SOLE Gallery

Henry SOLE (1843-1901) of Woodnesborough and Descendants. 17 family photos from Linda Brand and Lionel Sole
Charles SOLE born 1843 and family, of Eastry, Kent. 25 family photos from Linda Brand
Edward SOLE 1798-1890 & and his wife Rose Hannah. Photos from Lionel Sole and Linda Brand
Charles Joseph SOLE b 23 May 1885. Five family photos from John Steel
James William SOLE 1888 – 1969 & Descendants including James Lester Sole. Six family photos from Sue Sutton
Charles Leslie SOLE 1890 – 1968 & Charles Frederick SOLE 1854 – 1927, from Jacqueline Houghton
Annie SOLE b1833, born in India and daughter of Henry John Brambley SOLE
David SOLE 1834 – 1911 and Descendants – Hackney, Birmingham, & Lancashire
Helena Clark nee SOLE, from Sheila McInnes – Sussex and Cornwall
Australian descendants of the Kelshall SOLE line – some excellent pictures!
The Three Sons of Annie SOLE in 1910, born in Wimbledon, Southwest London
Joseph Soul 1805 – 1881, family line from Gloucestershire and London
SOALE family pictures from Marjorie Wiggington – Kent
Ellen Hannah SOLE and Family from Essex, from Lee Jacobs
Susan (Ellis) SOOLE & Emma Soole, Cambridgeshire
SOAL family pictures, including an excellent Wedding photo, Lewisham in Kent, England
Edward & Annie SOAL and their family photos, Petersfield, Hampshire, England
Annie Eliza SOALE (1873-1919) from Miami, Florida, USA
Bob Sheldon’s SOLE family pictures, from Kent, England from 1858
John Frederick SOLE, 1923 – 1975. Hackney, London, family originally Therfield in Herts
Jonah SOLE, Beds UK, and Edmund SOLE, Kelshall UK, both WW1 casualties
William SOLE, b 1843 and Emma SOLE, b 1848, at their daughter’s wedding. Norfolk
William Johnson, born in Chislet, Kent, son of Phoebe SOLE 1807 -1889
Frederick Leslie SOLE(S) from Oxfordshire, and his mother Winifred L Pulham
Clifford Oscar SOLES, 1892 -1957, Lynn, Massachusetts, originally Reading in Berks
John SOLES 1831-1906 and his wife Ann Maria (1832-1906), Birmingham, England
John Edward SOLES 1862 -1929 and his 2 sons Jack & Norman, Birmingham, England
Ernest George Edmund SOLES 1891-1973, various family pictures including the wedding
Emma Haden (nee SOUL of Northleach) 1839-1919
Ferdinand Bolivar SOLES, b 1845, Indiana, & Alice M LORIMOR, b 1849
The Family History of Teena Mashell (Soles) Hartsfield, USA
SOLE family pictures, from Jennifer Ball – Kent and East London in England
More Australian descendants of the Kelshall SOLE line