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A Couple of Sewell Convicts

from Ian Sewell

This article was originally published in the December 2002 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society

John Sewell a 22 years old farm servant, of previous good character, was tried on the 11th December 1849 in York for the crime of ‘Arson of a stack of peas’.

He was found guilty and sentence to 15 years transportation. However he was not transported overseas but served his time in Pentonville Prison (7 months) and the Medway prison hulk until he was discharged by royal decree on 18th April 1856. His destination on discharge was given as Aldeburgh in Suffolk, close to where his next of kin was recorded one John Sewell of Saxmundham Suffolk.

William Sewell a single 25 year old labourer was tried on 19th March 1853 at Bury St Edmunds for the crime of ‘Highway robbery in daytime taking sixpence from Ann Cotton of Campsea Ash Suffolk’.

Found guilty and sentence to 10 years transportation. Again though he was not transported but spent time at Ipswich goal (2 months), Millbank (9 months 14 days) before spending the next three years at Dartmoor. Discharged on 21st April 1857 his next of kin was given as his father Thomas Sewell, Wickham Market Suffolk.

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