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William Thomas Sewell born 1863

and his family

These family pictures have been provided by Bramwell Taylor

The family are descendants of Henry Sewell, born in Byfield. Henry married Susanna Bloxham and they had at least eight children. One of their sons was Thomas Sewell, born 1804, a butcher in Byfield who married Martha Smith and had thirteen children. One of these was George Thomas Sewell, born 1836, who was a letter carrier in Daventry. He married Mary Prestidge and they had two sons. The eldest son was William Thomas Sewell, born 1863 in Daventry, who became a weaver in Lancashire. His wife was Martha Elizabeth Simpson, and they had three children, Martha, Arthur and Mary. Mary married Alfred Taylor and they were both Salvation Army Officers. They had six children. Bramwell, the eldest, was named after Bramwell Booth, the son of the Founder, William Booth.


Mary Sewell nee Prestidge with her two children Arthur & William




William, Martha and Mary Sewell

Martha Elizabeth SEWELL, (Simpson), William Thomas,

and young Mary SEWELL.




Mary and Martha Sewell

Martha and Mary Sewell




Martha Heys nee Sewell

Martha Sewell, wife of William Sewell




Mary Sewell and Alfred Taylor


as Salvation Army officers in Scotland.



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