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The Saul family from Rotenburg

Martin Saul (born 1830 in Rotenberg) and his wife Margaret

(Johann) Martin SAUL (born 1866 in Rotenberg) and sons, and his wife Margaret Allan JENKINS

These pictures have kindly been provided by Dorothy Hughes


Martin Saul born in Rotenberg in 1830 is the Great Great Uncle of Dorothy Hughes. He migrated to Australia in 1854 and married Margaret Menzies (a widow) in Victoria. There was no issue.

Dorothy's Grandfather was also named Martin Saul. "In 1884, after visiting cousins in England, my grandfather Martin Saul (born in 1866 in Rotenburg u.d. Fulda, Germany) arrived in Victoria to help his uncle Martin (his god-father) in the butchering business. He did not see eye to eye regarding the account keeping practices, so moved on to Stawell. When his uncle Martin died in 1905, grandfather Martin inherited the farm and butchering business. 

Grandfather Martin married Margaret Allan Jenkins in 1907; he passed away in 1956 aged 90 yrs 4 months.

Both the gentlemen in the first photos below are Dorothy's Great Great Uncle, Martin Saul, with his wife Margaret Menzies Saul. 

Martin Saul and Margaret Menzies Saul


Martin Saul

The following photograph is the original Butcher's Shop and Cutting Block on the original farm now owned by Martin Saul's great-great-nephew Martin Frederick Saul.

              Martin Saul's Butcher's Shop and Cutting Block

The last two photographs are Dorothy's grandparents.

(Johann) Martin SAUL b.1866  d.1956  with his two sons: Norman Christian b.1917 d.1970, and (Dorothy's  father) Geoffrey Vincent Hermann (always known as Peter) b.1921  d.1949. (Johann) Martin SAUL with his two sons, Norman Christian and Geoffrey Vincent Hermann


Martin's wife, Margaret Allan JENKINS (m 1907).

Margaret Allan JENKINS

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