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This article was originally published in the April 2010 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


From Armando Framarini - Soule Origins


I am just passing this along in case this has not been reviewed yet and may help in someone's research.


I am still of the opinion many Soule, Soles and variants of England are descendants of a Sol/Solle/Sold/Soldt that may have come with de Montfort to England from Belgium/Flanders area. My main interest is to see if there is a relation between my van Soldt/Solt family and German, Alsace, and American Soldt/Solt/Sold families. The Mayflower Soule name only became an interest of mine because of certain factors of time, location, background that there may be a possible connection.


"de Sole" wax seal recorded between 1295-1320I have included a "de Sole" wax seal recorded between 1295-1320 which may or may not help. It is inscribed S.R.DE.SOLE.SCABIN.BVSCO.DUCIS and is attributed to R. de Sole, Hendrik van Son, schepen van’s Hertogenbosch, 1295-1320.


Also the Last will of John Sowle, but I noticed the use of Johannes instead of John on the document.


Click here to view the Will of John Sowle.PDF


From Roger Sutton:


On page 48 of the December 2009 Soul Search it said that “The Denne family tree is traced back to 1004”. I enclose a paper produced by Paul Collins of North London in which he questions the Denne pedigree. Paul has been looking at primary sources in East Kent. He does not think the pedigree can be proved any earlier than the 1300’s. I am sure he knows what he is talking about. It is virtually impossible to prove a pedigree back to 1004. I believe there is only one pedigree that can be proved back to Anglo-Saxon times.


I think the Journal is excellent, probably the best I have seen.


Ed: Only “probably the best” ?! I visited Hatfield House recently and was interested to see an impressive 22 feet long parchment showing the pedigree of Queen Elizabeth I back to Adam and Eve! Beat that!! Joking apart, Roger is of course right about the impossibility of tracing back to 1004 – unless you know better?


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