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Indictment of Elizabeth & Mary Seawell

from the Lent Assizes, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, 26th March 1740

This article was originally published in the December 2003 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

Elizabeth Seawell, of St Saviour Southwark, a widow and Mary Seawell, of the same, a spinster…stole privately from the dwelling house of Samuel Marshall, one dressing box to the value of 24 shillings, one gold chain to the value of £1, one gold locket to the value of 5 shillings, one large silver spoon to the value of 10 shillings, six silver tea spoons to the value of 12 shillings, two pieces of foreign gold [coin] called half a ‘Moidores’ to the value of 27 shillings, one piece of UK gold coin called a guinea to the value of 21 shillings and 27 shillings in money.

Mary Seawell was sentenced to be burnt on the hand and then transported to America for 7 years. Elizabeth Seawell was acquitted and discharged.

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