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Saull in Northampton

These interesting family pictures have been provided by Dave and Anne Miller

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Herbert Harry Saull

Those in the photograph are listed below
Herbert Harry Saull & family
back row standing left to right:
Sonora Edith Saull (nee Stewart) Born 23 March 1875, Michigan, USA. Died  26 December 1958 at West Asheville North Carolina, USA. Buried in Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA.
Irvin Saull, (adopted) born 25 February 1904, died 3 April 1981, USA.
Herbert Harry Saull, born 13 September 1868, Northampton, England. Died 22 November 1932. Buried in Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA.
Ruth Esther Saull, born 1 October (year unknown), died 14 June 1985, Port Jefferson Long Island, New York, USA
Paul Lemoyne Saull, born 26 September 1909, (place unknown). Died 31 December 1974 at West Asheville, North Carolina, USA

front row sitting left to right:
Herbert Vincent Saull, born 19 February 1903. Died 6 April 1976, USA
Annie Leora Saull, born 30 July 1908, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. Died 10 November 1987, Bangor, Maine, USA

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