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The British Grenadiers

from Frank Flint Soule III

This article was originally published in the August 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society.

I enjoy exchanges with Frank Flint Soule who is the editor of Soule Kindred in the USA. As you will see below, he has got a real taste for British History - Ed

Frank Flint Soule III in a British Grenadiers UniformI have just completed my second weekend as a British grenadier and have decided to join this group. We were at Fort Massac on the Ohio river in the 1759 time period. We have a six pounder canon and several mortars (small) and toss extremely light charge grenades (tennis ball painted black filled with oatmeal, flour and very little powder).

I am busy learning the song about "The British Grenadiers" (forgot the proper name) "from Hector to Hercules...." I also have to sew my own Mitre and I am not very talented in that regard. The small children aimed their wooden guns at us and I immediately called them over to explain that we were "the good guys" in the Seven Year's war. The next war is a horse of a different colour - great fun and educational for the public - using the Cumberland drill we looked a lot sharper than the French.

Sincerely, Frank Flint Soule

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