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More "Learch With Care"

By Brian Sewell

This article was originally published in the April 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.

Following the article in the December edition of Soul Search (p 45), Brian Sewell writes:

The comments concerning Victorian "S" & "L" confusion are exemplified in the 1881 census in respect of one of our correspondents Essex Sewell families.

Specifically, Ken Hermon could not find his ancestor, Decimus Sewell, [1861 - 1902] in the census, even though he & I have a photograph of his gravestone in Halstead. However, the problem was eventually solved by Ken when looking at RG11, piece 1801, folio 25, page 11, finds a whole family of Lewels, including Decimus, living in Halstead. There are many other Lewells listed in the 1881 census for Essex; I wonder if any more are really Sewells.

Confusion in the 1881 census also exists between "T" & "F". Another branch of my family has the name Touchard. A distant relative of mine could not find her direct Touchard ancestors in the Bethnal Green area until she eventually found them under Fouchard.

In the last month, I found a couple of SOUL names on the IGI as TOUL - Ed

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