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Middlesex Session Records - Andrew Sole

By Tony Storey

This article was originally published in the November 1997 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.


19 APRIL, 30 CHARLES II (1677‑78)

True Bill that at St Leonard's Shoreditch, county of Middlesex on the said day Andrew Sole, late of the said parish, typographer, with the intention of causing discord between the Lord now King, and the prelates and subjects of the same King, printed or caused to be printed a scandalous and seditious book, entitled Persecuted Under Episcopacy, and containing the following malicious scandalous and schismatical words, to wit "Wee witness against the unlawful pompous hierarchy and priesthood of this nation, as utterly disagreeing from the Testament of Christ and Ministry there appointed in their offices, callings, administrations and lord‑like livings and maintenance against the confuse profane and irreligious multitude of all sorts of vitious livers, baptized into and retained in the body of the Church of England, without voluntary profession of, and holy walking in the Faith of the Gospels against their manner of worship and service by reading prayers out of a book, instead of spiritual invocation on the name of the Lord; and briefly against all the popish abuses and relicks of the Man of Sin whatsoever. And because this our testimony maketh against the irregular authority of the prelates, reproveth their evil actions and disproveth their pomp, stateliness, rich revenues, stipends &c, therefore they have in all hostile manner set themselves against us, persecuting us unto bands, exile and death itselfe, reproaching us as schismaticks, donatists, Brownists, seditious persons &c,"

On 10 Oct 1678, Andrew Sole pleaded "Not Guilty" and on 9 Dec 1678 he was declared "Not Guility" by a jury.

S.P.R. 1 July, 30 Charles II

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