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The Westmorland Census of 1787

published by Curwen Archive Texts, 1992

from Joan Ledger

This article was originally published in the April 2003 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

In October 1787 an order was made by the county’s Justices of the Peace meeting in the Westmorland Court of Quarter Sessions at Lowther directing the High Constables to make returns relating to population. A similar order was made by the Cumberland Justices at Penrith but appears not to have survived. The attached list of Sewell and variant names is taken from the surviving Westmorland returns, some of which are only partial.


Other Names




SEWAL Reuth Stricklandgate Kendal Servant (Mawson household)
SEWAL John Stricklandgate Kendal Weaver
SEWAL James, son Stricklandgate Kendal  
SEWAL Henrey, son Stricklandgate Kendal  
SEWAL Mary, wife Stricklandgate Kendal  
SEWALE Mary Newbiggin Newbiggin Nurse (Dobson household)
SEWEL George Burton Warcop Servant (Copley household)
SEWELL Wm Temple Sowerby Kirkby Thore Husbandman (Spooner household)
SEWELL Eliner Temple Sowerby Kirkby Thore Maidservant (Spooner household)
SEWELL James Bampton Bampton Husbandman
SEWELL wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters all unnamed      
SEWELL Thomas Clifton Clifton Cordwainer
SEWELL Isabella, wife Clifton Clifton  
SEWELL Susan, daughter Clifton Clifton  
SEWELL Thomas Clifton Clifton Farmer
SEWELL Ann, wife Clifton Clifton  
SEWELL Thomas, son Clifton Clifton  
SEWELL Ann, daughter Clifton Clifton  
SUAL Thomas Hackthorpe & Whale Lowther Slater (Richardson household)

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