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A Letter to Mr H Sewell

from Ray Sewell

This article was originally published in the April 2003 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

In the early 1960s my wife and I rented a house in Brookvale, (a northern suburb of Sydney). Inside an old book that had been left in the house along with others, was a letter addressed to a Mr H Sewell, Gynn Estate, Blackpool, and dated 16th August 1924. As my name is Sewell I thought it a strange coincidence that I should find it, but I knew it was nothing to do with my family, so it was put away.

The letter was forgotten about until the recent death of my now ex-wife. My daughter when going through her mothers effects found the letter and gave it to me thinking it might be something to do with my family research, but my line comes from Kent & Essex and has no connection to Blackpool, (as far as I know).

The writer of the letter a Mr Westman, seemed to think that Mr Sewell was emigrating to California and it appears that they were both in the “rag” trade as he enclosed some “sample shirt lengths”. He points out that “colours are fast to boiling soda – any strength”

If anybody in the U.K or Australia recognizes this Sewell, or is researching his line, I will gladly send them the letter if they contact me.

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Full Text of letter:-

Dear Sewell,

Pleased to hear from you this morning - but very surprised. My brother was in Bispham during the Bolton Holidays and someone told him you had left for California.

I had intended writing you before leaving England but had expected to receiving a letter from your overseas home.

I am booked to leave England from London on October - 25th. I note you are expecting leaving England early. Where are you intending settling?

Keep in touch with me so wherever you get to I like knowing what is doing in the world and like to hear of old friends making headway. I hope you will be successful wherever you settle. If ever you should write to my Bangalore address don't mention business, if you have anything special you would like to know please write to 11 Florence Avenue.

Many thanks for congratulations concerning our big event. My wife and baby daughter are doing splendid, fine healthy youngster.

I am intending visiting Wembley for three/four days next week, Wednesday and Saturday. I believe that our firm had made a good show in the Indian section and I’ll not overlook mentioning and doing all I can for you. Will let you know how I get a long.

Herewith few samples showing colours and qualities from several shirt lengths, the Tan and Black are very fast to boiling soda - any strength.  I just sent these for your information and don’t want them returning. Colours improve with washing, (but strictly private).

Kind regards and best of luck to you and your family,

Yours sincerely,


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