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 This article was originally published in the December 2007 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


from Diana Kennedy

Surrey Midsummer Quarter Sessions, 10 July 1781, Guildford, Sarah Roberts, Sarah Sewell, Margaret Anderson, Amelia Tomlinson and Mary Hughes, committed on 5 July 1781, by James Kettliby Esq on oath of William Matthews and Robert Adams with being loose, idle, disorderly persons. [vagrancy] They were held in the House of Corection, Southwark and the fact that there was no settlement order indicates that they came from Southwark.


From J S Cockburn [Editor], 1980, Calendar of Assize Records, Surrey Indictments, Elizabeth 1, HMSO, London

28 May 1565, John Sewell, among others, entered a recognisance to give evidence against Joan Gowse, wife of Roger Gowse of Cobham, indicted for witchcraft in that on 1 December 1564 she bewitched to death an ox [value 4] belonging to James Adowne.


From J S Cockburn [Editor], 1995, Calendar of Assize Records, Kent Indictments, Charles 1, HMSO, London

John Sewell, yeoman, of Lynsted, among many others, was in 1651, indicted for recusancy


from Mike Sewell


Hull Packet 9th November 1838


We understand that Mrs. Sewell, who has been patronised by the Royal Family of Great Britain, intends shortly to give a concert in this place under the patronage of Sir Clifford and Lady Constable.


I was not able to find a report on the concert, which may mean that it never took place, or perhaps it did take place but was not reported. However, Mrs. Sewell moved in exalted circles. The Constables were, and still are, major landowners in the plain of Holderness to the north east of Hull. 


It is frustrating that the newspaper did not indicate what Mrs. Sewell did. Was she a singer, or musician or actress? She appears to have been known well enough for her first name to be omitted. Has anyone else in the Society come across her?


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