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Earl & Isaac Solley

Cousin & brother of Lois Rula Solley Thompson in Pennsylvania

These pictures have kindly been provided by Lois Thompson Rekowski

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Earl Solley

Earl, cousin of Lois Rula Solley Thompson. It was a postcard type and on the back appears this inscription: during WW1; text on reverse: "he says he would sooner be home driving team, but if he had the ribbons he would feel better yet"

His father's name was Clark Solley.  Clark was brother to George Washington Solley, my great-grandfather. Clark had two sons, one was Earl (pictured above) and the other Ted (no photo).

Below is Lois Rula Solley Thompson's brother Isaac. There was no information with the photo, other than his name.

Both Earl & Isaac survived the war and have descendants of their own.

Isaac Solley

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