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The Family History of Teena Mashell (Soles) Hartsfield

My line as I know it is:

Ebenezer Soule B:1778 married Sarah Oakley
Nathan Ethan Soule/Soles B: 1805 married  Nancy Jane Fast
Henry L Soles B:1857  married  Julia (Schringer) Hosiet
Walter Elmer Soles B:1887  married Mary Jane Barber
Raymond Edward Soles B:1909  married Helen Doris Attwood Wade
Henry John Soles B: 1936   married  Geneva LaLone
and then came me  :`)

This is my Great grandmother. I am not sure how old she was here. Born:March 8, 1908. in Cadillac, MI Daughter of Reuben Frank & Minnie (Shattuck) Barber, Married: Walter Elmer Soles. on Dec. 30, 1908, Died: Sept. 20, 1978 at the age of 90

Mary Jane Barber Soles


This is one of the last pictures of Mary Jane Barber Soles before she died in 1978

Mary Jane Barber Soles

This is my Great Grandfather, Walter Elmer Soles, Born: July 13, 1887 in Wexford co. Cadillac, MI
son of Henry & Julia (Schringer) Soles, Died: July 3, 1955

Walter Elmer Soles

Julia (Schringer) Hosiet, Born: January 2, 1850  in Poland, Daughter of Christancia "Constant" (guriski) Schringer. Married: Henry L. Soles  on Oct. 1, 1882 in Cadillac, Mi. Died:Jan. 7, 1912 in Cadillac, Mi

Julia Soles

First: Birdie Irene Soles, born: April 24, 1891
Second: Agnes Elizabeth Hosiet Soles, born: June 23, 1875
Third: Dorothy (dollie) May Soles, born: May 22, 1889
All three are Daughters of Henry L. & Julia (Schringer, Hosiet) Soles. Agnes Married: Fred Edgill, 1898, she died: 1950.  Dorothy Married: William Dolan,  1906, she Died: 1982.  Birdie Married: George Tanis, 1912  She died: 1921.

Birdie, Agnes & Dollie Soles

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