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Charles Giles Solley


from Robert Solly


This article was originally published in the April 2007 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


Recently we were able to purchase papers relating to Charles Giles Solley of Staple in Kent. The family seem to have originated in Ash (one letter from a daughter states they married there in about 1849.


My thanks go to Sue Solley for her work on the following transcription:


Charles Giles Solley died 7th March, 1890 intestate and without issue – he left his widow, his brother Albert Solley, his sister Ann West and the children of his late brother’s George Solley and Elias Solley and of his sister Emma Macnally surviving. He left an estate of the value of £67.9s.0d.  The intestate was possessed of a little real

estate but it is believed his brother Albert held a charge thereon.


Funeral and other expenses left a total of £49.8s.6d.


Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Solley died 4th June, 1894 and by her Will appointed Henry William Franks and Thomas Bassett, Executors who duly proved the same.


On the 9th June and before Mrs. Solley was buried, Albert Solley (her late husband’s brother) saw the Executors and stated that he was the sole next of kin of his late brother and as the Executors found among their testatrix’s papers the letters of Administration showing the gross estate of Charles Giles Solley to be £67.9s.0d. they thereupon  signed a paper dated 9th June herewith enclosed – it will be observed that they agreed to pay over half the gross personally of his late Brother’s Estate to Mr. Albert Solley.  When the Executors saw their Solicitors a few days after Mrs. Solley’s

death, they were advised that Charles Giles Solley’s personal estate was divisible between his next of kin and that Mr. Albert Solley was not the only person entitled thereto. 


The correspondence which has taken place is enclosed and also the summons which has now be taken out by Mr. Albert Solley for recovery of £33.14s.6d.


Henry William Franks to prove:


That he is a miller residing at Staple – that he is one of the Executors of the Will (proved 10th July last) of Annie Elizabeth Solley late of Staple, Widow who died 6th June, 1894 – that she was buried on the following Saturday, 9th June.  That the Plaintiff, his son and some relatives of Mrs. Solley attended the funeral – that after the funeral, he and his co. Executor, Mr. Thomas Bassett me the relatives at the deceased residence – that he told the relatives the deceased had left a Will and produced and read same to them – he told them that the deceased took out letters of Administration to her late husband’s Estate which was sworn at £67.9s.0d.


He told them (the Plaintiff and his son and Mrs. Solley’s relatives) that he understood Mrs. Solley’s lat husband’s Estate was divisible ½ to his widow and ½ to his next of kin – the Plaintiff then said he was the only heir and entitled to ½ of what his late Brother had left – the Plaintiff said the Forge-Field (which Mrs. Solley had occupied up to her death and which belonged to her late husband) now belonged to him and that if Mrs. Solley’s Executors did not give up the crop as it stood he should charge them with 4 years interest since the death of his brother up to Michaelmas next.


That witness believed the Plaintiff’s statement that he was solely entitled to his late brother, Charles Giles Solley’s Estate upon the faith of that statement he and his co-executor gave up then and there possession of the Forge Field and crop and signed the agreement now before the Court – that had witness been informed the Charles Giles Solley had left a Sister to the children of deceased Brothers and Sisters, he would never have signed agreement – that it was purely upon faith of Plaintiff’s statement that he signed the agreement – he had no advice upon the matter – no solicitor was present to read the Will after the funeral – he was anxious to save expense in such a small estate – some few days after signing the agreement he discovered  Plaintiff had a sister living at Preston so he then consulted a Solicitor and was advised not to pay the sum named in the agreement – that on examining the deceased papers he found her late husband Charles Giles Solley died 7th March, 1890 – letter of administration obtained 4th September, 1890 – personal estate sworn at £67.9s gross.


That Mrs. Solley paid her husband’s funeral expenses amounting to £13.7s and administration expenses and debts of £4 13s.6d making total payments of £18.0s.6d leaving a net balance of £49.9s. divisible between widow and next of kin of Charles Giles Solley.  That he believes the Plaintiff is entitled to 1/5th share of £24.14s.6d namely £4 18s.10d instead of £34.14s.6d as he claimed to be.


I also notice the coffin, made from oak, cost £6. There are numerous documents relating to a general dispute about the beneficiaries, if anyone wishes to look at them.


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