915, Littlehampton, Sussex, England Mar 04
William Shields SEWELL b 1853, West Ashford, d 1931, Tynemouth, Northumberland Mar 04

Benjamin SEWELL 1834 -1893, American Civil War veteran who fought for the Union

Jul 03

Mary SEWELL 1797-1884, mother of Anna Sewell who wrote Black Beauty

Jul 03
Thomas SEWELL 1893-1953, born at Ingrave, England Jul 03


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Henry SOLE (1843-1901) of Woodnesborough and Descendants. 17 family photos from Linda Brand and Lionel Sole.  Jan 07
Charles SOLE born 1843 and family, of Eastry, Kent. 25 family photos from Linda Brand.  Jan 07

Edward SOLE 1798-1890 & and his wife Rose Hannah. Photos from Lionel Sole and Linda Brand  

Jan 07

 Charles Joseph SOLE b 23 May 1885. Five family photos from John Steel

Jan 07

James William SOLE 1888 - 1969 & Descendants including James Lester Sole. Six family photos from Sue Sutton

Jun 06

Charles Leslie SOLE 1890 - 1968 & Charles Frederick SOLE 1854 - 1927, from Jacqueline Houghton

Jun 06
Annie SOLE b1833, born in India and daughter of Henry John Brambley SOLE Jun 06

David SOLE 1834 - 1911 and Descendants - Hackney, Birmingham, & Lancashire

Oct 04

Helena Clark nee SOLE, from Sheila McInnes - Sussex and Cornwall

Jun 06
Australian descendants of the Kelshall SOLE line - some excellent pictures!  Mar 04
The Three Sons of Annie SOLE  in 1910, born in Wimbledon, Southwest London Mar 04
Joseph Soul 1805 - 1881, family line from Gloucestershire and London Mar 04

SOALE family pictures from Marjorie Wiggington - Kent

Jan 04
Ellen Hannah SOLE and Family from Essex, from Lee Jacobs Jan 04
Susan (Ellis) SOOLE & Emma Soole, Cambridgeshire Jan 04

SOAL family pictures, including an excellent Wedding photo, Lewisham in Kent, England

Jul 03

Edward & Annie SOAL and their family photos, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Jul 03

Annie Eliza SOALE (1873-1919) from Miami, Florida, USA

Jul 03

Bob Sheldon's SOLE family pictures, from Kent, England from 1858

Jul 03
John Frederick SOLE, 1923 - 1975. Hackney, London, family originally Therfield in Herts Jul 03
Jonah SOLE, Beds UK, and Edmund SOLE, Kelshall UK, both WW1 casualties Jul 03
William SOLE, b 1843 and Emma SOLE, b 1848, at their daughter's wedding. Norfolk Jul 03
William Johnson, born in Chislet, Kent, son of Phoebe SOLE 1807 -1889 Jul 03
Frederick Leslie SOLE(S) from Oxfordshire, and his mother Winifred L Pulham Jul 03
Clifford Oscar SOLES, 1892 -1957, Lynn, Massachusetts, originally Reading in Berks Jul 03

John SOLES 1831-1906 and his wife Ann Maria (1832-1906), Birmingham, England

Jul 03
John Edward SOLES 1862 -1929 and his 2 sons Jack & Norman, Birmingham, England Jul 03
Ernest George Edmund SOLES 1891-1973, various family pictures including the wedding Jul 03
Emma Haden (nee SOUL of Northleach) 1839-1919 Jul 03
Ferdinand Bolivar SOLES, b 1845, Indiana, & Alice M LORIMOR, b 1849 Mar 03
The Family History of Teena Mashell (Soles) Hartsfield, USA Mar 03

SOLE family pictures, from Jennifer Ball - Kent and East London in England

Feb 03
More Australian descendants of the Kelshall SOLE line Feb 03




SOLLEY Methodist Church Cemetery USA May 09
 Stephen & Louisa SOLLEY Aug 07
Ancestors of George SOLLY, including Richard SOLLY, Mayor of Sandwich from 1710 Mar 04
Kate SOLLY, born in West Northdown, Margate in 1865 Mar 04
George Washington SOLLEY family c1915, Pennsylvania Mar 04
Thomas Walter Solley (1882-1945) but who are the others? Mar 04
Ann Pilcher (nee SOLLY), who lived in Dover Mar 04
Lance Corporal Walter SOLLEY, Born in Richborough Kent,1897 Jan 04

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