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Letters and Messages December 2008

Members and friends

This article was originally published in the December 2008 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


From Lois Rekowski


Well, we have finally gotten our act together here in Pennsylvania in the USA. We have submitted two Solley family members' DNA to Family Tree DNA for testing. If anyone at your end is interested in participating, the website is below:


The test is somewhat pricey (US $300), but select the 67 marker, y-DNA to participate. Be sure to select the Solley surname project.


If anyone wants more information, they are welcome to email me. We are very excited, since we have not been able to crack our brick wall in the late 1700's. If we find anything definitive, I will definitely submit it to the journal. Wish us luck.


Also, do you know if anyone has submitted their DNA to a different service? I would be curious about that as well. I am not sure if the companies use the same markers or not, but I would find it interesting to touch base with anyone who has done so.



From J.A. Stevenson


C H Sewell V.C.


The First World War Honours Board in the club house of Westcombe Park R.F.C. has the name of C H Sewell V C and in a desire to know more I googled the name and found the article by Mike Sewell from your journal of December 2001.


He asked if anyone had further information and I thought he would like to know that CHS had been a playing member of Westcombe Park .


The club, now located in Orpington (see was founded and located in the Woolwich - Greenwich area near the home of the Sewell family.


I am unaware of any Club records from that time but there may well be some and if there is further interest I could certainly ask the question.


Recently I  visited the Tank Museum in Bovington,Dorset and viewed both the V.C. medal, Citation and CHS's actual tank.


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