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Surely that's worth a pint!

from Bob Sheldon

This article was originally published in the December 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

I have received the following message from Phil Lynch showing how he may be connected with the Kentish Brewer Shepherd Neame:

I have found the connection between my family and the Shepherd Neame brewery. My 4xGt Grandfather, Eastes Sole had a son William Neame Sole and I figured there might be a connection.

It turns out Eastes' wife, Mary Finnis Roberts had an aunt, Susanna Finnis who married a William Neame (my 5xGreat Grandmother's brother-in-law). Well I have traced him back through Deal, Eastry and finally Woodnesborough to his 5xGt Grandfather, a Henry Neame born in 1514. This same Henry Neame was the ancestor (6xGt Grandfather) of Percy Beale Neame; Percy being the first Neame to be involved in the Shepherd & Hilton Mares Brewery of Faversham.

Once Percy became a partner in this company in 1864 the company became known as Shepherd Neam. Percy's descendents have all run the company and his great Grandson, Robert Neame is now the Chairman. In short (???) I am the 5xGreat Grandson of the sister-in-law of the 5th cousin 4 times removed of the current Chairman of Shepherd Neame & Co Brewery!! Surely that's got to be worth a pint!

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