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from Roger Sutton


 This article was originally published in the August 2008 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society




The following Ash, Kent  wills for Soly are of interest.


I have decided that my line can be traced back to Peter Soly of Hoaden, Kent. I have the complete set of Ash Wills, some of which also mention SOLY.


PETER SOLY of Hodone

4 Jan. 1494-5. Buried in the churchyard. To the Light of the Summi Solarii of Holy Cross 12d. The four sons of Simon Soly have two ewes each; James Soly my godson one ewe. Ex'or: Son Simon, and have residue. William Peny feoffee of my lands and tenements in Ash, Wingham, and Elmstone. Son Simon have all the same and to his heirs. [No probate date.]  (W., fol. 107.)



4 March 1497-8. Buried in the churchyard. To my husband 10 sheep; Richard Snode a spruce chest; Agnes Chapman a cow. Ex'ors: Richard Soly and Richard Snode, and to have residue to dispose for my soul, with Roger Staundike the elder, overseer. Probate 30 April 1498. (W., fol. 13.)



15 Dec. 1500 Buried in the churchyard. High altar 3s. 4d.; to the church work 12d. Son Robert have 5 acres of land in the parish of Elmeston; son Steven a messuage called Wardell with certain lands thereto between that place and Overland Chapel; son Edmund the place I dwell in with the appurtenances extending unto the further gate towards Elmeston. Residue to wife Annes, my ex'or, with Richard Sennycholas overseer. Wife have the place I dwell in with the croft called Wardell and the land betwixt the place and Overland Chapel, 5 acres of land called Lynch Lees, unto her behoof and profit, until the time and term that my sons shall give unto Margaret and Joane my daughters 53s. 4d. at their marriage.* [No probate date.] (W., fol. 32.)



27 Sept. 1508. Buried in the chnrchyard. Wife Alys have all such goods which I had with her at marriage; also a bullock, hog, pig, and my best gown. Residue to be disposed for my soul by my ex'ors, William Lewes and William Pett. Wife have for life all my lands in Hoden, then to son Gervase and his heirs; if none, to son John and his heirs; if none, to son Simon and his heirs; but if none, then to be sold and money bestowed for my soul. Also wife have my place and lands at Ware until my children come to lawful age, then to my children. [No probate date.] CW., fol. 111.)


WILLIAM SOLY, husbandman

. . . . 1558. That Ellen, Joan, Mary, and Margaret, my four daughters, each have 7 10s. at their marriage. Wife Margaret have all my growing crops and household goods, and 40. If she is with child and a son, he to have 40, but if a girl 7 10s. at marriage. Ex'or: Wife Margaret, with my brother Stephen Solley and brother-in-law Richard Omer, overseers. Witnesses: Stephen Solley, senior, Stephen Solley, junior, Richard Omer, Lawrence Omer, Francis Omer, Nicholas Peak, and Roger Peak. Probate 18 June 1558. (Con. Vol. XXVII., fol. 67.)


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