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A SOLE Pot Pourri

By Lizzie Love

This article was originally published in the November 1998 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.

Another First for the SOLEs?

Reaney tells us that: 

"there is no evidence for the use of Hannibal as a christian name in England until 1619 in Cornwall." 

The Sole Society is pleased to announce the baptism of Hanybale Sole, son of John on 1st Feb 1564 at All Saints, Chichester, SSX.

Early Days 

The Innes Collection at the SoG has some very early references to our variants. The oldest found so far is from a photocopy and transcription of the will of Isabell Whityngton of London, widow. It was made while Columbus was on his second voyage and the sun was still believed to circle the earth:

"... after the course and countynge of the English church 1495 And in the 11th year of the Rayne of King Henry VII..."

"...Item I bequeath to aither of Briget and Elizabeth Daughters of Thomas Sowle, Gentleman a corse gurdell of reed harnessed wt silvr and gilte to pray, for my soule"

The SOWLEs may be Isabell's kin or in-laws. She was born Benett. Prayers include:

"... for the soules of John Benett and Margaret his wife my fader and moder, John Goodman and John Whittington late my husbands... "

There are many other names and bequests of clothing and money. If this lady rings bells for you, please contact Lizzie Love.

Comfort and Joy

We think of Joy as a girl's name but this wasn't always the case. Joy Soul and his wife Elizabeth baptised their daughter Comfort at Wantage BRK, 8th April 1739.

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