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Letters and Messages April 2005

Members and friends

This article was originally published in the April 2005 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


From Brenda Ord


I must congratulate the Sole Society on a very efficient service for a newcomer. I've already discovered new family ties and will soon be adding to my list of Sewells.


I wonder if the name "Soulsby" is derived from Sole. It sounds likely. When I found out the derivation from All Souls for Sewell, I began to think I came from a very spiritual family. You see, I have ancestors called "Sewell" "Soulsby" and "Wraith". In the dictionary a "Wraith" is a spectre of death, the ghost of someone, seen just before their death. Ugh Ė creepy! Luckily I came across a book of Northumbrian names in the library. Coming from Newcastle upon Tyne and having the maiden name Wraith I was delighted to find not only was it a Northumbrian name - it had no connection with "The Other Side". Wraith means a Raging Temper.


The temperament of the family is just the opposite I'm pleased to say.   


From John Solly re. William Pince Publishers


You may be interested in the following reply from The Office of Fair Trading subsequent to my submission to them following BBC Watchdog request and after my note to you in December 2004:


"I can inform you that the owner of William Pince Publishers,Wilhelmus Pince Pince van de Aa,  was found Guilty on 26 November 2004 in the Antwerp Criminal Court in Belgium of deceptive trading practices relating to his genealogical mailings. He was sentenced to one year's imprisonment, a fine of £5,000 and was prohibited from trading for 5 years. I understand he is appealing against his sentence.


The company has told us they stopped mailing consumers in the UK in October 2004. We are at present monitoring the situation and would be grateful if you would contact us if you receive any further mailings from them. "


I would suggest if anyone is affected by this matter particularly if they have received mailings after October 2004 they should contact the OFT:


     Ref CRE-E/14565

     Office of Fair Trading

     Fleetbank House

     2-6 Salisbury Square

     London EC4Y 8JX

Incidentally I understand The Court of Chivalry still exists which can impose heavy fines on anyone, for example, creating mock coats of arms.  


From Trevor Saul


On the Commonwealth War Graves Commission list of war dead is Thomas George Saul C/JX 235844. He is listed as serving at "HMS President" but lost on Motor Vessel "Behar" 1944, husband of Maude Saul, Shotton, Co Durham.


Two ships appear to be named, but HMS President was a shore establishment which trained gunners, some of whom were sent on merchant ships equipped with guns. HMS President remained as their Naval address. M.V. Behar would have been a normal merchant ship.


Escort Carriers (Merchant Ships with a flight deck erected above the holds, & smoke diverted to the stern) had Royal Navy Gunners & Fleet Air Arm crew aboard. These vessels helped greatly during WW2.They closed the "mid Atlantic gap".


The frequent flights and aerial attacks meant that U-boats had to repeatedly submerge during the day, impairing their ability to charge batteries. But some of these Escorts were sunk by U-boats.   


From Pam Rose


Do you remember forwarding the email enquiry regarding my grandfather Harry Fewell?


The lady, Sue, who emailed was tracing her partnerís tree. It now turns out we are cousins once removed. Thank you. If you had not run the article she would not have found me!    


From Lynne Burlingham


Re: my article in the December 2004 issue of Soul Search, ĎA Glimpse of Christmas Pastí, I have an update on the identity of the portrait.


I have recently been in touch with Nicholas McNair and he has suggested that the portrait could be that of Katherine Williams, wife of Isaac LeGay and mother of Martha who married John Solly of Sandwich and Faversham.


If so, it is still in the possession of family descendants, though whether it still bears the scar of Henry's arrow, I don't know!   


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