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from Martin Saul


 This article was originally published in the April 2009 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society



After two years of research looking for a link to Albert Edward Saul and Ernest Harry Saul, I finally have made contact with the great grand daughter of Albert Edward Saul, Amanda Saul.


Amanda Saul also has a brother Marcus and a sister Colleen. Sadly their father passed away in 2003 aged 57 and their mother in 1983 aged 42. Amanda has only just started to research her family history but is very keen to find out more. Her dad was one of three children of Albert Edward Saul who was married to May Kershaw in 1914 at St Paulís church, Tranmere, Birkenhead.


Amanda has some memories of her uncles and her dadís cousins, so hopefully we can slowly piece the family back together.


Amandaís family is definitely the family I have been trying to locate for the last two years. I am convinced this is the correct family that will link to my Leamington Saul line. From the research I have done, the only thing needed now is a family photograph or a written connection to Leamington to prove beyond doubt.


Ernest Henry Saul married Helena Dark in 1916 at the registry office in Wirral. Hopefully, with Amandaís help we can locate the family of Ernest also.


I donít know when the two brothers moved up to Birkenhead or whether WW1 had any part in their move, but I am hoping that it was before the census of 1911 so hopefully they will be listed when the census is released.  


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