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Lois Rula Solley Thompson in Pennsylvania

These pictures have kindly been provided by Lois Thompson Rekowski

Lois Rula Solley Thompson

The first two photos are of my grandmother from around the turn of the century. The first (above) shows my grandmother, Lois Rula Solley Thompson, as a young girl, wearing quite an elaborately flowered hat. The lady seated on the left was a family friend.

Lois Rula Solley Thompson

The second photo (above) shows my grandmother after graduation from normal school. Normal schools trained women to be teachers. I would guess she is in her late teens here. She finished our eighth grade at age 14 and then attended normal school for a year or so. She then returned to teach in the rural one room schools that were common in the area at that time.

Lois Rula Solley Thompson

The third photo (above) shows her before her marriage, ca. 1920. If you look closely, she now has that look of an experienced teacher!

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