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from Guy Barker


 This article was originally published in the April 2010 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


In the last edition of Soul Search (April 2009, p25), John Westerdale kindly produced an article ‘The SAULs Settle in the USA’.  Guy Barker has kindly followed this up with the following extract from the British Library records.  Ed



Her Majesty’s 3rd Bengal European Regiment of Infantry

Morar Gwalior 13th August 1859.

Proceedings of a Regimental Committee, held this day, for the purpose of verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge No. 1176 Private William Saull, of the Regiment above mentioned.


Capt. E.D.R. Ross


Captn. A. Powell Lt. R.E. Anderson

The Committee having examined and compared the Regimental records, the Soldier’s Book, and such other documents as appeared to them to be necessary, report that No. 1176 Pte William Saull by trade Labourer, was born in the parish of Buckley in or near the town of Daventry, in the county of Northampton was attested for the Hon’ble East India Company’s Service at Bristol in the county of Somersetshire, on the 18th February 1857 Fifty Seven at the age of 18 Years 4 Months , that after making every deduction required by the regulations, the Service up to this day which he is entitled to reckon, amounts to 2 years 195 days, as shown by the detailed statement on the 2nd page, during which period he served ------- years and ----- days, viz. in the 3rd Ben Eur Regt ---- years ------- days and further, that his Discharge is proposed in consequence of the option given to him as G.G.O. No 883 of the 21st June 1859.


With regard to the Character and conduct of Pt Wm Saull the Committee have to report that upon reference to the Defaulter’s Book, and by the parole testimony that has been given it appears that it is Good & being asked to what date he has been paid, answered, that his account is balanced up to the latest period required by the regulations; and being further asked whether he has any Claim on the Regiment for Arrears of Pay, Allowances, or Clothing, answered that he has received all just demands, from his entry into the services up to the 31st Augt. 1859 and in confirmation affixes his signature thereto.

I acknowledge this to be true His X mark

Witness AW Thomson Lt

Eight Company 3rd European Regiment}


Detailed Statement of the service of No 1176 Pte Willm Saull


Promotions, Reductions, &c.


Period of Service in each Rank

Amount of Service





3rd Eur Regt



18 Feby


31 Augt



Joined 3 Eur Regt


8 May

Total of the foregoing Statement



The Committee have ascertained that Pte. Willm Saull Soldier’s Book is cor-rectly balanced and signed by the Officer Commanding his company; and they de-clare that they have impartially enquired into and faithfully reported upon all the matters brought before them in accordance with the Regulations.

E.D.R. Ross Captn. President

Alex Pond Capt

R.E. Anderson Lieut.} Members

Wm Riddell Colonel

Commanding 3rd Bengal European Regiment



FINAL DESCRIPTION OF No. 1176 Pte. William Saull

I William Saull in the 3rd Bengal European Regiment

of Infantry hereby declare that I do of my own free will

request to be discharged from the Honourable Company’s

Service and I further declare that a period of not

less than thirty days has elapsed since I first made

application for my discharge and it has been fully

explained to me and I perfectly understand that in

receiving my discharge at my own request I entirely

relinquish all claim to pension and that if I should reenlist

my past service prior to the date of my present discharge

cannot be allowed to be reckoned for the purpose

of obtaining any pensionary benefit.

His x mark

Signed in the presence of the Regimental Committee

at Morar Gwalior this 13th day of August 1859

EDR Ross Captain President





THIS is to Certify that the Bearer hereof William Saul

Late A Private of the 3rd Bengal Europn Regt

20 years and 11 months of age, 5 feet 6 ˝ inches high; Brown Hair,

fresh Complexion, hazle Eyes, by trade a Laborer

a Native of Daventry in the County of Northampton

and Kingdom of England Enlisted at Bristol on the

Eighteenth day of February One thousand eight hundred and

Fifty seven for 10 Years

Is hereby discharged from Her Majesty’s Indian Military Forces at his own request under

the provisions of the G.G.O. No. 883 of 20th June 1859 and having first received

a full, just and true account of all his Pay, Arrears of Pay, Clothing and all other Demands

From the time of his first enlisting into the Service to this present date, as appears by the receipt on the other side.

Good Character

Given under my hand, at Fort William in Bengal, this 9th

day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty nine

To all Officers, Civil and Military,

whom this may concern.


By Order of His Excellency the Governor General of

India in Council,

H.H. Burne Capt

Entered in the Adjutant

General’s Office. No. [Signature Offg D Yu] Secy. to the Govt. of India, Mily. Dept.

SEP. BECHER, Captain,

Offg. Depy. Adjt. Genl. Of the Army.

I acknowledge to have received a full and true Account of my Pay, Arrears of pay, Clothing

and all other Demands from the H.M.’S Indian Government from the

time of my first enlisting into the Service to this present date.

Witness my hand, this Ninth day of November

One thousand Eight hundred and Fifty nine

W Saull his x mark

In the presence of AH Thomson Lt

HM’s 3rd Regt BEI

3rd Bengal Eur. Regiment


William Saul



GRO Ref: 1840 Dec Daventry 15 247

Registration District Daventry Union

1840 Birth in the Sub-district of Long Buckby in the County of Northampton



When and where born

Twenty third of September 1840

At West Huddon

Name, if any

William Tomkins



Name, and surname of father

John Saull

Name, surname, and maiden surname of mother

Sarah Saull Formerly Bamford

Occupation of father


Signature, description and residence of informant

Sarah Saull


West Haddon

When registered

Eighth of October 1840

Signature of registrar

William Judkins


Reference: British Library‐iorlmil_5‐7&cid=1‐1‐1‐1‐9‐477#1‐1‐1‐1‐9‐477


Saull,  William  3rd  ER   IOR/L/MIL/10/311/1442‐44   [n.d.]


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