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Is this Mary Ann Sole

by Maureen Storey

This article was originally published in the August 2006 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


Lynda Cooper is researching the ATKINS family of Kelshall.


In 1867, one of Lynda's great great uncles Albert ATKINS married Mary Ann SOLE (b 1848, Kelshall), the daughter of Stephen SOLE and Louisa JANE. It is believed that Alfred and Mary Ann had 14 children between 1869 and 1896.


Lynda has recently been sent this photograph by another ATKINS researcher and thinks that the gentleman with the white beard is Albert and that his wife Mary Ann is the lady in the white apron, but as yet has been unable to prove these identities. The photo is undated and was taken outside the Atkins's home (now called Gable Cottage) in Kelshall.


If anybody can confirm that Lynda is right in thinking this is Albert and Mary Ann and/or identify anyone else in the photo, please contact me and I will let Lynda know.


Is the gentleman with the white beard Albert with his wife Mary Ann in the white apron?


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