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A Solly Puzzle

by John H Solly

This article was originally published in the August 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.

The article by Bill Sollev - “The Septvans and Solleys" - with particular reference to movement from Normandy to East Kent, reminded me of a family puzzle, which may be of interest.

“My Aunt Win, recently deceased, told my wife about a boat trip across the Channel to Calais with her father, my Grandfather, Capt William SolIy RE OBE, which happened around 1912/13.

She clearly remembered, on arrival, being carried up a steep cobbled street to a Bakers shop situated at the top of a hill.

They went inside and were warmly greeted: Grandfather obviously being well-known and was soon in conversation. Then a wooden object was brought out from under the counter – my Aunt clearly remembers a Crest at the top. Grandfather then said to her “This is to do with our Family!””

There is no-one left of the family to obtain further details but it was a clear recollection by my Aunt who was of sound mind until her demise.

I believe they were living in the Margate-Ramsgate-Sandwich area at the time, not far from ‘home’ - and I have been told of a tenuous connection with Normandy, and Grandfather being a strawberry grower.

That is it! There is no more! ………………unless anyone else knows anything ?

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