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Great Dunmow - Feet of Fines

by Ian Sewell

This article was originally published in the May 2006 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

From the Feet of Fines for the parish of Great Dunmow from the book ‘Dunmow through the ages’ by Dorothy Dowsett. I recommend this book as it shows just what information can be obtained for just one parish from all resources.


June 9 1585


Order given at Leez [Great Leighs] by Robert, Lord Riche to the keepers of the gaol at Colchester to receive John Sewell of Great Dunmow, and keep him there until he shall be delivered according to order and form of law, for that he refuses to find sufficient sureties for his good behaviour and for his appearance at the next General Sessions to answer such matters as shall be objected against him. John Sewell’s libel against Virgin’s wife of Great Dunmow in the next sessions. Examination taken before Robert, Lord Riche of Faith Virgin, wife of Thomas Virgin of Great Dunmow, mason. She says that John Sewell, for about three years past, before she married her husband did manye tymes assulte and allure he to committee filthyness with him and to have the use of her body, and also since she had married he had continued to pursue her to that purpose.


October 10, 1585 Jury List for John Sewell


William Yonge of Thaxted, William Westlye, Henry Westlye and Christopher Kentt alias Reynolds, all of the same. Similar writ to summon a special Jury from the neighbourhood of Dunmow to try John Sewell the younger, yeoman, as the said sessions. John pleads “not guilty”


Unfortunately the result of the trial is not given, nor have I been able to place John Sewell in my tree of that area but I am still searching.  


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