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Saul of the Cumbrian coast between Allonby and Silloth. The Holme St Cuthbert History Group have details of Joseph Saul's Greenrow Academy on their website. Visit




Genforum - Message forums for Sawall, Sewall, Sewell, Soole and Sowel


John Rees can trace his line back to Coventry and has a significant number of UK and USA Sewell and Sewall names, and also Royalists who returned or went to Canada. His sites are: or


Derek Hill has a large number of Sewell names on his tree at


Robert Sewell has a large site detailing his Sewell and Sewall ancestors at




Genforum - Message forums for Sole, Soles and Soule


Mayflower Web Page, by Caleb Johnson, which includes the passenger list of The Mayflower, including details of GEORGE SOULE and his descendants


The Soule Kindred is a society in the US representing the descendants of George Soule who sailed to America on the Mayflower. The Soule Kindred historian has microfilms and information to help you trace your line to George Soule the immigrant. They also have an annual reunion in different cities each year.


The Soule Kindred also have a separate site at:


Brendon Soul has Gloucestershire & Middlesex Soul names in his tree at


The Soule Mailing List, administered by Ruth Hall. This is not linked to The Sole Society, but is a USA based mailing list for all variations of the name including, Soule, Sowle, Sole, etc. Send a message to: Simply put the word subscribe in the body of the message and nothing else and you will receive copies of all messages to this mailing list


Amy Soule has a site listing the descendants of Aaron Soles, born in Ontario, Canada in c1812. See:




Genforum - Message forums for Soley, Solly and Solley.


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