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Saull in Northampton

These interesting family pictures have been provided by Dave and Anne Miller.

 Dave and Anne Miller

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Anne is the youngest daughter of the late Elsie Olivette Tarbox (nee Saull) and Dave (Anne's husband) is the eldest son of Annie Leora Miller (nee Saull). They met when Dave was stationed in England in 1952 with the United States Air Force. He came to look up his relatives and found Anne! They were married in June 1954 in England and moved to USA in 1955. Both Anne and Dave are descendants of John Saull born 1818.

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John Saull, born 1818 with second wife Maria Chaplin

Thumbnail of John Saull and Maria Chaplin

They had four children who are shown below

George Edwin Saull,   Annie Saull,        Sarah Saull   and Herbert Harry Saull

Thumbnail of George Edwin Saull    Thumbnail of Annie Saull     Thumbnail of Sarah Saull    Thumbnail of Herbert Harry Saull

There is no photograph of John Saull's 1st wife, Sarah Bamford but the following are photographs of four of their five children. There is no photo of Selina born 1843

Vincent Saull,            William Saull,          Elizabeth Saull    and    Louisa Saull

Thumbnail of Vincent Saull         Thumbnail of William Saull         Thumbnail of Elizabeth Saull         Thumbnail of Louisa Saull

George Edwin Saull family, Northampton, England.

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Thumbnail of George Edwin Saull family

Herbert Harry Saull family, USA.

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Thumbnail of Herbert Harry Saull family, USA.

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