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Messages Received July 1997

This article was originally published in the July 1997 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.


In the March 1997 issue of the Family Tree magazine, I found your advertisement about the Sewell Family. I wonder has any West Australian made contact with you? A Barbara Sewell in WA has made one of the most beautiful family books, "The House of Northbourne Parkers". She displays de­scendants also in female lines and that is where the Sewells come in.

Leo van de Pas (Australia)


I just found out about the Sole Society from Sharon Cunningham. How can I join?

I am related to the Sewells through Prudence Sewell who married John Risebrough. John Risebrough was from the northern Norfolk area and they married before coming to Canada. The only information I know about her is that she was born in England in 1820. She died May 18, 1907 and is buried in the Hartman Cemetery here in Ontario. John Risebrough and Prudence Sewell's children were Matthew, Mary, Sarah, Georgina, John and William. They came to Canada in the late 1850s.

I would like to find out her parent's names and if she had any brothers or sisters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Caroline McGillivray (Canada)


I just found your home page and it's very interesting. My ancestor is a Timothy Soule, but I have seen it spelled Sole, Soles, Sowle. Soules, etc. They spelled it anyway they wanted to. I'm also interested in the Sewell name. Two of the Soules, one being Timothy, married a Sewell. So that surname really runs through my line too.

I live in California, but my ancestry goes back to Mass. Originally, I was accepted by the Mayflower Society because George Soule came over on the Mayflower, but in the past few years, they have decided the father of my Soule (William) was incorrect. So we are out searching for the real parents of William, father of Timothy.

Joan Soule, Verdoom (USA)


Although I'm not a member of the Sole Society (found your Web site) my gt‑gt‑gt‑grandmother was Harriet Solley (of Preston, Kent) and I'm interested in finding any living connections. Perhaps the following might interest someone:

Harriet Solley (daughter of Martha Prett and John Solley) married 1 June 1846 at Preston, Kent to John Sutton. Her Solley grand­parents were Sarah Bear and John Solly. I have a Solley family tree going back some years but would like to find out more about my Harriet's brother Henry or her aunts and uncles.

Lesley Huppert (Canada)


Have ancestors William Saul born c 1777 died 10 Jul 1812, St. Mary's, Leics. married 1797 Scraptoft Leics. Sarah Sheldon. Children: Thomas b 1798. Ann b 1803 St Mary's, m. George Oram.

Val Stevens (Mannum SA Australia)


I have a fair amount of re­search done on the Sooley family tree here in Newfoundland. Most Sooleys to NF settled in Heart's Delight. I am descended from a John and Julia Sooley who arrived in NF from south­west England sometime around 1810. They had a son Edward (b1819, as an adult called Ned). Mostly young married couples immigrated from southwest England (especially during that time period because of the Napoleonic War and other economic conditions). There was a second John as well, who arrived around the same time. Most Sooleys in Heart's Delight can trace their lineage through those two. I am completing the History of Heart's Delight.

John C. Sooley (Port aux Basques, New Foundland)


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