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Saull in Northampton

These interesting family pictures have been provided by Dave and Anne Miller


John Saull, born 1818 with second wife Maria Chaplin

They had four children who are shown below

John Saull with second wife Maria Chaplin


George Edwin Saull, born 6 July 1863 in Northampton, England      Annie Saull, born 10 Feb 1867 in Northampton

Died 1948 at Northampton                                                      Died in 1949 at Long Island, New York

George Edwin Saull                                         Annie Saull


Sarah Saull, born 29 November 1864, Northampton     Herbert Harry Saull, born 13 Sep 1868, Northampton

Died on 2 January 1941 at Londesbrough, East Yorks.         Died 22 Nov 1932, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

             She married William Egan in 1883 at Aldershot.

Sarah Saull                 Herbert Harry Saull


There is no photograph of John Saull's 1st wife, Sarah Bamford but the photographs below are of four of their five children. There is no photo of Selina born 1843 at Long Buckby, Northants

Vincent Saull

born 1846 at West Haddon, Northants and died in Philadephia, USA

Vincent Saull


William Saull

born 1840 at Long Buckby, Northants and died in Philadephia, USA

William Saull



Elizabeth Saull, born in Northampton, born about 1848. Died in Smethwick, England, date unknown.

Louisa Saull, born about 1837 at Long Buckby, Northants and died in Philadephia, USA

Elizabeth Saull                                 Louisa Saull


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