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Deaths from Accidents at Mining Collieries

by Diana Kennedy

This article was originally published in the August 2003 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

The following is a list of deaths from accidents of Sewells and one Saul, found on the Durham Mining Museum website from 1770 to 1950. Details relate to those found on the In Memoriam page.

Durham Mining Museum website

Thanks to Sarah Spink who sent me the details of Henry Sewell and gave me the web site address.


1st Name


Date of Death



Sewell Alexander


3 Mar 1908 Drayton Domain No.4 Assistant Deputy, fall of roof stones while repairing road.
Sewell Bennett


30 Nov 1882 Sherburn Hewer, fall of roof while working in his bord
Sewell George


18 Oct 1907 Hebburn
Sewell Henry


26 Dec 1884 Loftus Labourer, broken leg by falling of timber bogey. Accident 9 Dec 1884
Sewell James 1923 approx Thockley Blucher Pit
Sewell Richard


17 Mar 1887 Willingham Horse Keeper, was struck by an engine set in pit and was supposed to have died from the effects, no inquest held. Accident May 1884
Sewell Thomas


10 June 1878 Etherley Rush Pit Engineman, while screwing up the hand hole of a boiler the bolt broke, causing a rush of hot water, which scalded him severely all over his body
Sewell William


22 Oct 1941 Dean and Chapter Stoneman, fall of stones. Buried Duncombe Cemetery, Ferryhill
Saul T


13 May 1943 Tanfield Hewer, died from injuries received. Accident 11 May 1943

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