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Soule Kindred in America

from Frank Flint Soule III

This article was originally published in the August 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.

Soule Kindred is a US society whose members are descended from George Soule who travelled to America on the Mayflower. The following article appeared in their April 2002 newsletter. If you have any information that may help their research, please let us know - Ed

Luke and Merle Soule Family Foundation Grant

Soule Kindred in America, Inc. has been awarded a grant of $10,000.00 to work on developing information on Pilgrim George Soule's father, and determine if there are any connections to the de Soule Families of Scotland.

This is a tremendous opportunity for everyone to join in, provide information and input, and take part in this important project undertaken by our historian, Charles Jack Sowles. Some interesting pieces of information have already been developed. Many leads on information surrounding the turbulent times of 1200 to the 1300's in Scotland have revealed information on the role of the de Soule Family and their contribution to the political life of that time.

More recently we have found that the Soule families were members of the Douglas Clan in Scotland and more information may be available concerning that phase of history.

Some surprises have turned up in that Lord William de Soulis was so disliked by his tenants that they "wrapped him in a sheet of lead and plunged him into a boiling cauldron until they melted lead, bones and a'." (the full description of this tale is found in Ridlon, Vol 1, page 61 - Editor) Another, less violent version of this is printed above the "cauldron" story. This alternate version states that William was part of a larger conspiracy against Robert the Bruce, confessed his guilt in full before parliament, was spared execution by the King, had a large part of his lands confiscated and was confined in the castle of Dumbarton where he died. This treason caused the downfall of this once powerful Family.

We still have not discovered a connection between these de Soule Families and George Soule. We welcome input from anyone who may be able to contribute to solving the genealogical mysteries of our forefather.

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